29 March 2015

Trying to think of anything eventful that happened in a week is hard. Especially when nothing eventful happened in a week. To be brutally honest, a lot happened this week, but it's all uni related - think arguments, stress and exams - and let's be honest, that's just boring to talk about!

I've been trying to keep and stick to a blogging schedule this past week, but that didn't turn out as good as I thought it would. I mainly think it's because I have been a bit uninspired lately. One of the reasons being the rainy, stormy and cold spring weather we've been experiencing here in Holland.

To fix my "being uninspired" problem,  I decided to go all out on ASOS. I literally spent all of my money on ASOS getting myself new spring clothes, including boyfriend jeans, another pair of black jeans, and lots of tees and shirts. Like I told you in this blog post I've been loving the military shirts lately, and so I bought two on ASOS. I also plan on getting that gorgeous Topshop Bomber I showed you in my wishlist post. So I literally spent all of my money in one go, but I feel like my inspiration will flow once I get all of these parcels!

So I have told you about me being uninspired and I tried to get some inspiration from other people on instagram, style and fashion blogs and tumblr, which usually works for me. Somehow I am in stuck in such an uninspiring place that all of the usual stuff didn't work. So what I would love to know is; where do you get your inspiration from? 


  1. asos orders are ALWAYS the answer !!!!!!! hope uni gets better xxx

  2. Asos is echt niet goed voor mij haha :P Nou mag ik van mezelf alleen dingen bestellen als ik ze ook echt na de shoot weer terug stuur.. Wat dus niet echt goed lukt voor zover.

    XX www.laurenlouvaine.com

  3. i also love browsing asos for hours and just saving everything i want to buy.
    and searching youtubers is also something i do frequently
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats

  4. I loveee asos but for some reason never actually buy anything there. I definitely need to go back and check their stuff out. Great post! <3

    The Style Roll

  5. Pinterest is my favourite place to go for inspiration. Especially if I don't know how to style something or want to to style something I have in a new way. Even if it's just a white shirt, typing that in and seeing how other people have styled it can be great!

    Style and Well Being


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