1 August 2014

It's August, whuttttt!! I'm officially in Marbella now so I think it was reasonable to share last month's instagram photos with you!

Not feeling that well this morning so this is how I'm going to spend it | Tourist in my own city | My brother is better than yours, he gave me a pair of Birks for my graduation | Weekend attire | BEST GRADUATION GIFT EVER?! Thanks mum and dad 
Favourite perfume | Striped dress, Birks and my precious CĂ©line sunnies | Here's what's in my bag | Lazy day in Birks | Lots to do today. But first... Coffee! 
Oh darn you Zara and your sale, you always drag me in | back to basics | late lunch with a babe | A photo of @esnartts taking a photo of me taking a photo of this amazing sunset | New fragrance
All black everything | beach essentials post! | Basic attire | Travel essentials | Hi view, it's good to be back

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