30 June 2014

Persunmall jacket*, Zara shirt, ASOS jeans, Nike free runs, Ray-Ban clubmaster 

I've been lacking on the posts again lately. I did shoot outfit photos but I wasn't happy with the end result and I never want to post a blog post on Style and Sushi that I don't 100% sure of. So that's why there has been a 3-day gap in between this post and the last outfit post. Whenever I feel like I am not happy with the post I want to post on my blog, it feels like a big let down as I preferably would like to post an amazing blog post everyday. But I have been realising that quality is much better than quantity, which means that I now am a lot more picky when it comes to not only styling outfits, but also to shooting locations. 

Now to the outfit, this is the outfit I wore yesterday at my family tennis tournament. I wanted to be comfortable afterwards too, so I decided to go for my favourite ASOS jeans and a plain shirt, which made me think that I don't own too many plain white shirts and black shirts are completely lacking in my wardrobe. So after going through a shock/horror state I went in after realising this, I am now on the hunt for a plain white shirt, a plain black shirt and a stripey shirt. I feel like these items are staples so I am off into town later today to hunt down these items. I really should get a job as I am spending my time in town because I am so lost at what else to do in my spare time, especially now that I have lots of spare time!


26 June 2014

New Look blazer and shorts, Zara cami (similar) and sandals

This suit has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. I would try it on every time I was in New Look and last week, when the shorts were on sale, I decided to bite the bullet and just get this suit. This suit is very outstanding and not really what I would normally wear, but I kinda like it and I love how I can wear the blazer and the shorts on its own too! Soooo you might be bumping into these pieces a lot in the upcoming few weeks! :) 


25 June 2014

Zara jacket and bag, H&M dress, Aldo boots, Ray-Ban clubmaster

This t-shirt dress has been my latest addition the the dresses collection, even though I don't own that many dresses. It's a start and this dress is lovely. It looks lovely with almost everything and I wish they would do it in other colours as well! Since this is such a lovely and simple dress I thought I would toughen it up a bit with all these leather details! 


23 June 2014

zara jacket, Primark tee, New Look skirt (similar), Topshop slip ons, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I'm currently staying with my cousin in Amsterdam, today was spent shopping and browsing around and stuff, so overall it was a lovely day. I bought this skirt the other day on sale and I kinda liked it. Apologies for the lightning, the lightning in these photo's turned out to be weird, guess that's something that happens when you're messing around with your camera and forgot the settings they were on! Ooops.. 


21 June 2014

H&M jacket, Zara cami (similar), Topshop trousers (similar), New Look heels, H&M sunnies

I'm back from my mini break from the blog. It was kind of unexpected, but I got so into reading books and relaxing around that I kind of couldn't get myself to write blog posts. I basically wore pj's all day and read books and watches movies and just hung out around the house that I didn't really have anything to blog about. But I'm back and I'm feeling inspired, because of the book that I read and because of the many blogs I still have to properly catch up on! 


18 June 2014

H&M top (similar), Mango shorts, Topshop slip ons, Bershka bag, Ray-ban clubmaster

Now that I finally am in a mindset where I can read books, I am on a bit of a hunt for new books that I can read. I started reading The Beginning Of Everything by Robyn Schneider last night and I'm already halfway through the book. I completely forgot how much I actually enjoy reading books, like I always do when life (aka school) takes its toll. Anyway, I'm on the hunt for some new books to read so I can find a new book that is a secret treasure which will keep me reading for at least a good day!


17 June 2014

1. Weekday dress, Saint Laurent sunnies, Celine trio bag, H&M sandals
2. Monki cami top, Selfridges shorts, Aldo backpack and Manfield slip ons
3. Monki dress, River Island boots, Zara bag, Nast Gal sunnies, Neil Barrett cap
4. Monki crop top, H&M skirt, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Minkpink sunnies, Zara bag

I thought it was about time for a new wishlist as I have been browsing the web and since I love using polyvore so I thought it would be fun to show you the things that are on my wishlist in outfit forms, so these items are all on my wishlist, and this combinations are just a few of the many ways I would style certain items.

I hope you liked these sets and this new way of showing you my wishlists and if you're on polyvore, don't forget to give me a cheeky little follow here


16 June 2014

Zara cardigan (similar), Primark shirt, Asos jeans, Converse All Stars, Ray-Ban clubmaster

The other day I was hanging out with one of my oldest friends, we firstly went into town, but got bored quite quickly as we're both spending lots of time in town and we both prefer online shopping. So we decided to go and have a look down at the beach. We ended up seeing a tower and we both wanted to know why it was there so we ended up making a reeaally long, but very lovely walk down this pavement which looked amazing. It totally made us realise that we both absolutely love our hometown and could never leave it. So when we walked  back to go home we decided to do some quicky iphone outfit photos in this amazing place that we discovered. Considering that these photo's were made with an iPhone, I'm actually quite happy with the end result! :) 


15 June 2014

Monki dress (similar), Nike trainers (similarRay-Ban clubmaster

This monki dress is about a year old now but I still wear it religiously. Sadly enough Monki don't sell it anymore, but there are more than a few lookalikes that I also would love to own. I always wear this dress when I don't know what to wear, I put a leather jacket on, maybe wear a hat and this outfit is done. However during the heat, I wasn't really able to handle the hat and a leather jacket. Next time maybe..


14 June 2014

Zara top and shorts, Asos slip ons, Mango clutch, Ray-Ban clubmaster

This outfit was shot shortly after I got the most important call of my life! I PASSED MY FINAL EXAMS which means I am for real going to uni next year. These results have been the results that kept me up this past week and made me blog a lot less. After the call that I got from my tutor to tell me that I had passed, I basically had the best time. I went to see friends on Thursday, got back home at 2, the next day I had to go to school to pick up my grades paper, then went home and had my second driving lesson, got back home went straight into town, got back home, at dinner and went straight to another friend who also passed her exam and had fun with her and a few friends until 2 again. So basically I've barely been home these past two days and it honestly feels like a lifetime since I last wrote something! I'm now off again to see some of my other friends, to celebrate that I'm done with high school! That still sounds so weird and I can't really comprehend it yet!


12 June 2014

H&M top (similar) and sunnies, zara skort (similar), Converse All Stars

First off I would like to apologize for the lack of posts this week. It's just that I am getting a call today where I should hear if I passed my final exams and it makes me veeery nervous. It is eating me up basically. I've gone through several mental breakdowns and my aunt had to drag me off the couch yesterday to distract me. So that's why I've been lacking a bit this week. 

In other news, this is an outfit that I wore last week. It's an all white outfit, which is... different, but every now and again I am loving these all white outfits and I just want to wear them all day every day! So that's what I did last week, I just love how it gives such a clean feel it gives to everything. However this is not a good outfit when you're a clumsy eater like me, because I spilled some food and tea on it and I am just praying that there won't be any stains! 


9 June 2014

Bershka t-shirt, Topshop skirt, Vans trainers, H&M sunnies

This t-shirt from Bershka makes me feel like I'm about to play a big baseball game or something! I haven't really been a big fan of the whole "sports" looks but I think I've grown to like it. I see more people wearing sporty stuff and now that there's so much of this trend available on the high street there's no escape from it! So I gave in and had to buy this kinda cropped t-shirt at Bershka! 


8 June 2014

It has been June for a week now and I thought it was about time that I did a five favourites post again and since I am currently in the most unflattering outfit in the world right now, I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to write this post.  So let's hop right into it.

The first thing I've been loving are H&M cami's, camisoles in general. Now that summer is really around the corner I've been wearing camisoles a lot. This one from H&M is a big favourite as it is really comfortable and soft but still looks very chic. It was a very cheap item as well so that was just a big bonus! 

Next up is Bio-oil. I'm not sure if you follow me on twitter, but I've been moaning about dry patches on my body because of the hayfever and this little bottle filled with miracle has been a lifesaver. I've used bio-oil before and it is by far one of my favourite repair products. I've noticed that the patches became smaller and less visible which is good, it means it does the job.

I can't seem to live without my Water Bobble. I've been trying to eat a little bit more healthy and with that comes drinking more water, which I don't mind in the first place. This water bottle also filters your water, which I don't know if it's actually working as I can't taste a difference, but it just looks really cool and I love to drink water out of it. 

These sunnies from H&M have been the latest addition that made it into my sunglasses collection. I am a big lover of sunnies and I am always on the hunt for another pair. These were veeery cheap and looked quite alright on me, so I just went for it and bought it. Ever since I got them I can't stop wearing them and they're currently on my head as well!

Lastly are my Vans trainers. I go through phases of absolutely hating certain trainers and during the beginning of this year I went through the phase of absolutely hating my vans. Now that it is nearly summer I've been wearing them a lot more often, they're really comfy I prefer them to my All Stars and I think they look cool with certain outfits! So they've been a big go to this past month. I am dying to get an all black pair too. ;)

So I hoped you liked this five favourites post. As you can see I did it a bit different than my last five favourite post. Instead of taking 5 individual posts, I decided to go for 1 photo with all the items in it. I hope you like this and I am rather excited for my June five favourites post! ;)


7 June 2014

COS t-shirt, zara skort (similar), Topshop slip ons, vintage sunnies (similar)

The weather today was lovely and pretty warm so I decided to go for a simple outfit. I never really owned a navy t-shirt before so I was pretty much dying to get one to wear with my white skort and the many other white things that I haven't bought yet. I have been loving the clean colours lately such as white and now I am just dying to hunt some more white items down. Yet I must wait until all the sales start, which is pretty hard when you're in town almost every day because you're bored out of your mind like me.