28 January 2015

A lot of people seem to be interested in my hair, how I style it and what I do to take care of my hair. Therefore it seemed pretty obvious to me to do a hair care routine. So without further or do, here it is. My hair care routine.

I wash my hair every two to three days. And for that I use something I can only get at my hairdressers. I have quite a sensitive scalp and used to use quite harsh shampoos and conditioners and my scalp, sadly enough, has to pay for it now. So I use this EVO The Therapist calming shampoo which is great if you tend to have frizzy hair, which I struggle with, due to the bleached ombre ends. I am on my second bottle of this shampoo and it's so lovely! I honestly would recommend this if you've got a sensitive scalp and frizzy hair! As a conditioner I use the EVO The Therapist calming conditioner, same story as the shampoo, lovely for when your hair is frizzy.

To tame the frizziness in the hair some more, I also use either a serum or some hair oil. At the moment I am using the Toni and Guy Serum Drops which, so far I am enjoying. It is making my hair feel like I just stepped out of the hairdressers which is always that luxurious moment.

To style my hair I either use a dry shampoo, texturizing spray or sea salt. When I have just washed my hair I don't tend to spray dry shampoo in it. I generally tend to go for my EVO Mister Fantastic texture spray which I spritz in when it's still wet and then I blow-dry it. If it would be Summer I would spray my Toni and Guy sea salt in my hair and just let that air dry.

If my hair is second day or third day hair, I will spray some dry shampoo in there. Currently I'm using the Aussie Miracle Mega Instant dry shampoo, which I got in London, because I forgot my dry shampoo. It's okay for now, I might repurchase it, not completely sure yet. After dry shampooing I would spray some dry texturizing spray in my hair and my fave to use is the L'Oreal studio line volume texturizing spray. I just spray that into my hair from the ends of my hair and if I feel like it I spray a little bit onto my roots.

That's it. That is how I "take care" of my hair. Nothing too special really. Doing my hair only takes me about a maximum of twenty minutes, so that proves how easygoing I am when it comes to my hair.


  1. your hair is gorgeous ! i want to try those texturizing sprays, they sound so good x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. Love the whole bed head chic look, dry shampoo is surprisingly key, since it allows you to have awesome hair!

  3. I should really take better care of my hair yet most days I can't be bothered with products, I should really take some tips!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  4. Love your hair! Having recently had mine chopped to a similar length I needed this post!x


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