31 July 2013

(Photos: Tumblr  I do not own any of these photos/quotes)

I thought it would be fun to do an beauty inspiration post. But while looking for inspirational photos I also found these two quotes. I would just like to say, if you like make-up or not, if you wear it or not, you're still beautiful even without make-up! Some people forget to say that to you every now and then, but you really are beautiful, so please don't forget that!


30 July 2013

 H&M John Lennon tee, Mango shorts (in white), Sacha pistol boots, Primark satchel (similar), vintage sunnies

I just came out of work, hence the comfy clothes, and I'm now off to eat tapas with my aunt and great aunt. I'm not quite sure if that's a good idea as I still have lots of stuff to do for my holiday in France! Anyway I'm planning on starting The Silver Linings Playbook. Megan from What's New Pussy Catt recommended it to me so I might have to read that. 
Also I will try to get back to all of your comments tonight as well, but I have been so bloody busy lately, that I didn't have time at all to do anything proper on my blog.. which sucks.. 


29 July 2013

 ZARA tee and skort, Topshop wedge trainers, H&M bag, vintage sunnies (similar)

I have an exciting trip top Primark planned for today with my two cousins. Although I'm going to Primark, I have to try and restrain myself from buying loads of things, as there's lots of stuff I want to buy when I'm on holiday. Anyway, I know this will me hard but I know I can do this. Because you really don't have to find great stuff at Primark every time you go! 
What are you up to today? 


27 July 2013

Primark blouse, Topshop skirt, Zalando sunnies (in black), unknown sandals 

I've been having these sunnies for quite some time now but I never really like wore them! So I thought it was about time to show them on my blog. I've tried to look them up on Zalando, but they only have the sunnies in black left! 


25 July 2013

 New Look crop top, Topshop playsuit and shoes, vintage sunnies (similar)

I've been listening to Justin Timberlake this morning and his old school famous songs like Senorita and Cry Me A River as stuck in my head haha! Whenever I listen to his "old" songs I get such a good mood! Which is good! 
So I looked up the shoes and the playsuit over on the Topshop website, and while looking them up, I saw all these pretty clothes that I want to buy! But I'm going to Marbella in like less than a week, so hopefully they have some of the stuff that I like in that Topshop. 
I feel like I'm constantly rambling about my holiday in Marbella, but I'm just so excited! :)


24 July 2013

 Forever 21 tee, ZARA skort, Converse All Stars, H&M sunnies (similar)

 I am so exhausted from working yesterday. I had to do the inventory and move like heavy boxes and stuff and after that I went to my aunt's birthday party, which was fun. But even more exhausting! So I just want this week to pass by really soon so my holiday will be one step closer!
Oh and since I've got my kindle now and I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to reading, I would love to read some more books during my holiday, so book suggestions are welcome!!


23 July 2013

 H&M dress, Topshop shoesZARA shopper (similar), Ray-Ban aviator

I love these shoes so much! Yes I bought another pair of cut out shoes! But aren't these so pretty? At first when I bought them I thought that they would be hard to style. But they're not! They're so versatile they you can wear them with everything. So that's why I'm wearing them with this H&M dress. I have been working today at my aunt's office so I wanted to look nice, and thought this would do.


22 July 2013

(Photos found on Tumblr, These photos do not belong to me)

I thought it was time to do an inspiration post again, as I'm a bit uninspired lately. I found and reblogged these photos on my tumblr and I recognise some bloggers like Evangelie from Style Heroine, Alexandra from Lovely Pepa and Gabrielle from Dentell + Fleurs. If you spot any more bloggers in this post, please let me know in a comment below so I can check out more of their posts! :)


21 July 2013

MissGuided dress, Mango (old) booties (similar), vintage sunnies 

I think I'm in love with this dress. This isn't the ahhhhh I love it so much love, no it's the ahhh I absolutely love this dress I want to wear it everyday kind of love. I'm really thinking about buying more of these trapeze dresses as I love them so much. The only thing that is stopping me from buying them is... My summer holiday. I leave in a few weeks and I'm scared that my parcels won't arrive in time, so hopefully they are selling them loads in Marbella, the place I'm going to, so I can go crazy and buy them in every colour!


20 July 2013

COS top (similar), Mango shorts (in white), H&M bag (in white), Sacha pistol boots, vintage sunnies

I absolutely adore this top from Cos so much! I definitely need to pop into COS more often to find myself some more of these lovely, simple and classic blouses. Yes they may be a bit more pricey, but I think they're totally worth it! I really think this top is perfect for all seasons. So I guess you could say I'm rather happy with this purchase. Another stripe top added to the family! ;)


18 July 2013

Monki tee (similar), Lashes of London shorts*, Vans trainers, H&M sunnies (similar), Daniel Wellington watch, hat from a little market in Spain (similar)

It is such lovely weather, it's around 27 degrees Celsius, which rarely happens to the Netherlands! So I'm here working on the tan on my legs! I decided to wear a little hat today because the sun sometimes gives me headaches, so I was trying to prevent getting a headache. Luckily it looks cute with this outfit so there's not really a "problem" haha.

I am starting to eat healthy again, because I've been eating like crap lately (think Oreo cookies, crisps, chocolate, Ice cream, Cookies etc) and my pour skin is suffering. So I'm trying to get into healthy food again, but I like am a bit clueless as to what I must eat and buy. I literally was at the grocery store today and I think I wandered around the store like some brainless person. So if you have any healthy, summery recipes please leave a comment below!


17 July 2013

H&M top and bag, ZARA jeans (similar), Topshop wedge trainers, Vintage sunnies (similar)

I've been spending some time with my cousin the last like 36 hours or so and I'm having so much fuuuun! We watched movies and baked cookies and stuff so yeah we just had fun haha! But my "busy" programme will be over tomorrow and I'll be able to get back to your comments! :)


16 July 2013

COS blouse, H&M palm tree top, Pieces black bikini, Zara jumper

I literally bought so much in the sales lately. I guess I'm just starting to get ready for my summer holiday! I bought all these items in the sale and now I remember why I love the sales so much! 

I've been really busy lately so that's why I felt a bit out of the blogging thing. But it will be back to normal tomorrow! :) 


14 July 2013

Episode jacket, H&M jumpsuit (similar) and bag (in white), Topshop wedge trainers, vintage sunnies (similar)

It's finally getting warmer again, after having 3 kind of colder days. So I'm working on my tan, again. I'm still trying to get a tan on my legs, but it just doesn't seem to work. Somehow my legs tan a lot less quick than the rest of my body, especially my legs.
I'm also getting ready for summer, as in making lists of what I must buy, and I'm also trying to plan a few posts for the first week for when I'm on holiday. I know it's a bit soon, but I also know that if I don't do it now, I won't do it, so I'm just trying to be a bit organised!