2 April 2015

HAPPY APRIL!! Summer is less than two months away and I honestly can't wait to get my tan on again! But before I get all excited about summer, I have to deal with horrendous April showers. So since the weather lately has been horrific and annoyingly bad to take outfit photos, I decided it was time for that monthly instagram post!

Sundaze; Happy March! | Got myself a new phone! | Throwback to pretty Amsterdam last week. ALso got my drivers license today! | Can't wait for summer with these beauties | Just shot this outfit (find it here)

Obligatory selfie with my new sunnies | Such a relaxing Sunday munching on macarons! | Today's essentials | Being lazy on a Sunday | Get yo knees out! Happy St Patricks day!

Here's what I wore today! Another uni day, another casual outfit! | New favourite little corner in my room! This body lotion literally smells like a holiday! | So The Script was bloody amazing! | Sundaaaaze | Casual Monday! Came across my Vans and thought that I should start wearing them again!

Feeling my look today! | I seem to have a new favourite corner in my room every week | Running on three cups of coffee and about three hours of sleep! At least the guy in Starbucks was loving my leather jacket haha! | Chaos inside my head! Stress levels through the roof! | I really enjoy these! 

- I just remembered that that last photo was taken on the first day of April. Like I said; It's chaos inside my head ;) - Remember to follow @styleandsushi on instagram to have a sneak peek into my life! 


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