31 March 2014

ZARA cardigan, Persunmall dress*, Nike free run 5.0, Monki bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Gah so I felt like a complete hipster wearing sneakers with a dress, but I decided to walk a lot last Friday and I just had to wear sneakers so yeah, I'm wearing sneakers. It doesn't look as bad as I imagined it to be, as these aren't the typical kind of hipster shoes so that kind of makes it acceptable and I think I might do it again. 


So I'm not really a lipstick kind of girl, but lately I've been wearing lipsticks a bit more often and I thought it would be fun to do a lipstick favourite post. I'm, of course, nowhere near having all the perfect shades for me, but I've been liking these colours on me a lot, so yeah, why not! Also if you have any lipsticks (preferably drugstore lipsticks) that you like/recommend please let me know below! :)

The Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Candy Apple can be found on the left. This is just a beautiful warm red, which is perfect for both pale and darker people. You can go over your lips several times and it just gives you a pretty, kind of sheer but also not so sheer red lip. Absolutely gorgeous!

Next is the L'Oreal Colorsensational in Pleasure Me Red. I stole this lipstick from my mum, because it was just lying around on her desk for ages and I thought why not try it out. The packaging looks kind of disgusting because of the stickers they put on a lipstick, but besides that, it is just an amazing red colour. It gives such a good red tone and I think my mum won't see this lipstick on her desk any time soon. ;)

Then we have a MAC cremesheen lipstick in Shanghai Spice. This is my first MAC purchase and it is safe to say that it was an amazing first MAC purchase. This is just the perfect lipstick to wear to school. It is my kind of nude, because I have a browney undertone in my lips. This lipstick honestly is a good nude to me and I feel like they popped my MAC virginity good right then and there.

Lastly I have the Clinique Chubby Stick in Mighty Mimosa. This isn't really a colour that you hear a lot about, or I haven't really heard a lot about this colour of the Clinique Chubby Stick range. This is a colour that I wear to school quite a lot and it, again, is a nude. I am not really one who wears bright colours to school, as it kind of scares me to get it on my teeth and stuff, so that is why I bought a nude Clinique Chubby Stick. 


30 March 2014

In Love With Fashion jumper*, ASOS jeans, Topshop slip ons, Daniel Wellington watch

This would have to be the perfect Sunday "comfort" outfit. These jeans are just my ultimate favourite and the jumper is rather cosy. I swear to got, I don't know why I haven't worn high waisted jeans before in my life, but oh my god, they're just perfect. Besides the fact that it makes my but look good, I also have jeans that are the perfect length, as I am not that tall.. 


29 March 2014

Zara jacket, Monki blouse, ASOS jeans, Ray-Ban clubmaster, Zara bag, Converse All Stars

So far it has been a busy, but fun weekend. I hung out with some of my friends and had lots of lunches with them. I'm also trying to, again, shoot more outfits outside, which so far I succeeded in! So yeah, another outfit outside! Let's hope that I can make this work and actually start doing this outside more because it is funnnn!


27 March 2014

eBay shirt (similar), Asos leggings, Sacha boots (similar, similar), H&M bag

I decided to go outside again to shoot some outfits. It as been a while because school kind of got in the way of shooting outfits on different locations. It was so much fun to shoot an outfit with someone actually behind the camera, it really does make a difference! Also can I just say that I am utterly in love with the last photo of my boots. It might have to become my new background. It looks so coool! :)


26 March 2014

Monki cardigan, Topshop cami, Zara trousers (similar), Converse All Stars, Ray-Ban clubmaster

If there's one thing that I enjoy, it would have to be comfort. Comfort is a highly rated "thing" in my wardrobe and especially when I go to school. These trousers from Zara and this cardigan are the perfect solution to all of this. They're black (which is always a good idea) and comfortable and cosy. Yes please. 


25 March 2014

Zara jacketMonki jumper, Mango old shorts (similar), Aldo boots and H&M sunnies (similar)

I got this jumper from my family as a late birthday gift when I went to Amsterdam. I absolutely love it and I completely forgot about my love for Monki. I'm definitely going to try and save up some money so I can buy a few more things at Monki for the Summer holiday, because it is just my fave!


24 March 2014

H&M (old) tee and bag, Topshop skirt (similar), Converse All Stars, Daniel Wellington watch

Yesterday (Sunday) was a lovely day where I stayed in all night. I went to Amsterdam this weekend and was quite tired from the whole two days, so I decided to opt for casual. Sunday wasn't a warm day, but the sun did have quite a few appearances, so that's why I decided to not go for tights, as I was staying in all day. The only thing I went outside for was to take these photos. My stripe obsession gives my quite the Parisian style feel. When I went to Amsterdam, I constantly was looking at stripey tees and both of my cousin's were telling me that I was a lunatic with an obsession. Oops.. 



22 March 2014

Zara cardigan, Monki blouse, Asos leggings, Aldo shoes, H&M sunnies (similar), Daniel Wellington watch

Best in Black. Three words, the truth. I quite like black clothes haha and I only now noticed, with my Spring clear out, how many black clothes I actually own. Black is just versatile and perfect for every occasion. Even if it's extremely hot, I still would wear something black. Black is good. 


21 March 2014

March has almost come to an end and I thought that I would do my "five favourites" post again. So the first favourite is a blush by Bobbi Brown and it is called Blushed. How cute! This blush gives you that "I just ran 5 km's and still look good" look, without the sweat. So I don't have to go running to achieve that look, not that I did run or something.

Next up are tulips. Now I'm not really a flower girl, but I would have to say that I do love these. Tulips give me that ultimate spring feeling and I just really like this photo. That's why I've grown to love tulips too. 

This tee/blouse from Monki is just an absolute favourite. It's, like I said, from Monki and it is called the Gunilla Blouse. It's just the perfect top for Spring and I think I might have to get myself another black one and maybe two white ones as well! Find it here

So you might know that I am getting more into make-up. These brushes are from the Fresh & Flawless set from  EcoTools and come in a set of five. They're the cutest thing ever and only €15. I am loving the powder brush (first one above), the complexion blending brush and the buffing concealer brush. I use the powder brush with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, the complexion blending brush is the perfect size for my blush and I use the buffing concealer brush with my Bobbi Brown concealer to cover up some of the scars I get after having pimples.

The Marks and Spencer opened in my hometown at the beginning of March and when I went in to have a look, I got my hands on this Organic Green tea with lemon from Marks and Spencer. I have a thing for teas, and I'm sipping this tea constantly. It's soooo good! Definitely go and try it when you're out and about in M&S because I'm just in love!


20 March 2014

New Look (old) top (similar), Glamorous leather skirt (similar), Converse All Stars, H&M bag and sunnies (similar)

Bare legs?! Yes bare legs! It's an amazing and sunny day today. It was around 20 degrees Celsius and I will not complain about the weather, because it's still winter, but it definitely felt like summer! Besides the amazing weather, all of my classes got cancelled today, so I had the day off of school! Yay. I've had a good day, enjoying the sun, working on my tan and doing some stuff for school. I feel very productive! :)


19 March 2014

I've been in a summer state of mind and been browsing through the internet for some "summer" musts. I must say, that I kind of don't know what to look for yet, because I don't have that summer feeling at the moment (aka it has been a bit rainy and dull yesterday) but I'm sure that whenever the sun comes out and shows itself I will be ready for Spring/Summer and I think I will also know what I would like to wear by then! So this is just a quick little wishlist post, for those in between months


17 March 2014

Zara coat (from my mum), Persunmall vest top*, Glamorous skirt (similar), Sacha boots (similar), Mango clutch (similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster

I sometimes forget that it's still winter and  often find myself running around the house in just a vest top and then when I go outside, I forget how chilly it can be. So that's why I decided to wear my mum's tartan coat when I wore this outfit. It has to be one of my favourite coats on her and I just had to steal it off her for just one day. So I sneaked out of the house with this coat on and ran away. Isn't this coat just perfect?!