6 February 2015

February has been around for almost a week and February is an exciting month because I'm turning 18 this Sunday! Before getting too excited about the birthday festivities I thought I would do an instagram diary of January. The month that I went to London, which already feels like a lifetime ago.

To new beginnings | Just touched down in London town | Oxford Circus | Finally met my blogger besties today!

Ooh Ooh Tee Dee | So sad that we've left London | Just got back from London after my flight was delayed for aaages! I'm all tucked up into bed now, ready to sleep | Covent Garden is my favourite place ever!

Favourite London purchases | Thought I would dress up for once ... Kinda | Today's favourites | So Tumblr

I am in desperate need of a haircut! | You would be surprised how muuch I can fit in a bag this small | This beauty came in today | I always love a pair of shoes in Zara and wait until they are on sale... and then they don't have my size anymore... It didn't happen this time though!

Can't get over how comfortable these boots are | Current mood: Longing for summer | Sometimes I just stare at how ugly yet beautiful this cactus is | New kicks

Feeding my brain with some inspiration from fashion books and magazines | Off to Amsterdam to spend some quality time with my cousins | Early 18th birthday present | Wishing I could stay in bed like this all morning, but I have to go to work

January always feels like it's the longest month, and looking at the amount of photos I posted on instagram, it was a long month. Bring on February, I am ready to become an adult.

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  1. Lovely images, I really like the monochrome theme you have going on :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. Allemaal leuke en mooie foto's!

    XX Nora / 1310bynora.com

  3. you lucky duck..my 18th was nearly 10 years ago. Enjoy every moment :) x


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