31 May 2013

 Episode jacket, eBay blouse, H&M shorts (similar) and sunnies (similar), Sacha shoes

So I was actually planning on posting this post an hour ago, but then I got caught up in watching youtube video's and well you know I just couldn't stop.. The weather today was lovely again I just looked outside and it's all grey. I really hope the weather will stay as lovely as it was this afternoon! 

Since it's the weekend and I have an extra day off on Monday no clue why I'm finally able to really get back at all the comments you've commented! Which makes me happy because I've been crazy busy this week and the week before that, that I can't even remember the last time I really had some time to actually get back to you and read your blogs! So that's what I will be doing in the upcoming 4 days, starting tonight! 


30 May 2013

 ZARA coat (similar) and bag, eBay CĂ©line top, H&M shorts (similar), Sacha shoes and Ray-Ban aviators

So I kind of wanted to post this outfit yesterday but when I got home from school at 4 o'clock I decided to watcht the Rugrats. yes I know and I kind of lost track of time and started doing my homework at like 10.. Anyway how those 6 hours of time went by so fast and I didn't have time to post an outfit last night. So I decided to do it on this rather early morning! 


28 May 2013

Monki tee (similar), ZARA skort, Sacha shoes, Vintage sunglasses (similar)

The weather outside has been amazing lately! Like for real! Really warm and all, so I wanted to try out an all white outfit. I've been wanting to do one for absolute ages and I finally did it. I'm thinking of ordering the ZARA skort in black as well because it's just gorgeous and I'm loving it more and more! And if you love a piece of clothing this much, you just need it in every colour possible am i right or am i right?! :)

Also my shoes from Sacha are back in stock again! So if you'd like to order them I'd say do it now and do it quick because they sell out like really fast! 


27 May 2013

Topshop jacket and trainers (similar), Zara jeans (similar), Monki tee (similar), H&M bag

Oh my! I'm not wearing any sunglasses and the sun actually is shining!! What's wrong with me!?  I used my Laura Mercier powder this morning and I really like it! I'm wearing it on these photos and it really gives me a nice finish! So this definitely is going to be a repurchase! I highly recommend getting a Laura Mercier mineral powder! They're gorgeous! 


26 May 2013

I did some shopping again over the last month or so and I thought it would be fun to show you a haul again! I bought the actual clothes online, I seem to do this all the time lately! which is badddd!!  and I went shopping today with my mum and bought all the "beauty" stuff. I've been dying to try Laura Mercier's products so now that they have a store-in-store in my town that sell Laura Mercier products I'm just going to be there every week! haha 


25 May 2013

 H&M jumper, Topshop leather jacket, jeans and wedge trainers (similar), Vintage sunglasses (similar)

I don't really have a weekend this weekend because I have an exam on Monday which sucks and I still have loads of revision to do! But hopefully I will be able to reply to and read blogs tonight! Also I'm dying to read new blogs, so the question for today is; what are your favourite blogs? :) 

I'm off revising again! 


23 May 2013

 H&M jeans and bag, eBay blouse and hat, Sacha shoes (similar) and Ray-Ban aviators

It has been quite rainy in The Netherlands lately, it makes me want to cry. Luckily I have a summer-feeling playlist which makes the rain much more bearable! Also if you would like to know to what sort of music I listen to, just head over to my friend Ellie's blog and go and follow her! She has the most amazing music taste and whenever I need new songs to listen to I head over to her blog because she has like now playing lists if that makes sense in almost every blog post!
This past week has been really busy but I'm finally able to catch up on reading blogs & get back at your comments! I feel like I haven't properly done that in a long time! 


22 May 2013


 H&M trend blouse (similar), Topshop leather jacket, ZARA jeans (similar), Sacha shoes (similar) and Primark satchel (similar)

I hate the final 5 weeks of school! Teachers decide it's a good time to plan exams, papers and stuff in these last 5 weeks, which means I'm really busy with school at the moment! But on the other hand, the fact that there's just 5 weeks of school left, excites me, because SUMMER IS COMING. Well not really. Because it has been pouring down in The Netherlands, which sucks, big time! But I'm just looking forward to the summer holiday! 
I've been loving this satchel again lately! I don't know why but I just am starting to love it more and more! Anyway I have to revise for my economics exam for tomorrow. Good luck if you're having exams at the moment! Just a few more days!! 


20 May 2013

Monki tee, River Island trousers (similar), Topshop wedge trainers (similar), Primark satchel (similar), Ray-Ban aviator

So I've been really busy with school this weekend. I had to catch up with my homework and I have to do some economics revision because I failed that exam in my exam week, then I have to hand in some work and I also had to study for Maths! Anyway I'm hoping to catch up on blogs tonight after I studied for Maths!


18 May 2013

 New Look old jumper, ZARA skort, H&M sunnies (similar), Sacha shoes (similar)

So I really want to wear my ZARA skort more often but this weather is just so confusing. I decided to wear this skort with a jumper so I wouldn't get too cold. I really want this skort in black too! Because I'm in luuurve with it! ZARA's skorts are just amazing haha I want them in every colour! :D


17 May 2013

New Look top (similar), H&M skirt (similar), Sacha shoes (similar), eBay beanie, Vintage sunglasses (similar)

I thought it was about time that I'd pop this beanie out again! The weather hasn't really been that great lately so that was the perfect opportunity to wear a beanie again! When I first got this beanie I was a bit... scared of it, because it's so bright and well since orange is the colour of The Netherlands I also thought it was... weird... That's why I almost never buy things in orange! Anyway what I'm trying to say is I'm glad I made the decision to buy this 'cause I love it! 


16 May 2013

(photos found on tumblr)

It has been quite a while since I've done an inspiration post, so I thought it would be time to show you what currently is inspiring me! Where do you get your inspiration from? :)

None of the photos above belong to me.


15 May 2013

 Forever21 blouse (similar), River Island trousers (similar), Topshop wedge trainers (similar), Vintage hat (similar) and sunnies (similar)

First of all I want to wish my big brother a very happy birthday! It's his birthday today and he turned 21! That's crazy! I remember him turning 18 and having his first driving lesson! Oh my, I'm starting to get an emotional wreck! Okay not really but he's getting "old" haha!
I haven't worn this hat in aaages! So I thought I would just put it on again haha! So now that I've worn this hat I'm dying to get myself a bowler hat and well just all sorts of hats! 


13 May 2013

Monki white top (similar), Topshop skater skirt, Sacha shoes (similar), H&M sunnies (similar)

So I rediscovered a Bourjois bronzer (the one that's supposed to look like chocolate) like last week or so and I don't know what happened but I'm having a maaajor breakout on where I usually contour, so that sucks biiig time.. This kind of made me scared of using this bronzer ever again. I want a new bronzer now, I would love to get my hands on the Nars Laguna so that will be the next thing I'll be saving up for! Or do you have a good dupe for the Nars Laguna bronzer? :) 
I'm getting more and more into beauty lately and I am so excited to get myself a growing collection of makeup. I'm still on the hunt for a good blush and some nude-ish lipsticks and of course a bronzer, so please leave your favourite makeup products down below so I can have a little look at all of your makeup! :)


12 May 2013

 Episode camo jacket, H&M jumper and jeans, Topshop loafers, Chicnova sunglasses

I feel like I have been quite out of the blogging thing. But that's because of all of these weird days that I have the day off, which means that I'm constantly doing fun things with friends and family. But there comes an end to all the fun things, which is now. I haven't really been feeling that well since Thursday or so which means I have been inside the past couple of days, mostly sleeping. That's why I have been the worst on getting back on comments and tweeting! Buuuut I'm really trying to get back to you! So I'm planning on reading some blogs & getting back to you and of course I'm going to bed early tonight so I hopefully will be better again tomorrow!