15 October 2014

H&M jacket (similar), Zara top, ASOS jeans, Converse All Stars, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I've woken up extra early this morning to do yoga, and even though my arms and abs feel like jelly, I really notice a difference in small things such as my behaviour. I've been really happy and maybe slightly annoying to some people (in a good way) today and I feel like eating healthy. Now that I started this yoga thing, I'm hoping to stick to it and not just quit after one go so these jeans can become even baggier by day. I bought these jeans unintentionally a bit too big, so they tend to slouch a bit around my knees and stuff but I really like how they look when I roll them up. It kind of makes me feel like I'm wearing boyfriend jeans. Which I totally can't pull off, but I wish I could.


  1. Heel leuk zo dat opgerolde! :)

  2. Very nice photos!!!
    Do u wanna follow each other?



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