29 November 2014

ZARA coat, Weekday jumper, ASOS leggings, ZARA boots, H&M bag, Fendi sunglasses*

This week pretty much has been about the basics for me. I've mostly worn just basic clothes combined with my favourite old zara coat. I wanted to be extra comfortable when I wore this outfit, so I decided to go for a jumper and a pair of leather look leggings. Always a good idea. 

Winter is really starting to hit me. I've been dressed way too cold for the weather this week which means that I've been chattering my teeth a lot. Winter also makes me very sleepy. Maybe because it's starting to get dark at like 4 in the afternoon but I've basically had a before and after dinner nap nearly all week, which is not good at all. At least it means that I got to stay up until late last Thursday so I could get myself lots of bargains in the black Friday sales. Yes, Zara and ASOS got to me again, and I am sure I am not done shopping the black Friday sales yet. Ahh I'm addicted to shopping. I should be buying Christmas presents, not presents for myself! 


27 November 2014

ZARA coat, H&M t-shirt dress (similar), Sacha cut out boots, Primark beanie (similar), Céline sunnies, Daniel Wellington watch

I somehow tend to forget about dresses when the weather starts to get colder. So when I went through my closet to come up with a new outfit that didn't include my standard ASOS jeans that I absolutely love, I stumbled onto this beauty of a t-shirt dress. I bought this in Marbella this summer and have loved wearing it during summer. Like I said before, stupidly enough I tend to forget about things I wore during summer as I feel like "I can't wear them anymore" which basically is a big fat lie. Just put some tights on, make your hair look extra messy and throw a beanie over your head and the look is autumn/winter proof. So now that I've worn a dress again and since it has been a while since I wore one, I will start restart my dress affair today, but with a bit of an autumnal/winter twist to it.


25 November 2014

ZARA coat and jumper, ASOS jeans, Nike Roshe Run trainers, Céline sunnies, eBay beanie

Me trying to incorporate colour usually consists of adding some accessories of mine that are coloured. This beanie for example is one of the brightest items I own so I only like to whip it out when I'm wearing monochrome outfits. Since I'm wearing monochrome, or something close to monochrome almost every day in my life, I decided it would be fun to add some colour and since it's starting to get really cold I think beanies are the perfect way to spice an outfit up. If you don't mind being stared at, this hat is for you. If you hate it then this might not be your thing. And to be really honest with you, I have a love/hate relationship with this beanie. Sometimes I absolutely love it, like today. But other days I just want to burn it because it. So I'll just tell myself to put it away for a while, until my hatred for this beanie is over and my beanie is allowed to make an appearance again.


24 November 2014

Forever21 coat (in pink and blue), H&M tee, ASOS jeans, ZARA boots, Céline sunglasses

Another day, another reason to wear this coat. I love this coat so much. It's such an easy way to add some colour to your outfit.. I was in a big rush when I wore this outfit so I chose to go safe in all black, but this coat gives it a bit more colour.  Like you could throw this coat over nearly every outfit. Like if you would want to you even could wear a dress under this coat and look amazingly chic and French. Besides the colour aspect, this coat just makes me feel all Parsian chic. Which is always a plus. Can you tell I've been reading How to be Parisian a bit too much lately? ;) A girl can dream right...


23 November 2014

Today's Sunday post is going up a lot later than usual because I've been trying to think of anything eventful I did this week. To be brutally honest, this probably has been the most boring week since I started the Sunday post so far.

The week started with me trying to create some kind of structure into my blog posts and I am pretty sure it worked out. I came up with lots of ideas, all I have to do now is to work these ideas of mine out and to plan them in. 

I'm also starting to  eat healthier again. I've been feeling a bit mehh and insecure ever since my skin just keeps on breaking out, so I'm hoping that a healthier diet will make my skin and just my general body and mind feel better. I ate a couscous salade for lunch this week and I made way too much, as you can see on my plate, there are lots of leftovers from my couscous salade, which will be tasty. 

I have been really tired, because I've been doing so much boring stuff this week that I just wanted to stay in bed all weekend. But I'll end up feeling guilty afterwards so decided to have a lazy Saturday morning. I woke up, read some pages in How to be Parisian, which is a really funny book to read and slowly got ready after that to hang out with some friends.  

As you've probably seen on my Instagram, I've been loving my succulents and cactuses lately so my room is basically filled with all of these really pretty green plants in white pots. Great for my Instagram feed, not so great for my purse as I'm just getting broke. I just buy mine from Ikea which is succulent and cactus heaven. 

So now I'm just going to crawl back into bed for a little while to recharge some of my lost energy and then I'm off to see a friend who's turned 18.


22 November 2014

ZARA old coat, Monki flannel (different colour), H&M jeans (similar), ZARA boots, Fendi sunnies*

This coat slowly is becoming my second skin. I love how it just looks good with everything. It's such a versatile piece. I decided to put it on over a flannel that was tucked in into my jeans on one half of to give this extremely casual look a bit more class. Since I haven't worn these jeans in ages I also decided to get these jeans out again. I finally remember why I don't like these jeans at all, they're way too long for me so these can go straight into the clothing donations pile of clothes in my room. To give me some more height I just wore some boots with a heel. And that's it. 


20 November 2014

Zara coat (old) and jumper, ASOS jeans, New Balance trainers, H&M old bag, Céline sunnies

I felt like wearing colour when I wore this outfit. But instead of changing (again) into another jumper, I decided to put my New Balance sneakers on again. I haven't worn them for ages, and to be totally honest with you I kind of forgot about them. But they add the perfect amount of colour that I wanted. Colour fix sorted. I also forgot about this coat hanging in my closet, but I rediscovered it and now I can't stop wearing it. This is why I love autumn and winter so much. I love discovering old gems of coats that I used to wear all the time.


19 November 2014

Hey! So I did a winter wardrobe post last autumn, and I also did these posts for spring summer and I actually really enjoy making them. You can find all posts here if you ever fancy a read through all of them. Anyway, I really wanted to make another one of these posts as I really enjoy making them, it gives me a good look into my wardrobe, so I can check if I need anything else for winter and I feel like you enjoy reading them too. So without further or do, here are my winter wardrobe essentials.


This is the first time I'm adding coats into this essentials post. But coats are an essential, especially during the cold winter months. I have build up quite the coat collection over the past three years and I'm pretty proud of some of my coats. I still love most of them to death. I own the basic black coat, a navy military coat, thrifted grey coat, a pink coat and a camel coat that recently got added to the family. Coats are my thing. It's what I look forward to most when the leaves are starting to change colour. And even though my collection has multiple sides I could go to, I still would love to get myself an even brighter pink coat and I want to live on the edge and get a pale blue coat. 


I feel like jumpers are a key item in every winter wardrobe. Autumn / winter would have to be my favourite season because I can wear jumpers again. My jumper collection is pretty much sorted. As you can see, I own a white, black, grey, navy, camel and blue jumper. These aren't the only jumpers that I own, but these jumpers tend to be the jumpers I grab towards most, mostly because they're really cosy. I still would love to own a lot more jumpers, but it definitely isn't a necessity to get myself another jumper this winter. Winter jumpers, sorted. Although I can't guarantee you that I won't buy any more jumpers

Something I would like to add to the whole jumper story, are sweatshirts. They're pretty big this seaso and can be worn with almost everything. I love pairing them with skirts and jeans.

The basics

Ahh the basics. The key to every wardrobe. I used to hate buying basics, until I convinced myself that I should start buying basics. Now I can't stop buying basics. Let's just say that I have quite the pile of basics forming in my closet right now. Stripes, black, white, grey, I've got it all. It's a colour coordinated mess in my wardrobe, so I definitely don't need more basics. Basics are like I said before the key to your wardrobe and I feel like they're just so easy to gravitate to when you're either in a rush or don't know what to wear. If you haven't invested in basics yet, you can get yourself a black and a white tee at H&M for less than €10. Which is not a lot of money at all. It's a start. Get yourself basics if you need them. I don't need them, but I will buy them again this winter.


Since I'm more into basics, I feel like I also need to invest in a few "basic" shirts and blouses. It's an essential to a working lady's wardrobe, and to be honest, I quite like wearing a blouse if I want to feel either smart of sophisticated. In my opinion, blouses and shirts are a must in your wardrobe, especially in winter. They can be worn under jumpers with the collar popped out, or you could just wear them on their own. I love them, especially on their own, with an oversized coat and leather trousers. I don't wear them enough, but I need more. As you can see I'm kind of lacking in the blouses and shirts department. I finally got myself a black shirt last month, so at least I've got my basic coloured shirts covered. But I still would looove to get myself a proper shirt, maybe even from the men's department for an oversized feel. Yes. I want another shirt. Wear more shirts, Laura. 


 Jeans are an essential. And ever since I found my perfect pair of jeans at ASOS earlier this year, jeans have become my second skin. I love the ASOS Ridley jeans most as they're just the perfect fit for my short legs. However I do own pairs of jeans from Zara, which are okay too. As you can see my jeans/trouser collection is dark. I prefer dark bottoms to lighter bottoms as I don't have the skinniest legs in the world. But besides jeans, I also loveee to wear leather trousers or leggings. They're so easy to style and they instantly make an outfit pop. I love my jeans collection so much and I think I would have to get myself another pair of Asos Ridley jeans, as I love them so much and I only really own 3 pairs of jeans. And 2 have rips in them So yes, jeans could be another thing added to the list of things I still need to get.


Hats. I love them. I preferably would like to wear them all year around. Now with Fedora's it's pretty easy to wear them all year around. I love Fedora's and I am dying to get myself a tan and a grey fedora, because I'm currently living with just this black little beauty, but I feel an urge to get more.

Then beanies. If you've been following my blog for quite some time, you know I get really excited to wear beanies again. Yes you totally can wear them to hide your bad hair days but most importantly, they make a statement. Especially if you get an orange one like I did. As you all know I like my monochrome outfits so if there's this opportunity to put a coloured beanie on, I will take that opportunity. Get yourself lots of beanies, they're cool. I want more beanies. I usually get mine from eBay or Primark, cheap as chips and can be thrown away after winter without regretting it too much.

Like I said before, I need to get myself a new pair of jeans, some more blouses and/or shirts. That pale blue coat and pink coat I was talking about are also more then welcome to join the wardrobe gang. But besides that I am pretty much sorted for winter. Will that mean I will go on a spending ban? I will try. But I can't guarantee you that I will ever stop buying. 

So that's my winter wardrobe essentials post done. I've spent over a good hour editing and writing these post and really enjoyed it. I really hope you enjoyed it as well, and I would looove to know if there's anything missing in your winter wardrobe.


18 November 2014

Forever 21 coat, Zara t-shirt and boots, ASOS jeans, H&M bag

I wore this outfit last Friday when I went on that walk through the woods I told you all about in the latest Sunday post. And as you can see, it wasn't really a walking appropriate outfit. My then new boots, were facing a rough time going through trails of dead leaves and slippery wet roads, but they survived, luckily.

Of course this beauty of a camel coat had to come out to play too. I loveeee it so much. Even my dad liked it, and he usually doesn't enjoy anything new I buy. It is such a versatile piece and I think I could still be wearing this exact coat in ten years time, if it doesn't look too worse for wear. If it does, I will just have to start stocking up on this one. 


17 November 2014

Zara blouse (similar), ASOS jeans, Topshop slip ons, American Vintage clutch*

I wore this outfit last week when I had to run a few errands. It's a really comfortable outfit, perfect for getting stuff done. To be completely honest with you, I completely forgot about this blouse. I bought it in summer at Zara and it was on sale. I loved it so much as it was is just the perfect shirt, casual, striped and just lovely. It's not like I lost it, it's just that I own that many clothes that I sometimes love another item so much that I tend to forget about an item I used to love before that. I'm glad that I rediscovered this blouse and I'm sure you will be seeing this blouse a lot more in the upcoming month! :)


Colab dry shampoo in New York & London

I am a big fan of dry shampoo. I tried most of the ones they sell here in The Netherlands, but nothing really compares to my personal favourite, the Toni & Guy Cleanse dry shampoo. Mainly because it is one of the few dry shampoos that doesn't leave this white residue in my hair. Being a brunette kind of sucks when you like dry shampoo. Now I know that I can use the Brunette dry shampoo from Batiste and trust me I've tried. The brunette dry shampoo from Batiste really makes my scalp itch and if there's one thing I can't stand, it's an itchy scalp. So that one soon got thrown out.

So when Ruth Crilly, from A Model Recommends came out with these dry shampoos that won't leave that white residue in your hair, I felt like I needed to try it. As much as I love my Toni & Guy dry shampoo, it honestly costs me a fortune to buy every month. Yes I have to buy a new can of that dry shampoo every month, that's how much I love it. So I was hoping that this was a good alternative for the Toni and Guy dry shampoo. And it is. Thank god.  

So I popped onto feelunique.com and after a really looong debate with myself I decided to go for the New York and London scents. Now I honestly felt like I would love the London scent and I honestly want to like it as much as I like London in real life, but I prefer the New York scent over the London scent. It's a personal thing because I think it might be because of the musk. I wasn't really a fan of the scent, but it's starting to grow on me. The New York scent is very fruity and fresh and just a lot more up my street, which I didn't expect at all. 

Whenever I use this dry shampoo, my locks just feel so clean afterwards. It's magic.  I honestly feel like these dry shampoos do everything that it says on the tin. It doesn't leave any white residue in the hair, even when spraying it really close to the roots. However, this dry shampoo doesn't really give that much volume to my hair, but hey, we've got texturising spray for that don't we?

If you're ever on feelunique.com and you don't know what to order or you feel like you want to order some more, definitely put one of these in your online basket as they're cheap as chips and really lovely. The only thing that I found was a bit disappointing, is that it doesn't give that much volume. But like I said, you could use a texturising spray to solve that problem. If you use the code dailymix when you're about to check out at feelunique, you will get 8% off your purchase, which might be a bit more appealing to get these dry shampoos, not that they're expensive at all. 


16 November 2014

This week flew by like a whirlwind and I can't really think of anything I did this week. I went on a crisp autumn walk on Friday to kind of clear my head. The initial plan was to go into town, but my friend Rebecca and I soon found ourselves on a bus to a park. We both weren't dressed for a stroll through the park at all so we did get some odd looks. 

We both ended up taking lots of photos of the park, the leaves (alive and dead) and just the general surroundings. I felt sooo relaxed and peaceful afterwards. Walks are always such a good idea for when your head is exploding by general life, so it felt good to clear my head. 

So that's what I did on Friday, but then it started raining, so I went back into town with my friend and grabbed a hot chocolate at Starbucks to get our body temperatures up again. I had the Honey & Almond hot chocolate, which is a Christmas drink (I'm so flipping excited for Christmas). I highly recommend it and I loved it. I do end up feeling sick afterwards because my stomach can't handle a Grande (aka 490 ml) hot chocolate. 

Also here's a fun fact about me; I actually really enjoy photography. I'm not even sure if I'm good at it, but walking through nature and shooting photos of nature is something that I've enjoyed ever since I was a little girl. I think I might have gotten that from my dad, who also loves photography and general "nerd talk", like my brother would say, about cameras like I do.

Since it hasn't stopped raining since Friday, I am going to stay in bed today and read how to be Parisian.Yes that book that every blogger and their mother has been reading. But hey, I just want to be cool like a Parisian, and a girl can dream right! ;)