31 January 2015

I was really feeling this make-up look the other day so I just felt this need to share it on the blog. I think it might be because of a new product that I started using, so I can't wait to try it out more.

On my face today is the Origins Vitazing moisturizer. This moisturizer has a sheer tint to it, which gives me this glow, like I just came back from a holiday. I personally love that healthy glow, so I would do anything to achieve the look and surprisingly enough, this little tube of miracle seems to be doing the job right.

However, I can be quite oily, so I used a bit of my favourite mineral loose powder on top. This powder is the Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder and I use the shade Real Sand, which I can't seem to find anymore, it better not be discontinued!! I then used a little bit of blush on the cheeks. My all time favourite blush is from Catrice and is called Strawberry Frappucino. The name literally makes me cringe everytime I look at it, but it seems to give me such nice and healthy looking cheeks, that I just can't seem to stay away from it.

Then onto my eyes... For my eyebrows I used the Soap and Glory Archery 2-in-1 brow pencil, which is lovely! Great for filling in the gaps. I used my favourite eyeliner which is called the Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner. This definitely is my all time favourite eyeliner. I've used it for about two years now! And that my friends, is dedication. The last step in this look was mascara, of course. I'm currently using the Max Factor Clump Defy False Lash Effect mascara. I loved the normal False  Lash Effect mascara, but I think I might like this one even more! It's soooo good!

Now apologies for the dry and chapped lips. I kinda was in a hurry and forgot to put lip balm on in these photos. I did put lip balm on later that day which was the Carmex Everyday Moisturising lip balm that I had lying around in my bag.


29 January 2015

Someone on tumblr asked me the following question: "What are your 10 favourite pieces in your wardrobe?". And that my friends, was, in my opinion, such a good question. In fact, it was that good that I had to make a post about this.  I had a long and hard think about this and came to the conclusion that these 10 items are my favourites, at least they are my favourites of this moment. It might change within a week, it might change within a month, I just know that I am really enjoying these pieces at the moment and have been enjoying for quite some time! 

ASOS Ridley jeans: Starting on the left is a pair of jeans. These are the black ASOS Ridley jeans, my absolute favourite jeans of all time. I discovered them around this time last year and I already own 5 pairs.

A striped tee from Zara. If you've been a follower of Style and Sushi for quite some time now, you would now that I love a good stripe. This particular one is from Zara but I can't seem to find it anymore, but I did find a cheap alternative here from Topshop and another alternative here which is from Étoile Isabel Marant, that is a little more pricey if you're willing to spend a bit more.

Leather look leggings: I wear my leather look leggings lots. The ones I usually wear are from ASOS and can be found here. I definitely feel like getting a pair of proper leather trousers soon though, so if you have any recommendations on where to look, feel free to let me know!

Black Weekday jumper: I love my knits, especially my black knits. This particular favourite is from Weekday and can be found here. It felt like I was spending a lot of money on this one particular plain black jumper.   €45 is a lot of money, especially for a plain black jumper. But I knew I would get so much wear out of it, so I had to. I love this fit and the neckline is a bit higher, so you can still get away with that cheeky hair-tuck that I'm a big fan of.

Roll-neck blouse:This next thing is something that I absolutely love. It's a roll-neck blouse from ASOS. I first spotted it on Megan from Pages by Megan and I had to have it! It's a beautiful cream white colored blouse with a roll-neck that I tend to grab when I am feeling a bit lazy. Such an easy to style item! The blouse is on sale on ASOS right now and you can find it here!

Céline Audrey sunglasses: Ahhh the sunnies. You know how much I love my sunnies. I adore them.  All I have to say is scroll through my blog and you'll notice how often I wear them. You can find the Céline Audrey sunglasses here!

Zara boots: Another favourite is this gorgeous pair of boots by Zara that look like the Acne Jensen boots. Sadly enough sold out on the Zara website.

Nike Roshe Run trainers:Shoes are a big thing in my life and my three favourite pairs of shoes are included in this post. First of you have my well beloved Nike Roshe Run trainers, no explanation required. I wear them way too much.

Another pair of Zara boots: I recently got another gorgeous pair of boots by Zara inspired by the Céline Angular Chunky heel ankle boots. Again, sadly enough sold out on the Zara website.

H&M tote bag: Lastly is my big black H&M tote bag. Perfect for when you like carrying useless stuff around with you, like I always do. I can't seem to find it anymore, do they still sell this? I am in desperate need of a new one! * Reminder to self, go check this in H&M stores tomorrow


28 January 2015

A lot of people seem to be interested in my hair, how I style it and what I do to take care of my hair. Therefore it seemed pretty obvious to me to do a hair care routine. So without further or do, here it is. My hair care routine.

I wash my hair every two to three days. And for that I use something I can only get at my hairdressers. I have quite a sensitive scalp and used to use quite harsh shampoos and conditioners and my scalp, sadly enough, has to pay for it now. So I use this EVO The Therapist calming shampoo which is great if you tend to have frizzy hair, which I struggle with, due to the bleached ombre ends. I am on my second bottle of this shampoo and it's so lovely! I honestly would recommend this if you've got a sensitive scalp and frizzy hair! As a conditioner I use the EVO The Therapist calming conditioner, same story as the shampoo, lovely for when your hair is frizzy.

To tame the frizziness in the hair some more, I also use either a serum or some hair oil. At the moment I am using the Toni and Guy Serum Drops which, so far I am enjoying. It is making my hair feel like I just stepped out of the hairdressers which is always that luxurious moment.

To style my hair I either use a dry shampoo, texturizing spray or sea salt. When I have just washed my hair I don't tend to spray dry shampoo in it. I generally tend to go for my EVO Mister Fantastic texture spray which I spritz in when it's still wet and then I blow-dry it. If it would be Summer I would spray my Toni and Guy sea salt in my hair and just let that air dry.

If my hair is second day or third day hair, I will spray some dry shampoo in there. Currently I'm using the Aussie Miracle Mega Instant dry shampoo, which I got in London, because I forgot my dry shampoo. It's okay for now, I might repurchase it, not completely sure yet. After dry shampooing I would spray some dry texturizing spray in my hair and my fave to use is the L'Oreal studio line volume texturizing spray. I just spray that into my hair from the ends of my hair and if I feel like it I spray a little bit onto my roots.

That's it. That is how I "take care" of my hair. Nothing too special really. Doing my hair only takes me about a maximum of twenty minutes, so that proves how easygoing I am when it comes to my hair.


26 January 2015

ZARA knit (similar) and boots, ASOS jeans, Mango bag

These boots are so comfortable, I can't seem to get over it. I feel like these boots go with everything. Last time I wore them, I wore them with a skirt (outfit here) and now I'm wearing them with jeans. Yes! I wouldn't say this is my favourite buy of 2015 as 2015 has only started 26 days ago, but I feel like I will get a lot of wear out of these gorgeous boots, even during Summer. Speaking of Summer; I could really use Summer right about now. I am done with this cold, rainy and grey Dutch winter we've been having.


25 January 2015

I've had a bit of an uneventful week that eventually turned into a not so good week. But thank god that it's weekend now, so I can relax a bit. The other day I wasn't having a good day and I was craving pancakes. However I'm still trying to eat as healthy as possible, so I decided to make banana pancakes. And they were good.

For my banana pancakes I used two small bananas and two eggs. That's it. I mashed the bananas and put the mashed bananas and the eggs in a bowl. Use a whisk or a fork to whisk it all together and then just prepare them how you would prepare normal pancakes. It's so easy and quick to make for breakfast or lunch and it's so tasty. Add some fruit to it and you will have the best breakfast/lunch/brunch! 


24 January 2015

It's my 18th birthday in February and I never know when it's okay to do these sorts of birthday wishlists. But people are starting to ask me what I would like to receive for my birthday, so to give my family a bit of an idea of what is on my birthday wishlist, I decided to make a little post about it. Just because I enjoy making little sets like these!

The world according to Karl book, Kinfolk magazine, It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be book, Acne white tee, American Vintage grey and black tee's
Le Specs sunglasses, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Converse white All Stars trainers
Ernest watch, Cluse watch, ByRedo Bal D'Afrique fragrance, Saint Laurent card holder, Converse black All Stars trainers


23 January 2015

H&M leather jacket (similar), ZARA jumper, ASOS jeans and scarf, Nike Roshe Run trainers, Mango bag, Céline sunnies

Whenever I decided to quickly hop into town to hang out with a friend, this is my go to outfit. I love wearing jeans and a jumper combined with some trainers, because as much as I like to pretend to be able to walk around on heeled boots for ages, I basically just suck at it and regret not wearing my trainers when I do wear heeled boots. However, I am going to try and change it up a bit, I bought quite some heeled ankle boots this winter and I want to take full advantage of them. So from now on, I will try to wear heeled ankle boots more often, because I want to pretend to be cool and because it's such a shame that my boots don't get to go out as often as I do.  


21 January 2015

H&M jumper, Primark skirt (similar), ZARA boots, Monki bag, Celine sunnies

So this outfit seemed appropriate to me in winter and surprisingly enough I wasn't freezing. Maybe it's because most of my leg is covered and because I'm wearing a jumper. These boots are so comfortable! They have quite a big heel and normally I would avoid anything high heeled, but these boots are surprisingly comfortable and didn't make walking for a clumsy person that I am hard at all. 

I'm very happy that I decided to get these boots. They were on sale at ZARA and somehow ZARA always has this one pair of shoes during a certain season that I adore, but don't want to buy due to the price... Then I wait until it's sale time... Then I wait until the prices are lowered again... And then they are out of stock. So to prevent that from happening I decided to bite the bullet in an early stage of the sales so I wouldn't be left gutted for the rest of the year when I would see them popping by. 


L'Oreal Collection Exclusive in Julianne's pure red

I always go through phases of loving make-up and especially during winter, I like putting reds on the lips. So I'm always on the hunt for a pretty red lipstick. During my Christmas shopping last month I stumbled across this beauty of a lipstick in the drugstore and had to pick it up. This is such a beautiful dark pink colour that I couldn't stay away from.

Normally I would never go for pink lipsticks as I am not a pink girl at all and it usually really clashes with my skin tone. However this pink is kinda different. It's more of a dark pink/red than a pink pink, if that makes sense? It also makes my teeth look a lot whiter than they really are, and let's be honest... That's always a plus.

As much as I love wearing lipstick, I always will be afraid of that Miranda Sings effect. So I still tend to stay away from lipstick and just put some lip balm on. However I really do like this colour and I will continue to try and pull of red (or in this case pink) lips in my day to day life. If that will not work, I will have a gorgeous reddy pink lipstick in my beauty stash for a party.


20 January 2015

SheInside jacket*, Monki blouse, ASOS jeans, ZARA boots, H&M scarf (similar), Celine sunnies

The lovely people over at SheInside asked me if I wanted to receive anything from their website and knowing SheInside quite well, of course I couldn't say no. I decided to go for this lightweight jacket. It's not that warm so you culd also wear it as a cardigan when you're cold. I love the jacket but since it's quite a statement on it's own, I decided to take it easy and just wear an all black outfit. I honestly think you can't go wrong with all black, but of course I wanted to incorporate some kind of colour so I opted for my mum's camel scarf that I "borrowed" for the day. 


19 January 2015

ZARA blouse, Mango trousers, Monki bag, Nike Roshe Run trainers, Céline sunnies

This might just be the most unflattering lighting I've ever had or I am in desperate need of a tan, look at how pale I am! I definitely look better with a tan! I am liking the more sophisticated look lately, wearing proper trousers with trainers and pretending to be sophisticated and professional, when in fact I am not. Fake it until you make it right? ;) No but seriously, I want to invest in more of those work kind of trousers, they're awesome. I'm also lusting after a pair of culottes. 


18 January 2015

Hey, hello! Good to blog again. This week flew by like a whirlwind. To be brutally honest, I can't even think of what I did this week too. However on Friday evening I got this stomach bug and it is the most annoying thing in the world. So I'm hoping to spend my whole weekend in bed.

The sales are pretty much coming to an end and the further reductions aren't good for this purse of mine at all. Money's flying off my bank account as I hop onto Zara and Mango once more. So this week started with placing an order at Mango, where I got this bag. I am in love with it and I can't wait to properly start using it. Then I grabbed some quick lunch on Tuesday and on a quick little browse in Zara, I decided to bite the bullet and get these boots that I've been wanting to get for aaages. On Thursday Mango sent me an email saying they had reduced their sale prices to 50% off. Well I'm sorry but I couldn't handle that so I just had to check again to see if they had anything I liked, and well they did... Let's just say that my mail man will be my best friend next week. No seriously... He properly knows who I am and what kind of a shopaholic I am. Thankfully he's not judging. ;)

Then I got a really lovely package in the mail over two weeks ago from Emily from Perk Naturals which is a skin, face and body care company that sells all natural body and lip scrubs. Up until this week (thanks to my hectic schedule and my quick 10 minute shower runs) I hadn't got the chance to try anything out. However I tried the Lavender and Lemon exfoliating scrub and the Orange lip scrub out this week and it's been so lovely! I can't wait to try the Coffee scrub out too. No doubt that there will be a little review on this products soon. 

I don't know if I have mentioned it on here but I have been trying to eat heathier, cleaner and just cut down my snacks (I'm a big chocolate lover) so I've been loving making smoothies this week. This week I've been loving my strawberries and blueberries and I thought it would be fun to add a little recipe into this Sunday Post. This is such an easy recipe and quick breakfast which is great if you're running late! 
1 Cup of blueberries
4/5 strawberries (add more if you'd like)
1 cup of Almond Milk (you could use soy milk or just normal milk if you'd like)

That's it. Put it in the nutribullet and Bob's your uncle. I literally am able to make this breakfast in 3 minutes, which is my breakfast making record. 


15 January 2015

Here's part two of my London photo diary. I've been back from London for over a week now, and I'm pretending I'm not back in Holland by going through all of these London photos. Sadly enough, it's really time to say goodbye to London, for now... London, you picturesque and beautiful city, I love you. Until next time...


14 January 2015

Topshop coat (similar), ASOS polo-neck top and leggings, ZARA boots, Monki bag, Fendi sunglasses*

This coat is new and I hear you thinking, "another coat Laura, really?" Well that was what my parents told me anyway. I bought this coat when I was in back in London at Topshop. I found it hanging in a sales rack which I normally tend to avoid, especially Topshop sale racks, but this beauty popped out. It's not the warmest coat I own, but I am done with winter and I would like summer to start now. Yes that would be lovely. I am in desperate need of a beach holiday. I'm truly lacking in the vitamin D and tan department. I feel the urgent need to book some kind of holiday to a warm paradise to escape work and all other things reality. Back to this coat, this coat basically is my summer withdrawal staple item. Can it just start getting warm so I can wear this beauty more often.