31 October 2014

Zara sweatshirt, ASOS jeans, Birkenstock Arizona´s, Céline sunnies

It's that time of year that all of my jumpers and sweatshirts, that have been hiding all the way in the back of my closet come out again. I wanted to get myself a sweatshirt with this cool writing on it, so when I stumbled across this one in Zara when I was on summer holiday (yes really.) I had to bring it home with me. My suitcase was slightly overweight, but hey, I had a whole camera bag in there with stuff. 

Now I never really knew how to style it when I brought it home with me. So this is step 1. Just with jeans and surprisingly the Birks who came out to play as the weather was so nice! Next step? Maybe a skirt, some sneakers and a cosy scarf. Yes. I am feeling it and I can't wait to wear this beauty more often. 


30 October 2014

H&M jacket (similar), dress and bag, ZARA scarf, Nike Roshe Run trainers, Céline sunnies, Daniel Wellington watch

I feel like I neglected my blog a bit this week, but I do have a reason for that. I've been a bit ill for the past two weeks and I barely took any time to rest to get myself better. Instead I just kept going and going and just didn't feel like I could stop to rest and to get better. But that took its toll on me. I felt really ill on Sunday after I came back from town and I've been feeling ill ever since. When I went to Amsterdam on Tuesday, to visit the BLOSH PR press day, it got worse. So yesterday my body broke down and I rested all day. Since I've been ill on and off for the past few weeks, I have decided it's best to go to the doctors tomorrow to see what's going on, so I hopefully can get back to my normal routine very soon! 

This outfit is really just an all black, all H&M outfit, but I saw a similar outfit on a girl in town two weeks ago and I just felt the need to recreate it. It's not completely the same as she was wearing different trainers and carrying a different tote and all, but I kinda like how this all looks and I love the scarf with this as a pop of colour. This scarf however, is shedding like a mofo, so that's the only downside to this beauty. I'm also really feeling dresses and skirtsright now, so I have this feeling that those sorts of outfits will pop up on Style and Sushi soon!


28 October 2014

H&M jacket (similar), Topshop cami, ASOS jeans, Nike Free Run 3.0 trainers (similar), Stradivarius bag, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Since the weather has been quite nice, I decided to take full advantage of that and wear a cami that I normally only would wear during summer. This cami also might just be the brightest colour that I own. So for me to wear this top instead of a monochrome outfit, is a big change for me too. But as much as I loved how it was kind of late summer weather, and this weather made me wear colour, I'd rather have a beautiful crisp autumn day, because those days honestly are my absolute favourite.


26 October 2014

Today I'm introducing a new series up on Style and Sushi. The Sunday post. A weekly post where I will catch up with you guys. I feel like you might not know me as well as I want you to know me, so this post is mainly going to be about me catching up on things I did in that week, a little haul or some tag posts and if I feel up for it, maybe even some videos. I'm not completely sure how and what I will post here but I feel like I will know after I've done it a few times. Now I kind of came up with this idea via Suzie's blog Hello October, but I want to give my own twist to it. 

It's Sunday and Sunday's usually are either fun days or lazy days. I mostly spend my Sundays just chilling in bed or on the couch. I used to absolutely hate Sundays as they were the days where I would do all of my homework, which basically means that I would be locked up in my room all day doing homework. But I have found a new way of planning so I mostly have my Sundays off and don't have to worry about things like catching up on homework or emails.

This week has been full of catch ups and fun things with friends and family. It has been an eventful week and I'm pretty stoked about next week. After an extremely lazy morning in my pyjama's with a cup of green tea and some bread with peanut butter, I am now off to go into town, like always, to maybe do some shopping. 


25 October 2014

thrifted coat, Primark black shirt, ASOS leggings, Aldo boots, H&M bag (similar) and scarf  (similar)

I remember wearing an outfit similar to this one last year at this time of the year. It's just so easy to get these leather look leggings out and this thrifted coat, they're basically perfect for autumn days. Tartan is just something that I need in my life when it's autumn, so it's not really that much of a surprise to see this beauty make a reappearance on the blog. Do you have any items you go back to every autumn/winter?


24 October 2014

I love my make-up bits, so every now and again this beauty post that just pops up on Style and Sushi. Today I felt like sharing a "make-up look" with you that I just go back to if I don't feel like putting the usual BB cream and eyeliner stuff on my face. So without further or do, let me explain what I use.

After I moisturised my face with the Origins Ginzing moisturiser, I usually go in with my NARS creamy concealer in Custard. I just tend to pop that onto any redness on my face and just blend it in with my fingers. Next I use the Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder in Real Sand, which I've been using for absolutely ages as I'm not really a big fan of foundation. I work that into my skin with a Real Techniques powder brush. I absolutely love the finish it gives me as I, like I said, am more of a fan of minimal/mineral make-up. Next thing I use is the NARS Laguna bronzer, the holy grail of probably nearly every person who loves make-up. I just use this and a Zoeva Luxe Face Definer brush to contour my face a bit and to make my face look like I just came back from a holiday in Spain. Which by the way would be an awesome thing to happen right now. 

Next up are my eyes. I usually go for eyeliner but lately I've been trying to use eyeshadows a bit more, which actually scares me. So I tend to grab my Maybelline Colour tattoo eyeshadow in On and On bronze. After staring at my eyes for a good 5 minutes, debating whether my eyes look all right or not, I usually move on to mascara. I'm currently using the Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara in black, which I actually love. I didn't think I would get on with this at all, but after using it a few times I actually like it as much as the L'Oreal telescopic!  Now I completely forgot to include this in the photograph but I usually also use an eyebrow powder. I'm currently using the Catrice Eyebrow set which, for now, is my best friend. 

Then I move on to my lips and if I feel like it, I'll use this Cremesheen lipstick from MAC in Shanghai Spice which is just a perfect nude for me.If  I don't feel up for a lipstick I'll just pop a bit of Carmex lipbalm on my lips. Lastly, If I feel up to it I'll paint my nails. I painted my nails with this Rimmel London Salon Pro by Kate in Rock 'n Roll which is just a really nice red for this time of the year. I'm a big fan of red nail polish!

Et voila. That's what I currently go back to a lot when I'm not feeling the BB cream and eyeliner. Now please excuse my puffy face and eyes in the second photo, I'm currently suffering from the worse sore throat in the world and my glands and general face are swollen so that's why I look like Mrs Puff from Spongebob Squarepants. Good times.


21 October 2014

H&M sweater, Primark midi skirt (similar), Nike Roshe Run trainers, ASOS scarf, Céline sunnies

This was Sunday's attire. It was pretty warm and I just felt like I needed to out the bare legs one more time, before it's actually winter. So I did. I got this beauty of a midi skirt out of my closet again and I just completely forgot how much I actually loved it. I chucked this sweater on top as it's just the best sweater to feel comfortable in. I do realise that I look like a tree in this jumper but I honestly couldn't care as it was a Sunday. Sundays are for comfort and for fun, so only easy-to-throw-on-clothes are allowed. No regrets. 


20 October 2014

H&M jacket (similar) and bag, Monki cropped jumper, Forever21 dress, ZARA boots, Céline sunnies

I haven't worn a dress in absolutely ages so every now and again I'd like to pop out a dress and maybe even a cropped jumper to wear over it. I bought this dress at Forever21 this summer but I've never even worn it! So now that it's starting to get colder, I try to wear dresses more often with tights. I've always loved that look for autumn so I'm trying to incorporate it more into my outfits again. Although I've thrown out most of my dresses, I'm sure there are still some black ones left where I can work with. 


17 October 2014

The original plan for today's post was to post an outfit, but I ended up absolutely hating the outfit that I shot and I don't want to post an oufit that I don't absolutely love myself. So instead of an outfit post, I'm doing a what's in my bag post instead. I am a really nosy person myself, so I naturally love to read/watch what's in my bag posts. 

So I'm currently carrying the H&M shopper around with me that you've seen in multiple outfits, such as this one. I got it halfway through September and I still absolutely love it. It's so easy to just throw stuff in when you're for example going shopping. 

The first thing you will find in my bag is a notebook. I just need to carry a notebook with me because it's usually when I'm out and about when I get my inspiration boost and since I've had way too many situations where I didn't bring one with me and just completely forgot my ideas, I felt like I could not let that happen again. This notebook is just a cheap one from but I can't remember where I got it from. Next in my bag you will probably find my diary. I like to be very organised so it's not really a surprise that I carry a diary around with me where I have all of my appointments, blog posts and lots of other notes written down. This diary is from De Bijenkorf, a big Dutch warehouse and you can get it here. Of course a pen can't be missed when writing down stuff so this is just a normal black BIC pen, which is my absolute favourite pen, ever.

Then there's the most important part. My wallet. Well this isn't really a wallet, but I use it for my cards because I mostly pay with cards. This one is just a really cheap purse from H&M. I really like the snakeskin on it which gives my normal, black situation in my purse a bit more of a va va voom. I couldn't find a link online but pretty much every H&M has these little purses near the jewellery section.

Sometimes I don't feel like wearing my contacts so when it's one of those days, I need to carry my glasses around with me, because let's be honest, I probably recognise family or friends walking around in the streets if I wouldn't be wearing glasses or contacts. So these glasses from My Optique from their London Retro collection. You can find the glasses here. And besides my normal glasses, I also have my sunglasses in my bag. These are my Céline Audrey sunglasses which I got from my parents for graduating high school, which was just the sweetest thing ever of them. I'm not sure where they got them, but I found a pair on stylebop.com here.

Of course my phone has to be in my bag, if it's not in my hand. I am such an addict to instagram and I blame my iPhone 5 for this. 

The last few things in my bag are just some make-up bits. I usually carry around this Carmex lipbalm that I absolutely love. It has been my go to product ever since I bought in Spain on holiday, when I forgot my lip balm. Every now and again I try to put on lipstick, because I want to be cool like that and this lipstick by Aritstry in Daring Red is currently hanging around in my bag. And the final thing that is in my bag, is this rollerball perfume from Zara. It's from their fragrance called fruity. To be brutally honest, I have never used this rollerball because I usually just tend to spray on a perfume in a store or something like that when I feel like I need a touch up. Yes I am that person

So I hope you all liked this what's in my bag post. I will be back to uploading another outfit tomorrow! Happy Friday and happy weekend! 


16 October 2014

H&M jacket (similar), Primark old shirt, ASOS jeans, Topshop slip ons, Ray-Ban clubmaster

Oh my god, Laura are you wearing colour? Yes, yes I am. It has been ages since I last wore anything that wasn't grey, black or white. So when I found this burgundy shirt hanging around in my closet, I decided it could come out to play. I need to start buying colour again as my closet is slowly turning into a monochrome box. So I need to stop living inside this monochrome box/tunnel vision and I need to start wearing colour again! And autumn might just be the perfect season for starting to wear colour since I like the autumnal colours


15 October 2014

H&M jacket (similar), Zara top, ASOS jeans, Converse All Stars, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I've woken up extra early this morning to do yoga, and even though my arms and abs feel like jelly, I really notice a difference in small things such as my behaviour. I've been really happy and maybe slightly annoying to some people (in a good way) today and I feel like eating healthy. Now that I started this yoga thing, I'm hoping to stick to it and not just quit after one go so these jeans can become even baggier by day. I bought these jeans unintentionally a bit too big, so they tend to slouch a bit around my knees and stuff but I really like how they look when I roll them up. It kind of makes me feel like I'm wearing boyfriend jeans. Which I totally can't pull off, but I wish I could.


14 October 2014

Topshop jacket (similar), H&M flannel, Asos jeans, Zara boots and Céline sunnies

You know autumn has arrived when it's constantly raining. I love autumn when the sun is actually showing itself, but this miserable rain is ruining the whole thing. But I'm not here to complain about the weather. I'm here to tell you that I absolutely love this flannel. I feel like I haven't worn a flannel in absolute ages, so when I came across this one, I was kinda surprised that I loved it so much. I totally could imagine myself wearing it with this outfit I'm wearing, but now I'm kinda lost as to how else I could wear it. So my mission is to find out how else I can pull this bad boy off. That sounds weird. Really weird.


13 October 2014

Primark coat, H&M t-shirt dress (similar), Zara boots, Celine sunnies, Glen Lossie scarf

I've become a jeans person over the last few months. I'm barely seen in dresses and skirts anymore, but every now and again I want to wear a dress. So I did wear a dress. This H&M t-shirt dress would have to be one of my favourite items I've ever bought. It looks lovely one it's one during summer, like I wore it here but it can be dressed up like I did here. This dress is just reeally versatile and I love it so much that I don't think I will ever throw it out! And it was a complete bargain too! It was only €10! 


Artistry Signature Colour in 06 Daring Red*

Finding a good red lipstick is one of the hardest things in my life to find, or so it seems. But I think I might have found myself a good one. Allow me to explain...

Besides the amazing packaging; I mean it's gold and it has a twist and click design, what does a girl want right?! I secretly hoped that this would be the lipstick for me, because I could imagine myself sitting in a cute Parisian café, sipping on some coffee or tea. I could imagine that cup with red lips on them and I could imagine myself reapplying it. Can you imagine it? I sure as hell can! 

When I first tried out this lipstick, I, sadly enough, was a bit disappointed with the lipstick as it is really glossy. But it has Vitamine E in it, which really hydrates your lips, which is absolutely perfect for the current weather situations. So I decided to give it a go a few more times and I quite like it now. 

I must say that I am afraid of that Miranda Sings effect when I apply this lipstick, but I kind of have that with every lipstick I use, especially reds. I really like the formula and that it's really hydrating but the only thing that scares me is, like I said before, ending up like Miranda Sings. I really like this lipstick for now as I don't want to have lipstick on my lips for a good old long day at school. I prefer to wear it for maybe three hours or so and then remove it. And so far so good, so I just really think this is a good lipstick for me, for now.

The lipstick is really easy to remove, so that might be a bit of a problem if you don't want to constantly reapply your lipstick. But since I'm still in the beginning phase of putting on lipsticks, I don't really mind that it doesn't stay on from 9 to 5. If you don't mind it at all, I'd say give it a go, I love how this looks and I think that if I just do it and wear this more, I won't be afraid of that awful Miranda Sings look any more. 

The Artistry lipsticks are available on Amway here for a reduced price of $25 instead of $29.50. Discounts are always a plus.