28 February 2015

ZARA coat, COS tee (in white), ASOS jeans, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Céline sunnies

You know those days where you just can't be arsed to get ready; but you have to because you have plans? The day that I wore this outfit was one of those days. I wasn't feeling my vibe at all. I was tired and my feet were sore from the many wounds caused by wearing the wrong pair of shoes. I felt weird and kind of anxious. That's when I tend to just grab anything that looks semi-comfortable out of my closet. I ended up with an all black outfit so to give it a bit more colour, I decided to pair them with my new, I know I am sorry, Adidas Stan Smith trainers and of course my beloved Céline Audrey sunnies to hide those bags.


27 February 2015

ZARA coat and blouse (similar), ASOS leggings and boots, Mango bag, Fendi sunglasses*

Days pass by and these boots are just being pretty in my closet. These boots are actually one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own; nothing can beat my Roshe Runs, but these come close. It's just that I don't get enough wear out of them. I tend to forget about these beauties when I am in a rush in the morning. I don't go to dinners that often; which is the only occasion that I seem to think of them. So there will be no more excuses for me to not wear these beauties. From now on, I will remember this gorgeous pair of boots when I wake up and look at my ever growing shoe collection from bed and I will put them on to rock my day. Because let's be honest; who doesn't like a bit of a mock croc print in a khaki version.


25 February 2015

To say that I am ready for spring is an understatement. I am ready to soak up some vitamin D, dress in something else than jumpers and I am ready to get my tan on. Here's what's on my spring wishlist.

J Crew tee, H&M top, Topshop white jeans, Topshop boyfriend jeans, Weekday coat
H&M top, Weekday shirt, Forever 21 heels, Converse black all stars, Topshop bag
Forever 21 loafers, Converse white all stars


23 February 2015

LOF Boutique coat (similar), Weekday jumper (similar), ASOS leggings, Adidas Superstar trainers, ZARA bag, Céline sunnies

I thought that I went a week without wearing an all black outfit. Turns out it's only been like 4 days. I absolutely love my blacks and every now and again I get a snarky comment from family or friends about how I wear too much black. Which is a thing I am fully aware of, but I love it. So then I kick back and tell them that black is luxurious and they should try it. Because if you combine textured blacks, you can look sophisticated, even when your clothes are just from ASOS and Weekday like mine are. I absolutely love this coat combined with my leather look leggings. They give me such a luxurious feel! 


21 February 2015

Mango blouse and trousers, ASOS slip ons, H&M bag, Céline sunnies

I feel like a little boy when I wear this outfit. It's kinda a man repelling outfit but I love the laid back rolled up trousers look. I look like a little man repeller. A look I have been loving lately! 

Instead of combining them with my Superstar trainers, I decided to pair them up with my ASOS slip ons. Which was a big mistake. I forgot how they cut up my heels last summer whenever I wore them for like 10 minutes. And that cost me my heel. This might be the worst I have ever had a cut up heel, because I can't even wear my comfy and soft Nike Roshe Run trainers anymore and I can't wear my beloved Birkenstocks as I will freeze my toes off! Send help, please.


19 February 2015

ZARA coat, Mango tee, ASOS leather look leggings, ZARA boots, H&M scarf, Monki bag, Fendi sunglasses*

Let's just say that weather can influence the clothes I wear on a day to day basis. I wore this outfit on a grey day and wasn't feeling like dressing up in colour. So I decided to go for a black coat, black leggings and my favourite black boots and added a simple white tee and a grey scarf. I guess you could say that I am starting to feel a bit uninspired when it comes to outfits, because as much as I enjoyed winter, I am ready for spring, sunshine and just pleasant temperatures to get the colour in life back again. But then again, I wouldn't wear colour if it's summer either so I guess I will always be stuck on the monochrome side of life throughout all the seasons. 


18 February 2015

Weekday jumper (similar), ZARA trousers (similar), Adidas Superstar trainers, Fendi sunnies*

Why do I look pregnant in that last photo? I can assure you that I am 100% sure that I am not pregnant. 

I got these trousers in the ZARA sale in January. They were only €15 and I absolutely adore them. I love my jeans, but trousers are my new off duty look. Sometimes you really don't feel like dressing up and being all fashionable. At least I don't feel like dressing up all the time. Some days you just want to be comfortable and wear pyjama-like trousers. These trousers are those kind of trousers. They are comfortable, very comfortable. And a big plus is that these trousers are fashionable too. So I look kinda fashionable without trying. Ahhh I love it when I don't have to put too much effort and thought into an outfit.  


17 February 2015

Mango leather jacket, SheInside waistcoat*, ZARA tee, ASOS jeans, ZARA boots, Black Five bag, Céline sunnies

Whenever I see people wear proper waistcoats I tend to cringe a bit. I am not a fan of waistcoats at all. Especially on girls. But then again, I envision waistcoats to be those short ones that people button up. I also envision it being a tad to small so the buttons on a waistcoat are taut. Yeah, well this waistcoat might have turned my aversion of waistcoats into an affection of waistcoats. It's such a good alternative to wearing duster coats! 


16 February 2015

So it turns out that I am officially, the worst at keeping track of these five favourite posts. I thought that I had done my Five Favourites post for January already. So I started thinking about my February favourites and when I think of my favourites, I usually turn back to my previous five favourite post to see if I didn't love something two months in a row. Turns out that I didn't even write a January favourites post, while the photo has been on my computer for a good three weeks now... So here it is my very belated January favourites.

The first thing I've been loving are of course, my Adidas Superstar trainers. These beauties are being raved about and I absolutely love wearing these with everything. I love how they make certain outfits a lot more casual. Now this is something I might regret saying; but it might be the best purchase of 2015... Well so far.

Next is the Origins Vitazing tinted moisturizer. I got this in the beginning of January, which already feels like a lifetime ago and people started complimenting me on how my skin looked very glowy and healthy. Now I am sure of one thing; my skin certainly is not this glowy from itself. Who doesn't want that I-just-got-back-from-a-holiday glow?

It might surprise you, because it still surprises me, but I went to London just over a month ago and bought the VO5 Give me texture spray. I bought it on a whim because I needed to get myself a texture spray, but I really love it! It's pretty good and I love messy hair and this helps to achieve those hair goals.

How gorgeous is this Marble platter by H&M?! Is it not the most gorgeous thing you have seen in the world. Excuse me while I keep drooling. Marble is so up my street and this platter currently holds a really pretty place in the windowsill carrying my lovely succulents. I may have ordered another one because I love them so much

The last thing is another London purchase. I honestly feel like I went to London so long ago. My last favourite is this Monki bag. This is my go-to bag if I don't have to run around with either a camera or if I just don't feel like carrying other peoples' crap. Yes, everyone dumps their phones, purses and sunglasses in my bags, because I tend to carry a big bag with me. Say no to shoulder injuries with bags like this! It's a yes from me.


15 February 2015

Another Sunday, another Sunday post. This week mainly has been about being with friends and family. I went out on lots of birthday dinners this week and celebrated my birthday this Saturday. I got spoiled rotten and am on a post-birthday pink cloud.

I am absolutely exhausted and spent this morning going through the latest Dutch Vogue, which is a collector's issue with Doutzen Kroes and her family on the cover. It's such a gorgeous photo series that I just can't stop staring at. To finish my reading session I started reading It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. Which is a book I've been interested in for quite some time now! So I'm happy that I got it as a birthday present.

Life is going back to normal now. The birthday festivities are pretty much over and I am perfectly fine with that. I can't wait to get into bed tonight, because as much as I love celebrating birthdays, they can be pretty exhausting.


13 February 2015

ZARA coat, Weekday blouse (similar), ASOS leggings, ZARA boots, Mango bag, Céline sunnies

Less is more is something that is pretty accurate when it comes to my style. I am not a big fan of bold colours, and I never really wear jewellery. Less is more is basically invented for my and my causal/basic outfits.
I've been loving wearing leather look leggings lately, if you haven't noticed already. They give me that extra bit of oomph I love and they are just really comfy. So it's not really that much of a surprise that I already own 5 pairs of leggings. Leather leggings are my va va voom factor in my less is more outfits. 


12 February 2015

LOF Boutique coat, Weekday tee, ASOS leggings, Adidas superstar trainers, Black Five bag, Céline sunnies

You know when you got caught up on things in real life? Well that's what happened to me this week. I can't get over the fact that it's Thursday already. 

All I did this week is have birthday dinners with friends. However, when going out for birthday dinners, I tend to stick to my same old style, if not even comfier. So for one of the dinners I decided to rock some leather look leggings, that make that food baby not as uncomfortable as it normally would be! Because let's be honest. I want to feel comfortable at the end of the night, when I've had starters, mains and deserts. I go all out when I'm out for dinner. Especially for my own birthday dinners. 


9 February 2015

Topshop coat (similar), ASOS blouse, Forever 21 leggings, Zara boots, Céline sunnies

If you look at the outfits on my blog from last year, you can see that my style has changed quite a lot. At least it did in my opinion. I've been loving my basics for the past 9 months now and I feel like I am ready to invest in my jewellery and accessories now. 

Accessories make or break an outfit and as much as I love my Céline sunnies, I kind of want to get my hands on another pair of designer sunglasses (maybe even my first designer bag), but let's not forget dainty silver jewellery. I basically want to rock the effortless chic Scandinavian style, I basically want to be Scandinavian cool, so from now on I will try to buy silver jewellery as an investment piece, to try and pretend to be Scandinavian cool like my friend Kat from Katarina Julie


8 February 2015

Welcome to another Sunday post. Today is kind of a special day, it's my birthday and I turned 18!! As you can see, my parents got me a very cringy balloon with 18 on there. I spent the day with my parents and my brother in his new house and we're going out for a casual dinner later this evening. I'm celebrating my birthday next week and am looking forward to it already.

I went to a Benefit event last Wednesday. It was for their new mascara; the Rollerlash mascara, which has a wand that is based on hair rollers, which is something you could've guessed judging by their name. I had such a lovely time and met some really lovely new bloggers which is always lovely. They hosted the event in an old school hair dresser in Amsterdam which matched perfectly with the theme of this new mascara. I' m currently trying the mascara out, so a review probably will be up soon!