25 November 2013

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 photo IMG_1915_zps8db98f30.jpg
thrifted coat, H&M  jumper and scarf (similar), ZARA skort, Topshop wedge trainers 

Today has been a long and hectic day. I woke up really early because I had to be at school at 8, but my first period got cancelled, so I had some spare time this morning and shot this outfit. I can't wait to dive right into my bed after my pile of homework. I always thought that your final year at high school would be homework free, but I guess that was just a myth.

Sorry in advance for the amount of photos/outfits you will see with this coat! I absolutely love it again and I can not stop wearing it! 


  1. Staat je weer heel leuk, en die sjaal vind ik echt zo leuk!

  2. I can't believe your scarf is from h&m! it's beautiful!!! What a wonderful outfit!

    Andrea xx

  3. Love this, the trainer look so cool!

    Julia x


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