7 January 2015

ZARA coat and stripey tee, ASOS jeans, Nike Roshe Run trainers, H&M bag, River Island hat

On Saturday, our second day in London, it sadly enough was typical British (and kinda Dutch) weather and it rained nearly all morning. I spotted this day in River Island on the first day in London and loved it but wasn't ready to spend £25 on a hat yet. But on the second day, when it was pouring down with rain and all I had to cover up with was a scarf, I decided to go for this hat. This is also the outfit I wore when I went to meet up with Islay and Ellie, my blogger besties from the UK whom I've known since the beginning, but never met. It was, overall, such a lovely day even with the rain. 

Also, just to warn you, you will see this coat and these trainers again, as they're the only things I brought when it came to coats and trainers, so apologies in advance! ;) 


  1. These are 'oh so london' kind of pictures which I love so much!

    infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. loely look, and the pictures have an amazing vibe with them! ugh i miss london..
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats


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