30 November 2013

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Thrifted coat (similar), H&M jumper (similar), New Look leggings (via asos), Sacha boots (similar)

So I'm going to head into town today and I'm going to see Catching Fire tonight. I am looking forward to this day. It finally is a day of real relaxing and fun. I feel like I haven't had that in absolute ages. I wish I could freeze this day and have fun things like this planned everyday. Happy weekend! Tell me what you're planning on doing! :) 


28 November 2013

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Monki dress (similar), H&M jacket, Aldo shoes (similar), Zara bag (in blue), Maybelline babylips in pink punch

This dress, I found it in the back of my closet again and ahhh I love it so much! I love how simple yet sophisticated it is! :)
This week has been stressful, way too stressful. Think heated discussions with my project group, revising for exams, working on my project and doing homework somewhere in between those lines. The only thing that keeps me going right now is Christmas and the weekend. I am really looking forward to this weekend because I have a lot of fun things planned. I am going on a well deserved Primark shopping spree on Sunday. Which I look forward to most. 


26 November 2013

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MissGuided dress, H&M jacket, ZARA bag (in blue), Sacha pistol boots (similar)

So I kind of stopped wearing eyeliner lately. It takes up a lot of time in my morning routine, and I just feel like I might smudge it all over the place when I can barely keep my eyes open while even doing my make-up. I still feel a little bit bare without eyeliner, but it takes me 2 minutes less to do my make-up, which also means that I can sleep 2 more minutes, so big thumbs up for that! Anyway, I am not sure if this is just an exhaustion phase that I am going through it probably is but this eyeliner can take up a lot of time of your my make-up routine. Okay enough about eyeliner. Can we all just admire this dress for a moment. It's from MissGuided and I absolutely love it!! 


25 November 2013

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thrifted coat, H&M  jumper and scarf (similar), ZARA skort, Topshop wedge trainers 

Today has been a long and hectic day. I woke up really early because I had to be at school at 8, but my first period got cancelled, so I had some spare time this morning and shot this outfit. I can't wait to dive right into my bed after my pile of homework. I always thought that your final year at high school would be homework free, but I guess that was just a myth.

Sorry in advance for the amount of photos/outfits you will see with this coat! I absolutely love it again and I can not stop wearing it! 


24 November 2013

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1, 2, 3, 4

Christmas is less than a month away, and I am utterly excited for Christmas. When Monsoon asked me if I could show you my favourites of their party wear collection I was so stoked about Christmas even more. Monsoon is kind more a brand for a sophisticated lady, who is a bit older than my usual blog readers. I did find these four items and I liked them a lot, especially the necklace, it's sooo Zara! Sooo here they are.

Please note that even though this is a collaboration, I made the set and wrote my own honest opinion. 


23 November 2013

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Thrifted coat, H&M jumper (similar) and scarf (similar), ASOS leggings, Aldo boots (similar), de Bijenkorf beanie (similar)

I rediscovered this thrifted coat the other day. I found this beauty about two years ago and completely forgot about it! But it is absolutely perfect for winter with a thick scarf and a beanie! So that's what I've been wearing lately. I'm still on the hunt for a new tartan scarf  and I found one at ZARA but it sold out already, so I might just put a new tartan scarf on my Christmas wishlist so Santa maybe can get me one! :)


22 November 2013

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ASOS cardigan, Topshop shirt (similar) and shoes, H&M skirt (similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster

I have been craving this weekend so much! It has been a long long week and I can't tell you how exhausted I am from the late nights I have been having due to the amount of homework. I have lots of fun things planned this weekend such as parties. Which kind of makes it hard to relax a bit. I just want to crawl in bed and hide in it all weekend. Speaking of beds. I am in one right now and I might just pass out. Well that will be fun for the people I'm going to hang with tonight..


21 November 2013

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 photo IMG_1883_zpsf8a42af1.jpg
thrifted coat (similar), FrontrowShop jumper, ASOS leggings, Sacha pistol boots (similar), eBay beanie

This jumper again. I haven't worn this in about a month and I may or may not forgot about it. But while putting clothes on yesterday I was half asleep I found this jumper again and I decided to put some comfy bottoms on. So I put on my ASOS leggings, whom I lurve. So this is just a really nice and comfy outfit for a long day at school, and just a cold day in general. I still feel like I need to get myself a proper coat for winter, but I haven't really found any that I like yet. I always have this and I always end up buying coats that I don't really like in January.. Big mistake...


20 November 2013

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thrifted coat (similar), Zara jumper (similar), Topshop skirt and shoes, H&M bag and Forever 21 necklace

I rediscovered my skater skirt in the back of my closet again this week and decided that it was time that I would start wearing my skirts more often. I wore them a lot last year, but I feel like I'm leaning a bit more towards my skorts now. They're just really easy and simple to style. So my mission for this winter is to get my skirts out to where them with some cosy Primark tights. Speaking of Primark... I need to go there. ASAP because I feel uninspired. I feel uninspired because I haven't bought any new clothes in a while, which means that I have been living in my leather look leggings, jumpers and my heart print shirt. So that's why I need new clothes. To spice up my life. Yes, I do.


19 November 2013

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(Photos from Tumblr, I do not own any of these)

Alexa Chung, the girl that every fashion blogger loves. Now that she's got her book out which is on my Christmas wishlist I've been seeing her face lots lately! That made me realise, how much of an inspiration Alexa Chung actually is for me, when it comes to style. She loves her knits and leathers and likes being comfortable, her outfits are just bloody brilliant, she's just flaweless and I love her to bits! 


17 November 2013

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 photo IMG_1867_zps4de1621f.jpg
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H&M jacket and jumper (similar), zara skort (in black), Sacha pistol boots (similar) and Ray-Ban clubmaster

I don't know where this weekend has gone to, I feel like I got nothing done and still have so much stuff to do. That's why I woke up extra early this morning to work on my homework so I can go and hang out with my family later today. This outfit is perfect for a little bit of relaxation. I love this jumper so much as it is such a lovely fit (that's why I have it in white too) and has such lovely colour. It gives a bit more of colour to spice up some of my days at school, instead of wearing my white and plain jumper, I can wear my pink jumper especially on Wednesdays (if you know what I mean ;-))


16 November 2013

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My mum always tells me that she would rather spend a bit more on good make-up and skin care products instead of me buying some crappy cheap drugstore stuff, so after hearing lots of goood things about this Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream I decided to persuade my mum into buying this for me. First of all, this colour is still a bit too light for me, for now. I have the lightest shade, 001 but since it's winter soon this colour will be perfect for me. As you may know from my twitter, I've been having quite a spotty month this month, probably because of the stress. But this BB cream knows how to hide them well, I think.

I bought this at a local Dior counter in my home town and the girl who helped me, tried it on me first. I went into town again and a few hours later went back to buy it. My mum told me that my skin looked amazing and that it had such an amazing and natural glow! So that's kind of a massive score! I've been trying this out when I'm at school a lot lately. I've never been really a foundation girl, I don't even think I ever used foundation in my life because I did not think it was necessary, so wearing this BB cream to school kind of was a big deal for me. Me being the insecure one when it comes to foundation/BB cream and all the other make up stuff that (never) I use, I kept asking my friends how my skin looked and if they thought that my face looked weird. But they told me that I looked fine and that I should wear it more often, so now I do wear it more often. So I guess that this BB cream has a light to medium coverage, which is perfect for me, because I don't really like putting that much stuff on my face.

 I could write down the list of ingredients, but I have absolutely no clue what they mean, if I like a product I will buy it, I almost never look at the list of ingredients. If you really want to see what is in the Dior Diorskin Nude BB cream you can find a list of ingredients if you google it, so I won't include that. I find that this applies best with my hands, I tried using it with a buffing brush but it did not seem to work at all. I ended up like a brushy foundationy monster, and that's just not the look that I want to pull off. I really prefer to use my hands. I have been using this BB cream for a month, and I really love it so far. I haven't tried any other like proper BB/CC creams/ tinted moisturisers so I can't really compare it to anything else, but it does the job for me, gives me a natural and glowy finish and I like that. Yes I do. Oh and a definite plus is that even though it is bloody expensive, you only need like one pump, that's more than enough to cover up your whole face.

You can buy the Dior Diorskin Nude BB cream from FeelUnique.com or just pop around a local Dior counter, as it is much easier to see if you have the right shade.

Have you ever tried anything from Dior or even this BB cream? Or do you have another BB cream that you absolutely love and you would recommend to me?


14 November 2013

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thrifted coat (similar), Monki shirt, ASOS leggings Aldo shoes (similar) and Primark beanie (similar)

So I might have worn this leather look leggings a bit too much lately! I literally wear them like at least two times a week as they're super easy to style and when you have to be at school at 8 o'clock like I have to on some days, it's just perfect for those kind of days. Anyway you can't get me out of these leggings because I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately! I feel like I need to go and buy some new clothes! I always have this when I've worn my favourite items of a certain time (say autumn) a bit too much in the past couple of weeks. Even though you don't always see every outfit I wear, you can kind of guess how much I love some of my clothes and wear them to death and after a certain amount of "wears" I feel like I need something else to add to my closet so I can spice my other loved clothes up a bit! Am I the only one who has this or is this a common fashion/clothes lover problem?