30 April 2013

H&M tee (similar) and sunnies (similar), Topshop skirt, Aldo shoes (similar)

HAPPY QUEENSDAY!! Or Kingsday, I don't even know what it is right now! I'm so confused! I haven't been doing much today at all lying in bed ya'know. Anyway I just came home from babysitting and I'm planning on reading some blogs tonight. I'm probably going to head into bed early today because I'm quite tired from going out last night. 

I got these sunglasses when I went to Lille! They are from H&M and were such a bargain!!!! €6,95 Someone needs to stop me from buying sunglasses because they're going to be my next obsession!!! 


29 April 2013

 Forever 21 blouse (similar), ZARA jeans (similar), Sacha shoes (similar)

This is what I'm wearing today. It isn't that warm outside but warm enough to wear this with a leather jacket. I haven't worn this blouse in a long time because I kind of always forget about it! Weird right? Anyway I went into town today and damn it was busy and a mess! It is Queen's day tomorrow so they're setting up loads of stages for people to perform, and there are going to be loads of parties tonight too. I'm excited to head into town tonight and have some fun with my friends!

What are you doing for Queen's Day tomorrow if you're in Holland? :)


28 April 2013

old New Look jumper, Topshop dress, Sacha shoes (similar), H&M bag, Ray-Ban aviators

So I kind of have been very absent the past week! I'm extremely tired from my exams and my trip to Lille (which I failed to vlog, again) vlogging is hard. But luckily I have a week off now to get some rest do loads of fun things with my friends and catch up on blog reading! yaayyy 

Alsoooo I got a new phone yesterday!!! an iPhone 5! Make sure to follow me on instagram! :)


26 April 2013

Sooo I thought it would be fun to show you my current favourite sunglasses! I also got an email from a lovely subscriber asking me if I could sum my favourite sunglasses up! So here are my favourites from left to right: 

Would you like to see some other favourites that I'm liking this spring/summer? :)

Nelly (similar), Zalando, Vintage (similar), Ray-Ban wayfarers, Ray-Ban aviators


24 April 2013

 Primark blouse,H&M jeans and bag, Sacha shoes, Ray-Ban aviators

Just one more day until I'm done with my exams! I have two exams tomorrow and on Friday I'm going on a trip to Lille with my French class, exciting I know! and I'm going to try and vlog it! :D So I have something fun to look forward to. But for now I'm off revising again!


23 April 2013

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
6, 7, 8, 9, 10

So now that the weather is starting to get warmer, the birds are chirping, I finally feel like buying springy summer clothes! I want to wear lots of crop tops this spring because I basically am wearing high waisted skirts all the time so it would just be ideal for me to wear.
Also number 8, the bag, it's from The Kooples. It's a brand I discovered and this bag reminded me of the Phillip Lim 3.1 bags. So yeah if I would have all the money in the world I totally would buy this all and prance around in it.


22 April 2013

 Monki dress (similar), Topshop jacket, Nelly shoes from last year
The weather finally is starting to get a little better! It's starting to get warmer outside and I'm waking up because of the sun shining through my curtains while the birds are chirping. So I decided to get out these heels that I bought in the sale at Nelly last year. I actually wanted them in black, but they were sold out in my size so I bought them in this kind of beige colour. I haven't actually worn them since I got them in the sale which means that I got them during the end of Summer but I thought it would be fun to get them out. So this is how I wore it! Just very simple and laid back!

Also I'm having exams this week so I planned a few posts in, but if I have the time I will shoot some outfits and they will come on my blog instead!


20 April 2013

 H&M cardigan and jeans, ZARA white tee, Converse All Stars, Vintage sunglasses (similar)

If only you could see me right now, revising for my exams that start on Monday. I'm wearing a messy top bun, no make-up and I'm in my pyjamas. Yeah that's just how I roll when my exams are just around the corner. So obviously this outfit wasn't from today!

This cardigan is my mums and I kind of really like it as it is really comfortable! The only thing that I kind of dislike is the slit on the sleeve but I can live with that haha! Okay no rambling, off revising I go! 


18 April 2013

New Look old jumper, Topshop skirt, H&M bag, Sacha shoes, Ray-Ban wayfarer (similar)

The wind is going crazy today! If only you could see all the out takes of this outfit! I had some pretty hilarious faces because of my hair that's just going everywhere! Luckily the weather is amazing, besides the awful wind, it's really sunny and it makes me really happy! 


16 April 2013

Geek teeChoies, Asos skirt, Sacha shoes (similar), Ray-Ban aviator
A few weeks back the lovely people at Choies asked me if I would like to receive an item of their website. They kindly send me this Geek tee, so when it came in the mail last Thursday I was really excited to style it. I actually was waiting to style it with something I ordered at Topshop, but sadly enough the parcel didn't come in time, so this will do too!

I feel like I'm going to be quite absent this week due to my exams next week. I really hope I will be able to blog in the upcoming days but school is my main priority right now, so I really hope you understand!

Also I want to thank you all for the lovely comments I've been getting on my latest post on my new shoes! I can't wait to style them in an outfit!


15 April 2013

Do you remember me talking about the Topshop Adonis2 boots and when they sold out? Well I found the perfect replacement! These beauties are from a Dutch shoe shop called Sacha! The minute I saw them online I knew I had to have them so I tweeted about them! Sacha tweeted me back that they're running low in stock, so I ran to the nearest Sacha shop in my town to get my hands on them, and now these precious beauties are mine! And to be quite honest... I like them even more than the Topshop ones! :) 


14 April 2013

 Episode jacket, Ever Ours blouse (eBay dupe), Missguided shorts (similar), Aldo shoes (similar), H&M bag, Vintage sunglasses (similar), Unknown scarf (similar)

This is what I wore yesterday, when I went into town, which I tried to vlog but it was an massive fail. I always forget how busy it can get in town on Saturdays! But besides how busy it was and I failed at vlogging, I did buy the shoes and I  literally am so happy with them! I can't wait to show you them and to style them in an outfit! :)

I've been watching Coachella rebroadcast all morning, someone please take me to Coachella!!! I'm currently watching Ben Howard perform and I now am even more gutted that I haven't been to his concert when he was in town last year! 


13 April 2013

 ZARA jumper, Vero Moda old leather jacket, River Island trousers (similar), Topshop shoes, H&M scarf, Ray-Ban aviators

I'm heading into town today with a friend of mine and I'm thinking about maybe vlogging it! I actually am going to Lille in two weeks and I wanted to vlog there but I want to "experience" it first, so I'll just try and vlog this day. I found a good look-a-like for the adonis2 boots from Topshop, so I'm going to buy them today and I really hope we're going to get some bubble tea I'm not obsessed at all!


11 April 2013

H&M blouse, Topshop skirt, Aldo boots (similar), Ray-Ban sunglasses, Are You Swedish bag, Asos & Vintage rings

Urgh, massive bad hair! It is days like these when I really miss my longer hair! I also haven't worn this blouse in a really really long time so I decided it was time to get it out again and since I've never really worn it with a skirt I decided to style them with my Topshop skirt. 


9 April 2013

 Vero Moda (old) jacket, COS tee, ZARA jeans (similar), Sacha shoes (similar), Unknown scarf

I have been quite busy the past two days. My exams are coming up in two weeks so I kind of have been revising my but off, but I also have to do actual homework. The whole thing stresses me out a little bit. So I just want to be comfortable all the time! :) That's why I wore this outfit. 


7 April 2013

 Topshop sweatshirt, H&M skirt (similar, similar) and scarf, Sacha boots, Vintage sunglasses

The weather has been really lovely today! It's really sunny and not even that cold!! Is Spring actually arriving?! :D I sure hope so! I haven't worn these booties in quite a while now and I thought it was time to get them out again! 

I finally convinced myself to buy the Topshop adonis2 boots, but they're sold out on their website now! This makes me want to cry, but I will have to find another pair of look-a-likes of these beauties to buy and I may have found a pair I sort of like at Sacha, so that may be my next purchase! :) 

Rightyy I'm off revising again!!