30 April 2015

Weekday khaki shortsTopshop white shortsTopshop black camiTopshop camel duster coatRay-Ban Aviator sunglasses, Quay Australia My Girl sunnies,
Weekday white turtleneck topCharlie Middleton bagRay-Ban Icons sunglasses,Converse All Stars trainers, Nike Air Thea trainersWeekday leather shorts

Time's quite literally flying by and before you know it, it will be summer and we'll all be on a summer holiday sipping cocktails at the beach while watching the sun set. Ahh that sounds quite tempting doesn't it? Anyway, I need to get myself some summer things to get into the whole holiday mood, so I've been browsing around on the internet and found a few items I absolutely adore and would love to get my hands on before I go on holiday, which is a good three months away; but hey we need to plan ahead, am I right?! ;)


29 April 2015

Topshop bomber jacket, H&M T-shirt dress (similar), Adidas Superstar trainers, Céline sunnies

This dress used to be my absolute favourite thing last summer. I am a big fan of the T-shirt dresses like I always point out when I wear one. I love how comfortable they are and I happen to think that they are quite flattering for my body. The bomber jacket however, isn't that flattering for my body, but hey, I really wanted one and to be completely honest, it isn't the most flattering item of clothing on any kind of person! The bomber jacket has been given a little two-day break as it now smells of beer and cigarette smoke from a night celebrating the King's birthday.


26 April 2015

This week turned out to be a bit more hectic than expected. I had uni, went to a press day, planned a quick trip to Amsterdam to get birthday presents for a friend and had more uni. Uni was hectic so we ended the week of stress on Friday while lounging at a beach club.

On Tuesday I decided to go to the Blosh PR press day and I quickly had to switch from S/S to A/W Season to look at all the clothes, shoes and accessoires. After a quick browse I fell completely and utterly in love with this leather jacket from a brand called Suncoo and I kind of feel the need to buy the jacket when it's the right time of year! ;)

I really had to switch back to the S/S set of mind after the press day as it's going to be summer soon. So before I get ahead of myself and decide that I want autumnal weather so I can wear layers again, I decided to do a little spot of shopping at Topshop with a friend to get some more summer appropriate pieces. I am really getting into the summer state of mind and am trying to gradually build up a summer appropriate closet including lots of whites, blacks and greys. So summer, if you don't mind, just start showing your face so the legs can come out and play in summer whites, blacks and greys!


25 April 2015

Episode vintage jacket (similar), ZARA tee, ASOS jeans, H&M shoes, Céline sunnies

Every now and again I tend to wear colours. Not often, but it can happen. So when I wore an all black outfit the other week, I decided I wanted to wear colour. I picked up this really old Episode vintage camo jacket that I found lying around in my closet and decided to work it. Especially since I am loving the whole khaki trend but don't have that much khaki in my wardrobe, I opted for camo. Which, I think, looks pretty alright! I used to wear this jacket all day every day about two/three years ago, but then grew sick of it! But I think it's allowed to make a few more appearances on the blog.


21 April 2015

ZARA tee, Mango trousers, H&M shoes, QUAY x Shay Mitchell sunnies, watch was a gift 

I decided to dress up like a little boy. At least I felt like I was a little boy wearing this outfit. The trousers and the shoes made me feel a lil' boyish and the white tee made it casual. I am a big fan of the androgyn looks on other people, the simplicity and manliness is just a dream. But I never really thought it would suit me, as most of the people who rock this look have lusciously long legs and don't have the big bottom I have. So with this outfit I am slowly but surely getting out of that comfort zone of being afraid of the boyish look and I think I like it! 


20 April 2015

H&M (old) coat (similar) and dress (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Black Five bag, Céline sunnies

I have had the day off today and Mondays really aren't so bad when you don't have any obligations. So today I spent most of my day relaxing and working my tan. Of course I had to go out bare legged, because, as you can see, my legs are really pale and they really need to get a bit of a tan too. I have been loving soaking up all the vitamin D lately and it kind of made me want to dress up in lots of light colours. Which could be considered as a first! Both of the things I am wearing are form last years collection from H&M and now that I am obsessed with wearing t-shirt dresses I am kind of hoping to still get across one of these because it's the perfect fit and length for me! 


19 April 2015

Today has been spent with my brother, we went into town, grabbed a coffee, catched up and eventually ended up in Zara because I had to pick up my order of basic t-shirts. Classic. Then we went to an IKEA like store to get some stuff for his house and went home.

Ever since I got home I've been reading about photography in this book that I got in London. It's called Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs by Henry Caroll and I plan on finishing this book tonight! I love learning new stuff about photography and I have this really cool idea for a blog project but it involves quite some camera skills and since I barely know anything about it, this book comes in pretty handy!


17 April 2015

Mango leather jacket, H&M tee, ASOS jeans (similar), Converse All Stars, Ray-Ban clubmaster

I am loving this weather! The sun has been beaming lately and I am so looking forward to summer! It feels like I've really been lacking the sun and the vitamin D this winter, so it feels really good to just enjoy days in the sun, relaxing and trying to build up that tan! Dressing appropriate for this weather is something I have to work on though. I honestly love my black jeans and leather jacket, but those can get quite warm from time to time. Luckily enough I will be able to wear black jeans until summer as Dutch spring and summers really aren't that unbearable in black jeans, and besides that I also mostly wear jeans with ripped knees, so my knees never seem to burn away in my jeans! Anyway, summer I am so ready for you!!!


16 April 2015

Topshop bomber jacket, H&M t-shirt dress (similar), Converse All Stars trainers, Céline sunnies

The sun has really been showing its face lately and yesterday was the first real day that I felt like getting my legs out. We hit the 20 degrees celsius, which is a big deal for us Dutchies in spring. So I spent most of my day yesterday trying to tan! Summer's really getting close now, especially since we're talking about June already at uni. Just thinking about summer makes me want to dress up in dresses and jumpsuits again! This t-shirt dress was bought for only €5 at H&M. I somehow come across these t-shirt dresses in H&M that are really cheap and lovely, but whenever I try to buy more online I can't seem to find them anywhere! So I think I might have to take a trip back to H&M to see if they still do this beauty of a t-shirt dress.


15 April 2015

H&M coat and shoes, COS tee (similar), ASOS leather look leggings, Céline sunnies

H&M is absolutely rocking it at the moment. I am loving their coats and jackets and am hoarding all of their basics for summer and let's not forget about their shoes. Yes I am talking about these shoes again. I just can't help it. I am utterly and completely in love with these shoes and after eyeing this beauty of a coat up in H&M for a good month and a half I also decided to cave and get this coat, because let's be honest. It's absolutely gorgeous isn't it?! Expect the coat and the shoes on the blog a lot more. A lot lot more. H&M you are killing it with your items and I am afraid to go back.


14 April 2015

Have you ever spotted a girl in your town wearing something that you absolutely love and really want to get, but never asked her where she got it? Same. About a month ago I saw this girl at the train station wearing these gorgeous shoes that I needed to own. Sadly enough she was gone before I could ask her where she got them. So I made it my mission to hunt these down. I asked my friends, I hunted down all of the shops bigger "high street" shops in town and then I stumbled upon H&M while browsing online. I happened to look at the shoe section and then I stumbled across them. At first I couldn't believe that they were the shoes I was looking for, but then remembered all of the details and was pretty sure that this was the exact same shoe!

So I quickly decided to order them and they arrived fairly quickly. Turns out that not only they are absolutely beautiful, they also happen to be very comfortable! Something H&M seems to be getting right every time I buy my shoes there!


13 April 2015

Mango leather jacket, SheInside jacket*, H&M tee (similar), ASOS jeans, ZARA bag and shoes, Céline sunnies

Black is something I'll always be able to wear, even when it's starting to come to spring and it's getting a bit too hot to wear this many layers. Black is timeless and you honestly can wear black throughout the whole year. The only thing I'm struggling with right now is to find the balance of black. I am still in that "winter" state of mind and the weather shares that state of mind, so I am mostly going back to layers and layers, but we're really getting close to summer now, so I really need to look into some more black spring summer essentials to change the whole black outfit up a bit.


12 April 2015

Hello! I spent most of my weekend in Amsterdam and it was lovely. I went to Amsterdam on Friday with a friend of mine to do some shopping and eventually ended up eating frozen yoghurt on a little bench near the canals because the weather was so good! Afterwards my friend and I went to my cousin who just moved house in Amsterdam. We chilled on her roof terrace and we had a little BBQ and lots of wine.

Funnily enough I was talking about how there aren't any black smears on my Adidas Stan Smith trainers in this post, but it turned out that my trainers weren't able to survive a day in Amsterdam  because there's a big black smear on my trainers that I now need to start cleaning.

Now that my exams are over I feel a lot less stressed than the weeks before and I also feel a lot more inspired than I was feeling last month. I think it might be the transition into spring/summer weather. I feel refreshed I can't wait to start blogging and get all of my ideas out! So even though we're already halfway through April, I am ready to write down my ideas and translate them into blog posts on the blog!


10 April 2015

Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Zara White fragrance, Benefit Roller Lash mascara*, Quay x Shay Jinx Desert Leopard sunnies, & Other Stories Mediterranéen body lotion (on sale now!!)

How can it possibly be April already?! I can't quite believe how fast the year is going by! It'll be May next month, which means that summer is just around the corner too! Let's keep the rambles about how fast the year is going for The Sunday Post and get back to the main thing in this post: my five favourites of March!

First favourite, obviously, my Adidas Stan Smith trainers. I honestly wear them all the time! They're my go to pair of trainers when I am in a rush; which seems to be my life story lately. I am also pretty surprised that my trainers are this clean. I would have thought they would be black by now since I wear them so much, but it turns out that this klutz can actually pull of white trainers.
Although I do have a good old black smear on my Adidas Superstars because I totally made a fool out of myself at the train station the other day. I tripped while walking up the stairs and my pretty white Adidas Superstars aren't that pretty and white anymore. And let's not talk about the big old bruise that is shining on my shin.

Next is this Zara White fragrance. I am a big lover of Zara's cheap fragrances. Great for my wallet. Great for throwing into your handbag. No but really. This Zara White fragrance is my "spring/summer" fragrance. I discovered it last Summer and I. am. hooked. I absolutely adore this and would recommend giving it a little sniff if you're in Zara.

I am really picky when it comes to mascara's. I have long lashes, but don't have a lot of volume, so I'm always looking for mascara's with as much volume as possible. When I was at the Benefit Roller Lash event in February I got given the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara to try out. Let's just say that I have been hooked on this mascara ever since! I absolutely adore the formula and I love the look it gives me. I think I might actually be running low on this mascara, which means I have to go out and purchase it, and I'm also thinking about writing a little review about it.

These sunnies give me life. These sunnies are from the Quay X Shay Mitchell collection and I am in love. Literally. I honestly love the look, shape and feel of these Quay sunnies. March wasn't as sunny as I thought it would be, but as soon as I saw just the slightest ray of sunshine I got this badboy out and got lots of compliments on it.

Lastly I've got to get that body moisturized and those legs need to look good. I am going to be brutally honest right now. I hate moisturizing and I hate it even more in winter. I tend to just avoid taking care of my body when it comes to moisturizing. Dry legs aren't really that appealing though, I felt a need to change this, so I started moisturizing my legs, and all the other parts of my body too FYI, and now my body smells of holidays and is moisturized. It gets me sooooo excited for my summer holiday!

Righty, so those are five of my favourites. What products or clothes have you been loving during March?


7 April 2015

H&M jacket (similar), Topshop top, ASOS boyfriend jeans, Forever 21 heels (similar), Quay x Shay Mitchell sunnies

Boyfriend jeans are new to me. Well not new to me as in - haven't heard of them before - way, but as in - you could actually wear them and not look like the worlds smallest person! - kind of way. And I think I like them. No, they are not the most flattering jeans, but they sure as hell are comfortable and I haven't stopped wearing them since I got them! Boyfriend jeans might become my thing this upcoming season!