5 August 2014

I'm a big lover of Instagram and I'm constantly scrolling down my feed to look at new photos. I've been on instagram for quite some time now, but I recently found a few Australian girls, which you probably already knew because I can't seem to stop talking about their amazing instagram feeds and styles, and I want to share them with you. So I thought that the best way to show you my favourite instagrammers was with a blog post.

1. Vivienne (@VKO______) would have to be the first one I found in the past few months. Vivienne has such an amazing style and combines designer with high street items and I just really want her wardrobe. Vivienne lives in Sydney, Australia, and I blame her for me wanting to go to Sydney!

2. Alisha (@alishayi) is also from Sydney and I found her through my explore page on instagram. Alisha has an amazing style and posts the most amazing photos of food and of Sydney. Alisha is 21 years old and also has a blog called alishayi.com. I wish my outfit shots were as cool as hers! I love how clean they always look!

Kristy (@_kristyw) is from Melbourne and I also found Kristy through the explore page. Kristy has amazing style as well and she kind of makes me want autumn to come around soon so I can try and find items that look like hers so I can look as amazing as she does! Kristy has such a lovely and clean feed and she also has a blog called kristywho.com where she posts regularly! So I found an amazing instagram as well as an amazing blog! 

Chayani (@ChayaniStevens) has a really clean and lovely instagram feed. She shares her amazing style, beauty products and bloody amazing selfies on instagram. Chayani is such a gorgeous girl from Melbourne and I wish I could do my make-up as good as she does hers because she's just stunning!

Definitely go and check their instagram feeds out if you love these photos because these girls all are absolutely stunning and all have amazing instagram feeds! 

Please not that these photos do not belong 
to me in any kind of way. All the owners of
these photos are mentioned in this post.


  1. These feeds are beautiful! I'm so jealous of their amazing photos! <3

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  2. Thank you for the heads up - I'll definitely be checking out these girls! I love your Instagram, too xx



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