14 April 2015

Have you ever spotted a girl in your town wearing something that you absolutely love and really want to get, but never asked her where she got it? Same. About a month ago I saw this girl at the train station wearing these gorgeous shoes that I needed to own. Sadly enough she was gone before I could ask her where she got them. So I made it my mission to hunt these down. I asked my friends, I hunted down all of the shops bigger "high street" shops in town and then I stumbled upon H&M while browsing online. I happened to look at the shoe section and then I stumbled across them. At first I couldn't believe that they were the shoes I was looking for, but then remembered all of the details and was pretty sure that this was the exact same shoe!

So I quickly decided to order them and they arrived fairly quickly. Turns out that not only they are absolutely beautiful, they also happen to be very comfortable! Something H&M seems to be getting right every time I buy my shoes there!


  1. Heel erg mooi! Zijn ze nou zwart of bruin?

  2. Ahhh wat een heerlijk gevoel dat je ze hebt gevonden na zo'n zoektocht! Ze zijn echt heel leuk ja :D

  3. Love the shoes! Can't wait to see how you pair it in your outfits!! <3

    The Style Roll


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