30 May 2014

Zara jacket, Primark tee (similar), ASOS jeans, Nike free runs, vintage sunnies (similar)

Hi! I'm back from my 2-day break from the internet due to wifi problems with a new hair cut and I love it. The last couple of days have been rainy and very grey and I didn't want to take photos with these weather circumstances, but after realising that, that would mean that I won't be able to post until at least the weekend, I just sucked it up and went outside in the rain! 
Anyway, I am in love with my hair. It's short, I got my beloved ombre back and I feel like this is the first time that I actually left the hair dressers with a satisfying hairdo. 


27 May 2014

Monki blouse, Primark skirt (similar), Nike Free Runs, vintage sunnies (similar), rings asos and gifts

I decided to get over my little insecure rant that I had on Sunday and decided to wear a midi skirt again. I got over it thanks to all of your lovely comments though. I can't thank all of you who commented on Sunday's post enough, because you gave me that bit more confidence again. I bought this skirt at Primark on Friday and every since I got my black midi skirt there, I just had to get myself this one too. I can't quite explain what colour it is. It's like pink, but like beige as well. I don't know! All I know is that I like it very much and that it will be used a lot!


26 May 2014

zara cardigan, Primark cami (similar), Glamorous skirt (similar), H&M bag, Nike free runs, vintage sunnies (similar)

All I seem to be doing nowadays is going into town to go shopping. Which can lead to impulse buys, which is something that happened to me. I am going back into town tomorrow to return it as I honestly don't know why I bought that piece of clothing in the first place. Something what isn't an impulse buy is this cami from Primark. It was only €4 and since I'm basically living in these, I had to get myself some more! So I'm constantly browsing around to find some more of these perfect camis! They're my go to items during this time of year!


25 May 2014

eBay tee (similar), Primark skirt (similar), H&M jacket, Aldo boots, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Something that I have learned in this past year at school is that I shouldn't feel scared of wearing something different than anyone would wear. I had my insecurities on how I should dress when I was in school last year and I felt like I was trying to dress different to sort of fit in. This is not something someone should ever do. Dressing in the things you like is what makes you unique and I completely feel like I forgot that around last year, but it slowly came back to me.

I started to feel more comfortable with myself now that school is pretty much over for me, I felt like I honestly can't be arsed with how someone else would feel if I would wear something. But when I wore this outfit someone gave me a "what the fuck are you wearing" face, and after being more confident with my body, this really stung. I had a someone who I hang out with looking at me like that when I wore this outfit and  it instantly made me insecure about everything.. It made me want to run back home and change. Now this look that has been given to me has haunted me all weekend and I can't help but feel insecure all over again, about my body, about the way I dress, about everything. It basically broke my confidence that I had build up. 

Like I said, this look that someone gave me stung and has haunted me all weekend and after seeing Lily Pebbles' latest video about her friends and herself pretty much opening up about their insecurities from when they were 15, I felt like I could relate to them. Yes, I have major insecurities about my body, but I'm only 17! It will all be fine and soon enough you will find your true self and with your true self come true friends who will love you for who you are and they probably would not care about what you wear.


23 May 2014

Zara cami (similar), ASOS jeans, Nike Free Runs, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I just got back from shopping today and I am completely and utterly exhausted. I don't know how I used to manage to go shopping all the time, but I sure as hell can't seem to do it anymore. Shopping on the internet probably makes me lazy. The weather here is still sort of lovely, we have really sunny days but it starts raining in the evenings. Not that I mind though, because I'm pretty much enjoying life inside as soon as it turns dark. 

I bought some stuff today and I am planning on doing some shopping on the internet, so I am hoping to film you a cool haul lookbook as I think that would be pretty funnn!


22 May 2014

Monki tee, Boohoo shorts (similar) and hat, Topshop slip ons, vintage sunnies (similar)

Oh helloooo, guess why I'm in such a jolly mood in these photos?! I finished my final exams and have a 3 month break from school now! To celebrate the fact that I hopefully never have to go to high school again, I went into town today with my friend and we got ourselves some bubble tea and a subway. I also did some shopping and I'm going to Primark tomorrow as well to do some shopping. Oh yessss! This probably is how I am going to spend these three months. Shopping, eating, sleeping, travelling, some more sleeping, some more shopping and lets not forget catching up on some of my favourite series!


21 May 2014

I'm a big fan of the whole I'm wearing a bronzer as an eyeshadow look, so today I decided to go simple with just a bit of mascara and the bronzer worn as eyeshadow. I first put some of my favourite Garnier BB cream (review here) on, then a little bit of Nars Laguna bronzer to contour and make my face a tiny bit more tan, my favourite blush, which is Bobbi Brown's Blushed, I'm wearing MAC Shanghai Spice on my lips and like I said before Nars Laguna as an eyeshadow. 

I'm now off to finish revising/studying for my last final exam! I can't believe how quick these two weeks went by. I hope all of your exams went well! 


19 May 2014

This inspiration post is based around the whole "clean" trend. I absolutely love this trend and so wish I could pull it off. Well a girl can dream... If you know any of the uncredited photos in this post, please let me know below, because these photos are gorgeous and the owner deserves to be credited for his/her photo!

Please note that these photos do not belong to me in any sort of way


18 May 2014

Summer is nearing and I honestly can't wait! I find myself scrolling through some online stores every now and then to look for inspiration of what I want to wear during summer. So in this post I will show you my "essentials" for summer. Buying clothes is a rather expensive hobby of mine, so before I dive into Zara, Asos, Topshop, New look, Boohoo and MissGuided to spend all of my money, I decided to have a look in my closet, to see what I don't necessary have to buy! So let's hop right into it.

The Basics
The basics. You can't go wrong with that. Basics can be worn throughout the whole year, so this is definitely something that I need in my closet. When I did my winter essentials list last year, I didn't feel like I lacked in the basic department. But after I posted it, I kinda did feel like I lacked in the basics department, so I have invested in basics over the last few months and I noticed that ever since I got them, I have worn them a lot. Basics isn't really something I need to buy myself any more as I have plenty, which means that I can buy the actual fun stuff!

The Graphics 
I've been getting into graphic tees a lot more lately. The only problem is that I barely have any. Graphic tees are cute with shorts, skorts, skirts and jeans. Graphic tees are my thing right now. So I think it's safe to say that I need to hop into Urban Outfitters and hop onto Asos to get myself some more graphic tees. 

Skorts aren't everybody's favourite. But they definitely are a favourite of mine. I only own these skorts from Zara from last summer, so I definitely think that I need to invest in some more skorts. I saw a bunch of cute ones over on MissGuided, Boohoo and Topshop, so I definitely need to get myself at least another two pairs of skorts. 

Blouses and shirts
I am a big lover of wearing shirts and blouses during spring and summer, so it is safe to say that I have a closet that is filled with blouses and shirts. This is only a slight collection of the many blouses and shirts that I own, so I would not say that blouses and shirts are something I need to invest in. Only when I see a really lovely one and I have to have it. 

Do you notice something in the photo above? All of the skirts are black! I am a big lover of wearing skirts during spring and summer. Midi skirts and wrap skirts are my recent obsession ever since I found out that they suit me, so I definitely think I need to invest in some of those skirts and I really could use some more colour when it comes to the skirt area. 

The statements
Lastly I present to you, my statement colour tops. I'm not really a fan of the whole "statement colour" on me, as I think some colour really don't suit me at all, which makes me feel uncomfortable. So when it comes to statement colours, where I feel comfortable in, I sure am sorted. Although I definitely need to invest in some more of those camisoles, they're the comfiest thing ever and super flowy. 

Overall I am pretty happy with my summer wardrobe. I mean, I have all the items I wanted for summer, I just want a few more items, such as more skorts, more graphic tees and more skirts. It's not really a necessity, but more of things would be welcomed and very much appreciated.

So is there something missing in your spring/summer wardrobe? If so, please let me know what! (it could give me ideas so I can spend all of my money before actually going on holiday!)


17 May 2014

Zara jacket, Monki dress (similar), Nike trainers, Boohoo hat , H&M sunnies (similar) and bag

Oh hey, here's a cheeky little bonus outfit post! I spent all day revising and crying because I couldn't go outside with this gorgeous weather. I'm hoping that the weather still will be as good as it is right now so I can properly work on my tan (have you seen how pale my legs are). The other day I got lots of inspiration for blog posts for when I've finished my exams, so I can't wait until this Thursday, until my last exam so I can work on these blog ideas. It might include videos and lookbooks 


After my last diary post where I wrote about how I wanted to start eating healthy again and you giving me good feedback on that post, the day has finally come. I made my first What I ate today post. To be quite honest this isn't what I ate today, as it's only 9 in the morning and to eat this much at 9 in the morning makes me feel sick already. This is what I have been eating on Tuesday when I had my first exam so let's hop right into my food diary.

For breakfast I had porridge with soy milk and some blackberries and a cup of green tea. This is, hands down, the best breakfast for when you have exams. It gives me such an energy boost and I don't care that it's summer soon. I love my porridge in the morning! 

Now for lunch I had some pita bread with spinach, a Chili pepper, some sesame seeds and some chicken. I had this during my Spring break and I absolutely loved it. Now I normally would it this with a wholegrain pita bread, but we did not have any. I do not recommend putting 3(!) Chili peppers in the pan while cooking your chicken. It was a bit too spicy, but darn it was good!

For dinner I had a kind of unhealthy dinner. I was craving mashed potatoes but couldn't be bothered with mashing them up properly. Also I was craving some bacon. Who doesn't love bacon?! So I boiled these potatoes in the microwave and put them into our "fake magic bullet", fried the bacon just like 30 seconds on each side and them plopped it all together in a bowl. It was delicious, yet so unhealthy. I need to switch the normal potatoes to sweet potatoes, which I think makes it a lot healthier already!

I had my first snack at around 11 o'clock. I decided to have some blueberries, as I absolutely love them! They're really good at this time of year and I find myself munching on them like always. My cousin once told me that they are really good for you, so after hearing that and after discovering how good they are during this time of year, this has been my go to snack!

I had my second snack at around 4 o'clock. I had some carrots with spicy humus. GIRL if you have never had spicy humus in your life before, you're missing out! This stuff is amazing and I love me some spice in food. Besides the fact that I LOVE humus, carrots are always a good idea. Definitely try some spicy humus out if you like your spicy foods!

So that is what I ate on a random day this past week. I hope you enjoyed this first what I ate post and I hope that you would like to see more. Also, I am sorry that these photos are taken with my iPhone. The next post is going to be much much much better quality! 


14 May 2014

I did a spring summer wardrobe essentials when it was winter and I kind of wanted to film a shoe collection video shortly after that. Unfortunately school took it's toll and I wasn't able to do it. So I wanted to do a shoe collection for summer. Now instead of actually showing you all of my shoes, I thought it would be fun to do a "essentials" post when it comes to shoes. Again I wanted to do a little video about these shoes, but since I'm in the middle of my finale exams, it just took too long to edit a video like that. Anyway, completely off topic, let's see what my summer shoe essentials are.

Slip ons
First and on top of my shoe essentials list this summer are Slip ons, or plimsolls, however you like to call them. Ever since the Céline slip ons came out last year they've been quite big, so I couldn't ignore that. I am the proud owner of two pairs of slip ons now, sadly enough that isn't stopping me from getting more. The only thing that is stopping me at the moment is the fact that I'm pretty much broke. Slip ons are so my thing during spring (if you haven't noticed it already) and will be my thing during summer.

Sandals are always a good idea for summer. I always pull out all of my sandals whenever the weather is letting me. No matter if they're heeled or not. Sandals are a must for summer and my shoe collection is filled with sandals. 

I'm a big fan of wearing trainers, especially during summer. Mainly because I'm too clumsy to walk around in heels. I am a big fan new fan of wearing trainers with dresses, they spice up an outfit a bit. I think my Nike Free Runs will be loved A LOT during these upcoming seasons. 

Cut outs
Cut outs.. Oh well.. I just can't get over cut out boots and shoes. They're a big favourite of mine, especially during summer. My brother's girlfriend and I both are big lovers of the cut out shoes, she just ordered a pair and I think I might have to get them too. Cut out boots are lovely and breezy for summer and make any outfit look cute yet toughen an outfit up a bit, just how I like it!

So I am happy with all of the shoes that I own for this summer. I think I might have to get myself another pair of cut out boots though, they're just so cute and I just need more and more in my life!!