30 September 2013

zara top and skort, H&M scarf (similar), Sacha cut out boots and Daniel Wellington watch

I thought I'd whip my tartan scarf out today again, since it was really cold this morning. Tartan has been big this season, thanks to zara. I am dying to get a tartan skirt from zara, or maybe even a dress and have to get the scarf I linked as a similar to this H&M scarf. Are you going to invest in something tartan or isn't really your thing?


29 September 2013

Missguided dress, H&M jacket and bag, vintage hat (similar), Topshop boots (on nordstrom), Ray-Ban clubmasters

I decided to get my hat out again, and I luurve it! I'm still looking for another hat that I absolutely love but it seems impossible to find a hat either online or in my hometown.
I'm trying to save up some money for an exciting trip that I have planned, but I have been craving new winter clothes lately, so I kind of have been splurging a little bit over the past two weeks. This jacket is one of the items that I bought. I really wanted to get a new "leather" jacket and I quite liked this one from H&M, and since it was a lot cheaper than most of Zara and Topshop their jackets, I decided to get this one.
Can I quickly thank my friend Emma for letting me borrow her amazing Topshop Arabel boots!


28 September 2013

Zara jumper (similar), River Island trousers, H&M bag, Aldo shoes (similar, similar), Ray-Ban clubmastersPrimark beanie (similar)

I've been drinking lots of lemsip lately I'm being forced to drink it by my parents and I'm finally starting to feel better, so I decided that it would be time that I finally go outside again and shoot some outfits. I went for a fall-ish outfit with a beanie! I decided to get over the fact that the sun still was shining and I just put a beanie on my head. I can't tell you how much I have missed them, and I'm kind of sad that I'm not allowed to wear them at school, because beanies really can save me from my bad hair days! 


27 September 2013

Zara top, Pull & Bear shorts, Topshop shoes and vintage sunnies (similar)

I'm still ill in bed and when I'm not feeling that well, I always search for holiday photos and videos. So while going through my outfit photos of the holidays, I found this outfit, which I never even showed you! Since I have been in my pyjama's for the last two days and I haven't really been doing/wearing anything nice, I thought I would post this holiday outfit, see it as a real holiday and summer farewell on this blog, because Autumn is coming, for real, and I warn you, you will see lots of jumpers on the blog for the upcoming two seasons.


25 September 2013

These photos do not belong to me, source: Tumblr

I have an inspiration post for you today as I'm ill and stuck in bed. I still need to get out of my "summer" mode when it comes to inspiration, because most of these girls have bare legs!


24 September 2013

Primark cardigan, (similarZARA tee (similar) and bag (similar), H&M jumpsuit and Aldo shoes (similar, similar), Daniel Wellington watch and Ray-Ban clubmaster

I kind of wanted to wait with my new clothes to show you, because I want to film a haul, but I don't have all the stuff I wanted/ordered yet, but I couldn't wait any longer. I basically have been living in this Primark cardigan, it's the warmes, cuddliest most comfortable cardigan ever
These boots have been hiding in the dark for a while, I'm not sure why, maybe because I didn't like them anymore, but they're back now! I can't wait to wear them with tights and skirts/dresses! 


23 September 2013

New Look jumper (old), River Island skirt (similar), Mango boots

I rediscovered this jumper and this skirt again and I can't wait to style them again in winter. This skirt honestly looks so so so much better with tights that it does with bare legs, which is why I kept it in my closet during summer. 
I'm leaving the house today with 15 dernier tights, and I'm honestly hoping that they will last me all day at school. I can't wear tights without ripping them, I usually only get one wear out of these tights, so let's hope I will make it all day. 


22 September 2013

I will attend London Fashion Week one time, that would be the dream coming true. For now I will just stick to watching live streams of every possible fashion show at fashion week. So since London Fashion Week is over, and I'm utterly in love with London and the UK in general, I thought it would be fun to show you my favourite LFW shows.

Burberry does it every season to me. I've been watching, their shows since I was 14. I absolutely love their shows, the simple set up, the music, just everything. I couldn't watch the Burberry stream live, since I was stuck at school. I was very gutted, so when I came home I immediately searched the internet to watch the live stream, and I watched it two times after that too. I absolutely loved the finale with the rose petals falling down.
I'm not a huge Burberry lover, but I must admit that I loved this collection a lot. There were lots of pastel colours, grey coats/knits, lacey skirts and lovely polkadotty and stripey prints.

I loved this collection. I never really watched a Osman show before, but let's say that I was fairly impressed. I loved, the pastel colours and funky prints on the tops and skirts. The Osman collection had lots of crop tops and I absolutely loved them too. Also the denim kimono, is kind of on my wishlist now! Someone wants to make me a dupe for SS 2014?

Topshop Unique
 Oh Topshop, Topshop never fails me. First of all, I absolutely loved their music during this show. Second of all, I loved the navy & electric blues! Also I'm not really a fan of yellow, so I'm quite shocked that I liked the yellow tones in the Topshop Unique show. I honestly can't wait for the collection to come out, because I might have to get the whole second outfit.

Zoë Jordan
Zoë Jordan is the first show that I could actually watch live and let's say that she left quite the impression on me. It may have been because it was the first show I saw while lying in bed but I absolutely loved this collection. I loved the clean cuts, the leather influences and let's not forget the prints! I honestly loved the prints! I definitely could see myself wearing these items, which is why I think I liked this collection so much. After seeing this show, I'm dying to get a not so leather skirt even more.

There were far more shows that I absolutely loved, but these were by far my favourite shows this season. I honestly can't wait for the A/W season in February next year.


21 September 2013

Forever 21 jumper, Topshop jeans, Primark satchel (similar), Nike free runs

I'm so ready for fall! I'm so excited to start wearing my jumpers and big cardigans again! The weather has been getting warmer again lately and it's a bit confusing, especially for my body! I've been suffering from a cold lately, which is sooo annoying! I've been living of lemon tea, tissues and nasal spray.. But I'm cold all the time so I'm finally wearing jumpers, without being too cold! :) Which is the only plus side to this whole "having a cold" thing.


20 September 2013

 zara blouse, River Island trousers, sacha boots, ray-ban clubmaster

I feel like my style is constantly changing. Really! Like from day to day! My previous post was kind of girly, and this is very monochrome! I love the autumn/winter season because I can wear like cute and girly skirts/dresses with tights again! But I also love autumn and winter because I can wear jumpers and jeans again. I basically am in love with both minimalistic and girly outfits haha! 


19 September 2013

 New Look jumper, Topshop skirt, Primark satchel (similar) and Mango boots

I have been thinking a lot lately. I have decided that I want to do another giveway, as I love giving stuff away, so I probably am going to find some cute, favourite products for autumn/winter that I love and when the time's ready, I will show you it on the blog!

Now my question for today is; What would you like to see in the giveaway? So I know what you'd like to get! :) 


17 September 2013

Topshop jacket, Forever21 blouse, H&M jeans (similar), Nike Free Run sneakers, MAC lipstick in Shanghai Spice

I just came back from my shopping trip to Primark. I didn't buy loads, as Primark was kind of a disappointment.. I didn't find the fluffy cardigan I was looking for in the first place, so I'll have to buy it of Asos. I did buy some stuff for winter so after I bought the stuff I wanted from Asos I probably will film a haul video! 

I'm shattered right now, shopping trips are so exhausting! That's why I prefer buying clothes online, you don't get that tired! That's probably really bad that I prefer buying stuff online, but I'm honestly so tired! I now have to do some English literature homework, which I'm not looking forward to, but hopefully I'll still have some time to get back to your comments, which I haven't had time for in a really long time! :(