30 June 2013

ZARA jumper, Mango shorts (on sale now!), H&M bag, Sacha shoes and Vintage sunnies (similar)

It's my dad's birthday today and we're going to celebrate it with my family so I can't wait because we have a little surprise for him ;) 
So I bought these two items in the sale! The jumper was just €12,99 and the shorts were €14,99 so these were just complete bargains and I'm sooo happy with both of them! The jumper is just a lovely jumper that isn't too thick for and just perfect for Dutch summers and the shorts are just so pretttyyyy I love them! They have a side split but you can't tell because my bag is in front of it... haha


29 June 2013

The lovely people from Delilah Dust contacted me asking me if I wanted to review some of their jewellery. I immediately said yes because I love their jewellery! So I received two lovely necklaces. A crosses one and a a fishbone one and I've been wearing the crossed necklace all day today and I luuurve it! So definitely go and check Delilah Dust out because they have the cutest jewellery ever! :) 


27 June 2013

Choies geek tee*, ZARA skort, Sacha shoes, Primark satchel and H&M sunnies (similar)

As much as I like my Geek tee from Choies I also kind of really hate it. It's just not that comfortable as I thought it would be. The material is very stiff so it's just not.. comfortable. So it kind of has been in the back of my closet and I thought I would give it a try again, but it again wasn't comfortable. So that's kind of a disappointment. Maybe it's just this tee that they gave me or I don't know.

I'm going into town tonight to go shopping, 'cause it's shopping night!! I might buy everything that's in the sale at Zara, I may not. I'm not sure. Lets see if I find something I like. Oh and I will try to vlog this eve because it is kind of exciting and fun. So hopefully I will have some footage that I can use afterwards haha!


25 June 2013

 Dutch Vogue white tee, H&M jeans, Topshop loafers (similar), New Look necklace Vintage sunnies (similar)

This probably isn't one of my most exciting outfits, but lets be honest right now, who does wear playsuits, bare legs and skorts everyday. I mean I certainly wouldn't because I can imagine all the weird looks I would get at school. So this is something easy for the days when I have school or a lazy day or maybe I'm running some errands. 


24 June 2013

 Topshop playsuit (on sale now!), Zara tee, Sacha shoes and Vintage sunnies (similar)

I don't have something exciting to tell, except from the fact that I have been studying all afternoon. You could say and that I'm not really a lovely person to be around with right now. The amount of stuff I have to study for some subjects that I follow is just ridiculous, so thank god I had the day off today so I could focus on that!

Luckily I have all the sales that are going on lately to make this studying a bit more bearable. I think I might have to go and order some things of the ASOS sale tonight! Are you having your eye on something in the sales? :)    


23 June 2013

ZARA tee (similar) and skort, Sacha shoes, H&M sunnies (similar) and Vogue NL tote bag

So I have been trying to study all weekend but there's just nothing coming out of me. There's no motivation or whatsoever. But it probably is because I'm fantasising about my summer holiday, I'm so excited! :) Also the sales that are going on aren't like stimulating me to go and study. I feel like I need to buy just because there are sales going on and I feel like I need to buy something.

Anyway, it's time to go back to studying for me. What are you up to today? :)


21 June 2013

 H&M vest top and shorts (similar), Sacha shoes, Vintage sunnies (similar)

So this obviously is an outfit I wore when it was still warmer outside. It has been pouring today and it just sucks. I kind of think I'm starting to feel a bit sick because of the weird weather changes that constantly happen!
Can you actually believe it's summer!? I mean it's not really like summer when you (or I, depending on where you live) look outside! I also finished my last class today which means I have a test week left and after that I'll have my holiday, exciting exciting! But this year at school literally flew by! I can't believe I hopefully will graduate next year! That's just crazy! I still feel like a baby sometimes haha! Anyway, that's life I guess! haha

Also my Topshop giveaway has ended and I emailed the winner, I'm really sorry if you didn't win, buuuut hopefully there will be a giveaway up very soon! :) 


19 June 2013


shorts Lashes of London*, ZARA tee (similar), Sacha boots, H&M sunnies (similar)

I'm usually not really into unicorns and all the fairytale stuff, but when I got the opportunity to get these shorts from Lashes of London I definitely took it! These shorts are really lovely and I just love the fit of them. They're perfect for summer, for when I'm at the pool or when I'm going shopping and I want to wear something that's comfortable! These shorts definitely are going to be a hit in my closet this summer! 
I'd love to know how you would style these shorts!


18 June 2013

(Photos: Camille over the Rainbow, We Wore What, Neon Blush, Sincerly Jules (1, 2) and Tumblr) 

Since school is being a pain in the ass I barely have time to shoot some outfits so I thought I'd pop out a bit of inspiration for today's post! I've been getting loads of inspiration from other bloggers recently, so that's why there's links to most of the posts of these bloggers (when I could find the source of the photos). So if you didn't know these bloggers yet, I highly suggest that you follow them, if you want to cry in a corner, like I do because they have a lot of pretty clothes that I don't have haha! 


16 June 2013

New Look old jumper , H&M playsuit (similar), Sacha shoes, Primark bag (similar)

So I'm actually wearing a playsuit but because it wasn't really that warm outside I decided to put this sort of cropped but very oversized jumper on top of it and I actually really liked it! I love how the outfits where I kind of throw everything together I like most.
I've been really busy with school. I have two weeks of school left and I have to hand in 3 assignments by the end of this week, knowing me, you know I postponed it, so I have been quite stressy this weekend. So while I was enjoying doing all these assignments inside what are you up to?

Also! I got my tripod for my iPhone! Which means I can start filming outfits and stuff when I have a lot more time in about 3 weeks! :)


14 June 2013

Primark blouse, River Island skirt (similar), Sacha shoes, H&M sunnies (similar)

Okay I lied. The weather wasn't as bad as I expected it to be today so I could still wear bare legs, yay! I just saw that I've reached 800 followers, which is amazing and insane!! Because I remember having 500 followers in January! So I want to thank you all for following my blog! See my Topshop giveaway as some sort of present from me to you for reading my blog!

You can enter my Topshop giveaway here!


13 June 2013

 Monki dress (similar), ZARA bag, Aldo shoes (similar), Primark frilly socks (similar)

This probably is my last outfit that I'm wearing bare legs. The weather hasn't been that good today, it has been raining a bit and it's just a bit gloomy, so I've gone back to wearing jeans. I feel like I have a proper office job in this outfit, as I'm dressed in an all black outfit and I'm carrying around my office city bag by ZARA which is amazing, you must buy it! 


11 June 2013

 H&M tee (similar), Missguided shorts (similar), Nike blazers, Vintage sunnies (similar), ZARA bag

It sadly enough is getting colder, so this may be the last time you'll see me wearing bare legs. I'm currently looking out of the window and I can see dark clouds starting to form. Anyway, lets not be all gutted about the weather, because the weather will be better again. Because good things follow bad things ;) 


10 June 2013

 Topshop jumper, TFNC dress from Asos (similar), Aldo shoes (similar), Ray-Ban aviator (similar)

This weekend has been really lovely and I basically spend most of the time relaxing. I went to see The Great Gatsby on Saturday and mannnn I loved it. I'm dying to go and read the book now. I know I'm a nerd. Anyway I have just like 1 week or something of school left and after that I'll have a week full of tests from all my subjects, but I'm getting my hopes up, because summer is getting closer!

So since I've seen The Great Gatsby on Saturday, I'm just addicted to the music they were playing so I've been listening to that album quite a lot the past two days. Also I've fallen completely in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and his eyes. His gorgeous, ocean blue eyes :') 

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9 June 2013

Everything from Topshop

Hey guys! I teamed up with the lovely people of Appliances Online to host a pre-summer giveaway, so you can go and get some amazing stuff at Topshop before you head of to the South of France, Florida, Thailand or where ever! 
I picked out some items that, if I had the opportunity to win a Topshop voucher, I would buy. I've been loving the lovely lilac shorts for quite some time now, and I think I might have to get them for myself at the end of the month!  

You don't have to leave a comment, but I would love to know what your plans for summer are and where you're going, if you're going away! This giveaway is open to everybody worldwide, so please check if Topshop ships to your country! :)