14 November 2013

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thrifted coat (similar), Monki shirt, ASOS leggings Aldo shoes (similar) and Primark beanie (similar)

So I might have worn this leather look leggings a bit too much lately! I literally wear them like at least two times a week as they're super easy to style and when you have to be at school at 8 o'clock like I have to on some days, it's just perfect for those kind of days. Anyway you can't get me out of these leggings because I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately! I feel like I need to go and buy some new clothes! I always have this when I've worn my favourite items of a certain time (say autumn) a bit too much in the past couple of weeks. Even though you don't always see every outfit I wear, you can kind of guess how much I love some of my clothes and wear them to death and after a certain amount of "wears" I feel like I need something else to add to my closet so I can spice my other loved clothes up a bit! Am I the only one who has this or is this a common fashion/clothes lover problem?


  1. Je bloesje is echt heel leuk!

  2. Love this look! Especially your coat! x


  3. Now I feel like I need leather look leggings in my life (and wardrobe!) :) x

  4. Vind die blousee zo leuk! Mooie outfit!

  5. i really feel like buying new clothes for myself...and i kinda feel like giving away most of my clothes. i don't know if thats weird but i want to start over with a new wardrobe.
    i love your leggins, btw. they look great on you and you can totally wear them with everything.


  6. Hij staat je super goed, en het is inderdaad makkelijk te combineren! :)


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