30 August 2013

 Topshop top, Mango shorts (similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster, unknown sandals (similar)

So this is kind of an awkward story. The day I wore this outfit I got very burnt in my face. I'm not really tan in my face because I get headaches because of the sun, so I mostly lie in the sun with either a hat or a towel over my face. I forgot to bring a bloody hat on my holiday so I wore a towel. But apparently I didn't put the towel completely over my face, so I got burnt from my cheeks up to like my neck and that evening I had an icepack on my face. Let's just say my parents, my brother and his girlfriend had fun making fun of me that night. Ahhh I miss Marbella! :( 


29 August 2013


Topshop crop top, H&M playsuit (similar), Zara sandals, vintage sunnies (similar)

I'm admitting it, I'm kind of starting to fall for crop tops. I'm not the skinniest person alive, but I figured I can pull crop tops off while wearing high waisted skirts, shorts and playsuits. I've been dying to wear this playsuit with a crop top but couldn't find the right one in my home town. So I bought this crop top on one of the first days I was in Spain so I could wear it with my playsuit. Just like the crop top I bought these sandals on one of the first days I was in Spain. I wanted these sandals for quite some time but the price was withholding me from buying them. They originally were around €50 and I bought them for €12,99, that's such a good deal! 
I love buying stuff at ZARA, I guess you could tell by the amount of zara stuff in my Marbella haul, when I'm in Spain because the prices between Spain and the Netherlands can vary a lot! 


27 August 2013

 ZARA top (similar) and skort, H&M bag, Topshop shoes

This outfit has got to be one of my favourite outfits from when I was on holiday. I feel like these cami's I bought during the holiday really suit everyone. Anyway this is an outfit that my brother's girlfriend shot before we went to Puerto BanĂ¹s to eat tapas and just stroll around. Can we also talk about how tan I look in these photos and how pale I am already, after being home for just one week...  Good god, I really have holiday withdrawal symptoms 


26 August 2013

Zara blouse, H&M pleather shorts (similar) and sunnies (similar), Topshop shoes

You know those days when you're face just doesn't want to be on camera. Or isn't "working" on camera. This was one of those days! I miss Marbella really much! I can't believe it has been one week! It feels like it has been months already! I also can't believe that I'm going back to school next week! This summer went by way too fast! :( 


25 August 2013

 zara blazer, zara blazer, zara top, zara blouse,
zara cami, Topshop cami, Topshop trousers, Pull & Bear shorts

This is a part of the stuff I bought in Marbella. I bought lots of stuff at Zara, as you can tell! I tried to link all the items I bought to the sites where I bought them from, but sadly enough some of the items aren't in stock anymore. 

I will also show you a "the beauty part" on my blog, which will show you what beauty products I bought in Spain, which will be up soon! :) 


24 August 2013

 Topshop cami, Zara skort, Unknown sandals, Ray-Ban aviator

These outfits that I post show kind of a lot of what I bought on holiday. Also on these photos from my holiday you can kind of see how the place we stayed in looked like. I took lots of my outfits on the roof terrace which was amazing! :) I miss it so much, I can't believe I still was there a week ago! :(


22 August 2013

This is my big purchase from when I went to Marbella. It probably also is the thing I'm most excited about. It's this gorgeous Ray-Ban clubmaster that I have been wanting to buy for ages. It was on sale too so I couldn't let it go by. I have been wearing them even when the sun wasn't shining so expect a ton of outfits with these sunnies.


21 August 2013

 ZARA tee, Mango shorts, Topshop shoes, H&M sunnies (similar)

I still have to get back in some sort of rhythm. I've been to see my cousin's home yesterday but didn't feel to well and went to see my friends yesterday night to catch up. So I have been doing nothing at all today and now I have come to realise that I need to start getting my rhythm of real life back. 
I will go to Amsterdam tomorrow and I may or may not have been shopping enough already. I will be taking my camera with me, so expect some photos soon! :) 


19 August 2013

 MissGuided dress, Topshop shoes, H&M bag and sunnies (similar

This is what I wore on the first evening in Marbella. We had dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend who were in Marbella too! We had an amazing time and lovely food! These photos are a bit crappy but they were taken on my iPhone as I forgot my camera! 

I'm now back home from my holiday and have loads of outfits and hauls planned for you! because I bought that much. I'm not quite sure if the new clothes will actually fit into my closet haha! 


17 August 2013

 Overjoyed by Bastille - No Church In The Wild by Kanye West and Jay-Z
Half Moon Run with Full Circle and Bastille with Pompeii

I thought it would be fun to show you a bit of my "current playlist" or some of the songs I've been listening to lately! I hope you enjoy these kind of posts and let me know in the down bar if you'd like to see more of these posts!


14 August 2013

 H&M top, In Love With Fashion kimono, Zara blazer, Zara camisole
Topshop shorts, Zara skirt, Zara shoes, Asos shoes, Topshop jumper

Here are some of the items that are on my current wishlist. Some may not be that appropriate for the upcoming seasons, but they're just gorgeous!  


11 August 2013

 (Photos from Tumblr I do not own these photos)

I recently saw a photo of Lily Collins on Comic Con, (see the photo on the right in the first collage) and I quite liked her outfit, so I looked into her style a bit more and I kind of am in love with her style now! It's quite casual but with like quite cute stuff too! :)


7 August 2013

Straw hat, H&;M espadrilles, H&;M bikini
H&M sunnies, Amazon Kindle

These are my summer essentials for my holiday. My hat, my sunnies, my ereader and a bikini. This is probably what I was wearing this day, as I'm on holiday. Can't go wrong with a little it of relaxing! :) 


6 August 2013

H&M jumpsuit (similar, similar), Converse All Stars, unknown sunnies

This jumpsuit has got to be the most worn item of my wardrobe this summer. I just love it sooo much!
I'm currently on holiday and I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to post outfits or not as I don't know if I have wi-fi, I'm hoping I have, but if I don't, I'll have some posts planned, so I hope you like them! :)


4 August 2013

I haven't done an instagram post since May, which is a loooong time, so I thought it would be fun to like "catch up" with the instagram photos since I'm on holiday now.

What you're looking at:
 OOTD | I'm on a bike! | Guacamole
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OOTD | I won a Daniel Wellington watch | Starbucks session with my friends
Doutzen Kroes looking amazing on the Dutch Vogue | Painted my nails | Went to see The Great Gatsby
ZARA skort in black | Sweet Sixteen party | The birthday girl
Cutest tea cup ever | ZARA order | OOTD
Watermelon during the heat | Milka with Orea, damn that was goood! | Bubble tea, my obsession | OOTD


3 August 2013

 H&M Trend blouse, Mango shorts (available in white here), Sacha shoes, Primark satchel (similar)

I have been a bit out of inspiration when it comes to songs lately. I don't really know why, maybe it's because it's summer holiday and I read a lot, so my focus is on different things I guess. I'm looking for new artists/songs/bands to listen to, so recommendations are welcome!!