31 December 2014

This is the last day of 2014, which is absolutely crazy. This year flew by and lots of amazing things happened. I was lucky enough to be invited to lots of events, I graduated high school this year and I got even closer to most of my blogger friends.

To end off this year, I thought it would be fun to do a outfits of 2014 post again. I did one last year. I would love to know what your favourite outfits were from 2014. I definitely feel like my personal style developed this year, which I feel like you notice when you look at the first and the last outfits. This is one of the main reasons I like to write my blog. My personal style changes every month or so and to be able to recap all of your outfits of a year is so much fun (and sometimes a bit embarrassing) to see. 

Some things might have changed a bit too on Style and Sushi this year. I ventured into blogging about beauty a bit more and I added the Sunday Post where I show you my week. My passion will always be fashion, but I am hoping to continue the occasional beauty and lifestyle posts as I enjoy reading them on other blogs too.

I've travelled across the country lots this year, thanks to my blog, but also with friends. I went to cities such as Maastricht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft and lots more. I also got on a train to Antwerp in July to go shopping. I, sadly enough, didn't get to travel as much as I wanted outside of the Netherlands. I only visited Marbella this year, but I'm hoping to visit lots more places in 2015, like Barcelona, Paris and more. And my first trip of 2015 is in two days. Next stop: London!

It's time to get sentimental guys. I want to wish you all an amazing New Years Eve and an amazing 2015. I love and appreciate all of you and your comments so much! I feel very thankful that you like reading my blog and you keep me going when I have an off day. Have an amazing new year!


30 December 2014

ASOS leggings, Zara knit and boots

It feels like it's been ages since I've last done my outfit posts, but it hasn't really been that long. It's because of Christmas and the weekend that I don't know what day it is or what time it is. The fact that the year will be over tomorrow, also scares me a bit. This year has been such an amazing year, but I am thinking about telling you more about that in tomorrow's post, which will be a recap of all of my favourite outfits of 2014! 

I've been planning some outfits for London as I will be in London in three days. Since tomorrow and the first of January are going to be very hectic and will involve in me being too tired to function, I'm going to try and get everything pretty much ready to leave for London! I'm so excited to hang out with my friends this upcoming weekend! And I am so excited to FINALLY meet my UK girls! 


28 December 2014

Morning! Of course this The Sunday post is all about Christmas! It's a three day event here in Holland that I look forward to most and I am currently suffering from a post-Christmas depression. 'I don't want to wait another year until Christmas, Mum/Dad' is something my parents can't hear anymore because I've been saying this lots, yesterday.

Anyway, Christmas is over and we now have to wait another year until Santa comes around again, so now I need something new to look forward to, which in fact is my trip to London! I'll be off next Friday and I am so excited to go shopping and sightseeing and to finally meet two of my best friends, Islay and Ellie

But first we have New Years Eve to go through and I am hoping that the snow that fell, will be gone by then. I am not a fan of snow at all, so when I woke up yesterday morning with snow I was slightly unamused. Luckily for me it's not cold enough for the snow to actually stick around so I'm hoping it will be gone Monday morning.

I am off to work soon, so I probably should start getting ready after having the most amazing lazy Sunday morning ever, as you might have seen on my instagram.


27 December 2014

Forever21 coat (in pink and blue), COS tee, ASOS jeans, H&M bag, Nike Roshe Run trainers 

Christmas is over, for real now. It kind of makes me sad to have to wait another year until Christmas, luckily I have something to look forward to. Next week I will be in London with my friends! I am so excited to go shopping and sightseeing with my two besties from lower school. I remember thinking going to London was ages away, but it will be the end of 2014 in 4 days which is crazy!

This is just a little go to outfit when I go downtown to go shopping with friends or family. It's just cosy and not too cold at all. I've been rocking way too many all black outfits lately, but I've barely had time to think about getting dressed, so I've been going safe and grabbed into my "black clothes" pile. I am hoping to post another outfit before New Years Eve, where I'm not wearing black for once. 


26 December 2014

Zara coat and jumper, ASOS jeans, H&M bag, Nike Roshe Run trainers, Céline sunnies

I'm breaking the rules right now. I made this deal with myself to not blog during Christmas Eve and Christmas. It's past midnight while I'm writing this and so basically, Christmas day is over. Most countries celebrate Boxing day, the day after, but we Dutchies have another Second Christmas Day, which means that I get to celebrate another day of Christmas. Which also means that I kinda broke the rules of not blogging during Christmas, but I just couldn't resist! I felt like I haven't had time to properly sit (or lie) down to type up a post and I finally have some time now! So while blasting some Christmas music, I'm currently catching up on a few blogs and going through the Boxing Day sales. Yes, Zara has convinced me already and I caved in.

This outfit was just a comfortable outfit I wore earlier this week, it's such a good and comfortable outfit if you have a Christmas rush going on. I was very comfortable and loved the pop of camel added in with a jumper instead of my usual suspect, the camel coat. 


22 December 2014

H&M jacket (similar) and top, ASOS jeans, Zara boots, Céline sunglasses

This basically has been my attire for the last few weeks. I've been so busy with work, where I'm only allowed to wear black clothes, so I feel a bit uninspired. I also would like to tell you that I now have run out of black clothes to wear, which is a first. I am not used to getting to the bottom of my black clothes pile, but I am beginning to see the back of my closet and it is scaring me. I need more black clothes!


21 December 2014

Happy Sunday! I feel so bad for not really keeping up with the Sunday post the last few weeks. Like I said in Friday's post, this past week has been hectic. It all started last Saturday and it basically is still chaos in my head. Days fly by like a whirlwind and it's weekend before you know it. During the weekend I'm mostly busy working which means that I come home at seven o'clock in the evening, completely exhausted and not feeling up for blogging anymore.

And whenever I did have a day off I went into town to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I am nearly done with all of my Christmas shopping. I only need to get a few more presents to get and then I'm pretty much sorted. 

Another little something I want to talk about this week is that my face has been really been clearing up lately. I started using another skin care product, which magically cleared up my skin. No more pimples, yes! Nearly all of them are gone! I am not 100% sure yet, so I want to test it until the end of December to be sure it actually works. If it still works as good during the end of the month as it is working now, I will write a review probably somewhere in the beginning of January! Soooo keep an eye out for that!

I'm rather excited for Christmas this upcoming week. I am looking forward to having a few days off, chilling, having fun with family during dinners and lunches and I'm mostly looking forward to the eating part. I'm going to stuff myself with lots of food. I'm not even sure what we're going to be doing with Christmas, all I know is that we're off to have a family lunch on Boxing Day with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins which always is a good laugh. 

Something I have talked about on twitter, but haven't properly spoken about on the blog, is that I'm off to London soon. I'm going to go to London on the second of January with two of my longest besties. We're going to have a weekend filled with shopping, adventures and lots of other fun stuff. I'm hoping to still go to Winter Wonderland, as I always wanted to go there!

So since I'm off to London soon, I thought it would be fun to ask you what your favourite places in London are. Just let me know so we can properly discover London. Places to eat, shop, see anything like that is always welcome! 


20 December 2014

LOF Boutique coat (similar), H&M t-shirt dress (similar) and bag, ASOS boots, Céline sunnies

I really liked how this coat looked with my striped t-shirt dress, so I wanted to try it out with my black t-shirt dress and my new favourite pointy boots from ASOS. I really like how this coat looks with the t-shirt dresses that I own. I haven't really worn it other than with these t-shirt dresses, but I'm definitely going to try pulling of this coat more. How would you style a coat like this?


19 December 2014

Forever21 coat, ASOS jeans, Zara tee and boots, Céline sunnies

This week has been hectic. Very hectic. I lost my blogging mojo halfway through the week because I was so tired and my camera settings weren't set as they normally were, which meant a big screw up on the photos. So that's why I gave myself a little two day break. To get back into blogging and blogging business, so here I am! Back from my two day break of blogging. Still tired, but I always am, so nothing's new really. Christmas/December is a bit of a hectic month/time of the year for everyone and I tend to forget about it. So I tried to plan everything in as well as possible, to give myself some rest, before I get ill or something. Can't get ill during Christmas! 

Speaking of Christmas! It's only 6 days until Christmas day! I am so excited!!


16 December 2014

Illesteva sunglasses, Zoeva brush set, Paris street style book, The world according to Karl book
Diptyque mimosa candle, Diptyque figuier candle, Canon 24 mm lens, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume
Zara boots, Chanel Coco Noir perfume, Tom Ford lipstick, All Saints bag, Zazzle marble iPhone case

Christmas is just one week away and Santa's little helpers (aka my mum and my brother's girlfriend) asked me to make a little Christmas list of things I'd like to have. I've wanted to do a Christmas gift guide post too, but time is just flying by, therefore I am combining my Christmas wishlist post with my Christmas gift guide post. Now there's a gazillion things on this wishlist that in my opinion too expensive to be a Christmas gift, as my family and I like to keep it small and not too expensive, but some people like to splurge on Christmas so that's why there are a few more pricier things on this wishlist. 


15 December 2014

H&M leather jacket (similar) and dress, ASOS scarf, ZARA bag (similar), Nike Roshe Run trainers, Céline sunnies

It was about time that I got this midi dress out again. I may or may not had forgotten about it until I wore this outfit again. It's because I just have so many black clothes and sometimes you just don't know where to start when it's early and you're in front of your closet. To make this outfit more me and definitely more comfortable, I decided on wearing a pair of trainers, my Roshe Runs to be specific. As much as I love all of my (heeled) ankle boots, they kill my feet. I'm definitely a trainers kinda gal. 


13 December 2014

LOF Boutique coat (similar), H&M t-shirt dress (similar) and bag, ZARA boots, Céline sunnies

Robe coats are big this season. I've been lusting after a camel robe coat from Zara ever since it came out. Sadly enough I wasn't able to get my hands on that bloody expensive coat. As I didn't want to spend a fortune on that coat. So I started looking for alternatives and ended up giving up, because no coat could outdo that beautiful Zara camel coat. 

Until I went to a reopening of a fashion boutique in Rotterdam. I came across this GORGEOUS coat that I absolutely fell in love with. But I wouldn't be a style blogger (or a shopaholic) to say that if I came across that camel coat from Zara again, that I wouldn't buy that one too, because to be brutally honest, no coat can outdo that absolute beauty of a coat. So Zara, if you're reading this, please just bring out that coat again, even if it's just one, I would be willing to pay those €150 now, thank you. 


11 December 2014

Zara turtle neck jumper, New Look leggings (similar), ASOS boots, H&M bag, Fendi sunglasses*

Comfort is everything in this cold, so it's not really a surprise that I'm wearing a turtle neck jumper. I bought this beauty in the Black Friday sale, and it would have to be one of my favourite jumpers. I love how cozy it is and I can't wait to style it in multiple ways! Also these boots are new too! I saw uber blogger babe Amy from Thelittlemagpie.com wearing these and they were on my wishlist ever since. So now I own another pair of pointy boots. Watch out, it might become an obession! 


10 December 2014

Tidestore jacket*, ZARA tee and bag, ASOS jeans, Topshop slip ons, Céline clubmaster

This is just a very casual outfit I wore this weekend. My mum and I were planning on buying a Christmas tree so I wanted to be comfortable as I know that this possibly could take a while. Therefore I decided on my ripped knees jeans from ASOS, which are a big lifesaver at the moment, as my bruised knees are still, bruised.  So having those holes in your jeans helps ease the pain in your knees when you're wearing jeans. What am I even talking about? As you might be able to notice I'm a bit delirious right now as I am sleep deprived because I had another one of those sleepless nights. Great aren't they?