30 April 2014

Persunmall jacket*, Ever Ours (old) shirt, ASOS jeans, Sacha boots (similar), Primark bag, H&M sunnies (similar)

In these past three days that I have been full on revising, I have noticed that I am not a person who can sit inside all day revising. I went a bit mental yesterday from being inside all day, so I decided to go grocery shopping for my mum. This bag is just perfect for grocery shopping, because most of the things can fit into it which also means that I don't have to buy a bag, so this bag saves up my money, rescues the environment and looks pretty. Not much of a miss is it? 


29 April 2014

Primark shirt (in stores now, similar), Topshop skirt, Sacha boots (similar), H&M bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Can we all just talk about this lovely shirt for a moment? I am in love. I picked this beauty up in Primark the other day and completely fell in love with it. I feel like I haven't bought shirts in a looooong time, however now that I got this beauty, I'm definitely going to try and whip those shirts out a bit more often.

I would like to ask you something about my hair too. I kind of want to get it cut again. Like shorter. If you follow me on twitter you probably would have seen one of the many tweets about wanting to cut my hair again. Yet I am debating if I can pull a hair cut like this (link) off. I love this length on this girl but I don't know. Help me make a decision!  


28 April 2014

Zara jacket, Primark shirt, ASOS jeans, New Look Chelsea boots, H&M sunnies (similar)

I'm currently drowning in revision and decided to take a break to write this blog post. I haven't worn this shirt in absolute ages. I kind of forgot about it because I lost a button that is supposed to go on there, but the other day my parents found the button that belongs to this shirt, so yay me, I can wear it again. This outfit is one of those outfits that I definitely will be wearing a lot during revision as well as during my exams. It's just really comfortable and laid back. This was my first day of revising and everybody in my neighbourhood seems to enjoy drilling holes in everything because it hasn't been silent for one minute. It has been hard trying to revise today so I guess I will be locking myself up in the library then to revise really well! 


27 April 2014

It's time for the five favourites of this month! I've been really loving body/skincare at the moment, so apologies in advance for the amount of body/skincare in this post!

The first thing I'm loving is this Victoria's Secret Such A Flirt body wash. It's perfect for this time of year, it's fresh, fruity, flowery. I don't know. I'm bad at actually describing what it smells like. I just like wash myself with this. Not much more to say about it.

Next is this reaaally old bag from H&M. I can't even remember how long ago I got it. It must have been 2 or 3 years now! Anyway, I saw someone in ZARA with this bag and then this light bulb exploded. I had that bag too and I'm now carrying it around religiously. I honestly love it so much. So, you totally should expect this beauty in outfit posts soon!

Ahh it's that time again to start shaving your legs and to moisturise your legs. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't shave and moisturises their legs during winter. So to moisturise my extremely dry legs, I decided to pick the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating body lotion with Aloe Vera up again. I love it. My legs are smooooth after using it for 7 days and I'm actually quite impressed with this stuff. Definitely buy it when you see it around in your local drugstore, because I honestly think it's just amazing. 

Next up is a book. I love reading and if you've read a few of my outfit posts you would know that I'm feeling a little bit uninspired lately. That's why I decided to go back to my style queens (aka Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen). I looked on the internet at some of their outfits and on one night I refound this gorgeous book on my shelf and I decided to flip through Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It really has inspired my a lot these past days and I'm feeling inspired a lot more than I used to. This book is so lovely to flip through, just the photos alone are gorgeous.

The last thing I have been loving this month is the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfecter in Light. It's a mouth full. I was on the hunt for a new BB cream as my Dior BB cream is starting to become too light for me. I went into the drugstore and bought this one on a recommendation of a friend of mine. It's lovely and I barely use concealer when I use this BB cream. It's lovely for this time of year, when you kind of need a bit of coverage, but not too much as you would be melting your face off.

What have you been loving this month? Expect some outfits again soon with that bag! :)


25 April 2014

Recipe for this smoothie:
- 250 ml soy milk
- 30 gram frozen (red) fruit
- a banana (optional)
- 250 ml yoghurt (optional) 

So this might be a new series on Style and Sushi, which will come back every month or maybe even every week. I am not sure if I ever talked about me trying to eat healthy on the blog before. It's something I moan about to my parents, my brother, his girlfriend and maybe even my friends. It's also something that, I think is a problem that makes me feel inspired when it comes to the outfits on the blog. I don't feel "healthy" in my body at this moment, which kind of just makes me want to crawl into big jumpers and cardigans and pyjama trousers. 

I find it quite difficult to actually "monitor" what I eat on a day. I am still in high school and being offered candy isn't something I can turn down. Ugh such a bad excuse, get a better excuse. Okay, I'm really bad at resisting chocolate and candy. But if I want to start eating more healthy I thought, why not try and take photos of what I eat on a daily basis, and what better way to do this little project than to make photos of the things I eat and post them in short series on Style and Sushi. 

I think it will motivate me into getting in a healthier eating pattern and blogging about food is something that I always wanted to do. I mean, that's kind of where I got the name Style and Sushi from. (spoiler alert!) I love cooking healthy as well as unhealthy meals and would love to share them with you.  I also really enjoy it when you guys give me tips of any healthy recipes and send me your favourite recipes, as I love to try them out!

So my question to you is, would you like to see an occasional post about what I eat and some more recipes on Style and Sushi? Oh and feel free to leave your favourite recipes below, or send me an email with your favourite recipes!


23 April 2014

zara jacket, eBay tee (similar), H&M skirt, Nike Free Runs, Primark bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I have been feeling a bit uninspired lately. Now that the weather is getting nicer and warmer in Holland, I discovered that there's barely any Springy/Summery clothes left in my closet, as I probably threw them out last Autumn. Anyway, my wardrobe was getting a mess because I was throwing clothes all around it because I just "couldn't find anything to wear". So I did a closet clear out yesterday, so it's really nice and organised again. 

I can't wait for pay day, because I'm getting my hands on a few items at Forever 21 and I feel like I need to hop into Primark again, because all of my basics magically disappeared. I honestly think our washing machine eats my clothes. 


21 April 2014

Zara jacket, Monki tee, asos jeans, Ray-Ban clubmaster, H&M bag, New Balance trainers, rings from Primark, asos, Pull and bear and vintage

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! I just got back from a lunch with my family and had an absolute blast! I'm always sad when Easter is over, it's one of my favourite Holidays of the year (mainly because of the chocolate). This is just a casual outfit as I went into town when I wore this and well you just have to be comfortable when you head into town, especially when it's just really busy! 


19 April 2014

Primark coat, Zara cami (similar), ASOS leggings, Sacha boots (similar), H&M bag, vintage sunnies (similar)

I thought I'd whip this beauty of a coat out again, as I haven't worn it in absolute ages. I'm basically living in my leather jackets ever since the weather got nice and sunny. This was just an all black outfit and I really love how this pink coat just gives the whole outfit a pop of colour!


17 April 2014

Zara jacketMonki dress (similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster, H&M bag, Primark scarf, New Balance trainers

This dress. It disappears in my closet, but every time I wear it, I am reminded of how gorgeous it is. Even with these trainers. I'm in love with this outfit, it's perfect for a chilly Spring outfit. I'm surprised with how good this outfit looks with the trainers, as I'm normally not really a big lover of the whole dresses with trainers combo, but this looks pretty gooood! 


16 April 2014

Weekday sweatshirt (similar), Topshop skirt, Primark bag, Sacha boots (similar, similar), vintage sunnies (similar)

Weekday has got to be one of my favourite stores at this moment. It's a store that's located in Amsterdam but you also can order stuff of them online! I bought this sweatshirt when I went to Amsterdam last month and I honestly can't get over how soft it is. So have a look at Weekday if you can, because my wishlist is getting endlessly long ;) Not so good for my saving up for the summer holiday plan, but pretty good for my closet. 


15 April 2014

It was about time that I would post an inspiration post, because I can't even remember when I did my last inspiration post. I felt like I needed to share some of the inspiration that has been on my mind these past few weeks. So if you ever feel uninspired, maybe have a look at my tumblr

These photos all came from my Tumblr, 
however I do not own any of them in any
sort of way.


14 April 2014

Zara jacket and trousers (similar), H&M vest top (similar), Topshop slip ons, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Today hasn't been that much of a good day. It was a looong day at school and I couldn't sleep last night, so let's just say that I was almost falling asleep during my French classes. So when I came home from school I napped for half an hour and I'm already feeling much better and a lot more inspired, because this past weekend has been eventful and I felt a bit tired and uninspired and I now feel like I can take this week, for real!


12 April 2014

New Look t-shirt, H&M skirt and bag, Sacha boots (similar, similar), Ray-Ban clubmaster

Never in a million years would I thought that midi skirts would suit me. I'm quite a small person. I'm only 1.60 meters and my legs aren't the longest part of my body. I decided to just go with it with this H&M skirt since it was only €9,95 and I surprisingly like it on me. So this is a lesson from me to myself and maybe even you. If you like something and aren't sure if it would ever suit you, just try it on, because you might like it on you and that is the only thing that counts. Dress you for you, not for others.