24 May 2015

Oh The Sunday Post... It has been a while. The past two Sundays were spent either in bed or ripping pages out of magazines for school projects. I have come to the end of my term and that means being kinda stressy!

This week has been quite eventful. I spent my days on trains and even went to a museum! We have this project at school that involves going around town and having to write about it later on. Naturally I chose to go to something I actually enjoy; 1-2-3-4 by Anton Corbijn. It's an exhibition of all of the bands and singers Anton Corbijn photographed. It was such a lovely and inspiring exhibition, that I highly recommend seeing that if you're in The Netherlands and specifically in The Hague during this time of the year!

Other than going to art exhibitions I haven't really done anything else! I have been stuck to school lately and if I'm not busy with school I usually try to relax as much as possible. So just a few more weeks to go until I officially have my summer off! I can't wait for my summer off, so I can go spend some

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