15 August 2014

ZARA top, Mango shorts, Topshop slip ons, Ray-Ban clubmaster

It was boiling when we shot this outfit. It was safe to say that I was sweating my butt off, because who wears leather when it's nearly 30 degrees. Yeah.. I've had better ideas! I just really liked how this leather looked with this shirt, as the shirt is pretty casual. Leather always spices things up! It can be styled with so many things. I like leather, a lot.


  1. You look amazing Laura! I totally feel you on that leather obsession, or appreciation as I like to call it haha :) It just makes an outfit look so much cooler! Especially when it a leather top/jacket/trousers.
    One of my favorite movies is Dutch (The Black Book or Zwartbok in Dutch I think). I love the language so much! I wish I could speak it.
    x Alona


  2. London is definitely past the hot phase of the summer. Rainy is more like it ahah
    Love your shirt!

    Joana x

  3. Ik voel je met je leer obsessie.. Het is zo leuk, maar god, zoo warm! Je ziet er wel heel erg leuk uit :)


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