29 August 2014

ZARA skort (similar) and top, Topshop slip ons, Stradivarius bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

White is the perfect colour to show off your tan so I couldn't resist to wear an all white outfit when I was on holiday. I honestly can't get over how tanned I look in these photos. Lets just say that I wasn't that tan at all and I am pretty sure my tan faded in that week that I came back from Marbella due to horrible autumnal weather.  


28 August 2014

H&M dress (similar), Zara bag, Birkenstock Arizona's, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Typing up this post is bringing back all of the summer memories. I officially am missing Marbella now. Now that uni is starting, it feels like my summer has not been long enough at all, I have had a 3 month break, so the previous statement is everything but the truth. 
Not being able to wear this dress to school probably multiplies the sadness of not being in Marbella any more. This dress was my go to item when we would go out into town or would go shopping. It was so breezy and lightweight and I just have this thing for stripes, if you had not guessed that already. If you didn't know that, you probably have lived under a rock for at least the last couple of months! Stripes are always coming back on Style and Sushi, and I regret nothing! 


26 August 2014

 I've spent most of August in Marbella, if you hadn't noticed already and I love looking at  Islay's photo diaries, so I thought it would be fun to show you some of my holiday pics, now that I am back from my holiday. They're nowhere near Islay's amazing photos but I tried to capture Marbella (and Benahavís) as pretty as possible.

If this all goes down well with you, I will go through some more Marbella photos so I can do another Marbella photo diary. Marbella has a really relaxed vibe and it's just so lovely to be near the amazing blue sea and let's not forget the amazing food! I don't even want to stand on a weighing scale, because let's be honest I don't even want to know those kind of things after a holiday full of tanning and food!

Thank you for taking the time to look through all of these photos, I hoped you liked them and feel the relaxed vibes of Marbella. 
Have you been on holiday this summer?


25 August 2014

Zara top (similar), Topshop skirt (similar) and slip ons, Céline sunnies

Another day, another stripey top. When I went to unpack my suitcase in Marbella over 3 weeks ago, I realised that all I had brought with me was just basic, black and white tee's and a few stripey tops. It was pretty unusual for me to have such a minimal amount of clothing with me (all so I could go shopping in Marbella again). So now that I am back in grey and rainy Holland, I feel like I need to sort out my wardrobe, because I am starting to enjoy the minimal way of life, well in my wardrobe of course! 


22 August 2014

Zara top, shorts, bag, Pull and Bear espadrilles, Ray-Ban clubmaster

It's 40 degrees celcius and you're up in the mountains with barely any shade, ever, while wandering around in Benahavís. Yup... that pretty much sums up this little trip my family and I had in Benahavís. We thought it would be a good idea to go there at 2 in the afternoon, at the hottest moment of the day. When we arrived half of the town was closed and they were setting up a festival, so it basically looked like Benahavís was a ghost town. It was pretty coool though to see and walk around in such empty streets! 


21 August 2014

Forever 21 dress (similar), H&M wedges (borrowed from my brother's girlfriend), Bershka bag and Céline sunnies

Guess who's back, back, back again 'gain, Laura's back, tell a friend! Yes I am back from my amazing holiday in Marbella. I had a marvellous time and shopped way too much so I can't wait to show you the new things I bought via outfit posts. The past 3 weeks flew by and I am rather sad that I came back to really cold and autumnal weather. I had hoped to enjoy the sun at least this week, because next week is "the big week" where I am off to university. It's still something that's so crazy and I still can't quite believe that I am going to uni. I feel so grown up and old!!

Anyway, to keep my holiday spirit up a bit I am going to be posting lots of holiday pics in tomorrows blog post as I don't want to believe that I am back in cold, rainy Holland yet.


18 August 2014

COS tee, ZARA skirt (similar), Nike Free Runs, vintage sunnies

I am wearing this skirt again. I just love it so much! I'm not going to ramble, again, about how comfortable it is and all. It just looks good with most of the stuff that's in my closet! That's what you get when you own so many basic tees after investing in them for like half of this year


15 August 2014

ZARA top, Mango shorts, Topshop slip ons, Ray-Ban clubmaster

It was boiling when we shot this outfit. It was safe to say that I was sweating my butt off, because who wears leather when it's nearly 30 degrees. Yeah.. I've had better ideas! I just really liked how this leather looked with this shirt, as the shirt is pretty casual. Leather always spices things up! It can be styled with so many things. I like leather, a lot.


14 August 2014

Living in a town like The Hague, one of bigger cities in The Netherlands can be quite overwhelming. I used to not like living here at all, because it gets quite busy in town which is pretty overwhelming. But I now am starting to appreciate smaller things in life a lot more. Whenever I get sick of the city centre and I feel like I need a break, I go to the beach. It's not like the beaches near The Hague aren't busy, but the minute I see the sea I just feel myself calm down.

Now that I've had over 2 months off of school, I have had lots of time to be a tourist in my own town. One day my friend and I decided that it was time to take a break from the hectic streets in town and just cruise down to the beach to relax a bit. We avoided the busy parts of the beach and strolled down this pier. It was such a gorgeous day and we both felt so relaxed afterwards that I had to write a blog post about it! Because thinking about this now, almost a month later, it still brings a smile to my face and calms me down. It was a good day, filled with lovely memories, captured and not captured.


13 August 2014

Bershka top, Levi shorts, Sacha boots (similar), H&M sunnies 

Levi shorts would have to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shorts ever. I do not own that many pairs of denim shorts, but ever since I thrifted these I can't stop wearing them. These denim shorts are so easy to style and you can dress them up and down. I went for a really casual look today as I love my casuals! ;) These shorts are just the best thing ever and I am planning on buying so so so many more of them! 


11 August 2014

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I felt like I haven't done an inspiration post in absolute ages.. So here's one, see what's inspiring me.