26 April 2015

This week turned out to be a bit more hectic than expected. I had uni, went to a press day, planned a quick trip to Amsterdam to get birthday presents for a friend and had more uni. Uni was hectic so we ended the week of stress on Friday while lounging at a beach club.

On Tuesday I decided to go to the Blosh PR press day and I quickly had to switch from S/S to A/W Season to look at all the clothes, shoes and accessoires. After a quick browse I fell completely and utterly in love with this leather jacket from a brand called Suncoo and I kind of feel the need to buy the jacket when it's the right time of year! ;)

I really had to switch back to the S/S set of mind after the press day as it's going to be summer soon. So before I get ahead of myself and decide that I want autumnal weather so I can wear layers again, I decided to do a little spot of shopping at Topshop with a friend to get some more summer appropriate pieces. I am really getting into the summer state of mind and am trying to gradually build up a summer appropriate closet including lots of whites, blacks and greys. So summer, if you don't mind, just start showing your face so the legs can come out and play in summer whites, blacks and greys!


  1. Dat bicker jackje! Ja hopen dat het snel weer zonnig wordt!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  2. Love the leather jacket! I wish Topshop was more common around the U.S.!

    The Style Roll


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