31 July 2015

MANGO leather jacket (similar), ZARA dress, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Monki bag

Does it look like I am off to play tennis or what? To me it looks like I am off to play (stylish) tennis right about now. It totally has to do with the cut of this dress styled with these shoes. I used to play tennis when I was little, and always wore dresses like these. Tennis was my obsession. Then I got an ankle injury, got too lazy to play it again and never wore a tennis dress again. Until now! This isn't a real tennis dress, but the cut of this dress brings back so many memories. There's always room for new "memories" so there's another one of my obsessions included in this dress. Stripes. If you know me, you probably know by now that I am obsessed with stripes. You could say that I own nearly every striped top that's being sold in Zara. 


30 July 2015

ZARA tee, MANGO skirt (similar), Sacha boots, Stradivarius bag 

It kinda feels like autumn in The Netherlands. One minute it's raining, the next minute I am being blinded by sun, but then feel the raindrops falling on my face again. It's not that cold though, so that's the weirdest bit. I run errands in my leather jacket but end up being way too hot. The weather is weird and I am done with it. I could really use a holiday in a warm country right about now. So while I am counting down the days until my holiday and am slowly but surely packing my bits and bops I am listening to the Sunny Day playlist on Spotify to make up for the worst summer weather ever. 


29 July 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA dress (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Mango bag

This outfit might not be something you would expect on me. Of course the leather jacket and the Stan Smith trainers are a trademark of mine, but this dress is very unlike me. Like I said in yesterday's post I am creating a weakness for all things crochet/boho-y. This dress for example gives me a very feminine vibe and it is very feminine. I wanted to emphasize the femininity by also wearing a red lip. I decided to go for my favourite red lipstick from Sleek called Russian Roulette which has been a little dupe for the NARS Jungle Red I plan on buying when I'm in Sephora this summer.. To finish it off I added some kind of boy-ish vibe into the outfit by wearing my leather jacket. It makes it look like me. 


28 July 2015

ZARA top (similar), Noisy May shorts, Monki bag, Forever21 heels (similar)

I think I might have hit that phase of summer where I am starting to like all the crochet kinds of things in store. Crochet can be quite expensive from time to time and I don't really understand why as it usually doesn't contain that much fabric as a jumper. But I love crochets and one of my friends, who has this perfect beachy/boho summer style totally got me into this. So all I've been looking at lately is crochet, and I might have found a few items I absolutely adore. I found this top in the Zara sale and thought it was so cute. It's perfect for summer, but I can totally wear this during autumn with jeans. I feel like now that I invested in way too many basics, I can finally start getting a few other items. This item might just be the first of many things. 


26 July 2015

Sacha shoes

I have been looking for a pair of kinda manly shoes for such a long long time now and every time I came across a pair, there was always one thing off with the shoes. It just wasn't right. Until my eye fell on these Sacha shoes. When Sacha sent me their summer gift box they included lots of goodies such as SPF, a lip balm, lots of gorgeous accessories and a gift card from Sacha. So I immediately picked these up and waited for them to arrive. Me being excited me, I immediately started shooting outfit photos with these shoes, but I think these deserve their own little post. I can't wait to wear them more and I already have so many outfits with these shoes planned and planted inside my head! 


23 July 2015

Like I said in my last recipe post I love drinking cold and refreshing drinks during the summer. So believe it or not, here I am, with another recipe post. In this post I am going to be showing you this homemade lychee and ginger iced tea. This recipe will make about 1,5 liters of iced tea.

- 4 tea bags of jasmine tea
- 1250 ml boiled water
- 1 can of lychees in syrup
- At least 100 grams of ginger
- 3 limes


22 July 2015

Primark jacket (similar), ZARA cami (similar), ASOS jeans (similar), SACHA shoes*

Ahhh boyfriend jeans. My favourite jeans to wear during summer. They're breezy and they look good with trainers or heels. I decided to go for my new Sacha shoes instead to give of a bit more of a boyish look. Because all of this could make me look like a man, I decided to pair it with a cami top with a v-neck to bring back a little bit of feminine back into the outfit. 

At first I found it very difficult to combine boyfriend jeans. Everyone knows that I am not the skinniest person in the world and I also am not the tallest person in the world. Both things are usually needed for rocking boyfriend jeans. But I am starting to find different ways to wear boyfriend jeans and start to enjoy the look of them on me a lot more nowadays. So I am hoping to prove whoever thought that boyfriend jeans can only be worn by skinny and tall people wrong. 


21 July 2015

ZARA tee, Monki shorts (similar), MANGO bag, Forever21 heels 

Here's another first. Me wearing a pattern. I can't remember the last time that I wore something, anything patterned (other than stripes of course). I've been slowly trying to make a list of things that I may or may not want to bring with me on holiday and with that also comes the looking through all of last year's summer clothes. That's where I found this lil' gem. I completely forgot about it and may or may not have fallen in love with them again.

So here's one to my closet. Which seems to hold a lot more clothes than I imagined, as I have been rediscovering clothes way too much lately.


20 July 2015

MANGO leather jacket (similar), Forever21 dress, New Look heels (similar)

It's rare that I love dresses, as I definitely am more of a 'jeans and tee' kind a gal. But weirdly enough, I have been loving dresses lately. I don't know what has gotten into me lately, but all I have been looking at in the sale department online and in-store were dresses. I think it's because of few amazingly hot days we've been having this summer. Especially during summer you see more girls in dresses. Some of the girls I follow on social media, like Instagram, get their legs out and show them off in dresses. So blogs, instagram and other social media have influenced me a bit too much, but I don't mind and I'm sure Forever21, ZARA and Mango don't mind either.


19 July 2015

I always get this need to try out really yummy and refreshing drinks during summer. Iced coffee usually is my go-to product, but drinking 4-5 iced coffees a day isn't really that good for me. I became very shaky and pretty much was high on caffeine so I had to think of something different. Therefore I decided to go for a watermelon drink.

I had never made a watermelon drink myself, but absolutely love drinking watermelon infused water at my friend's place, I go for watermelon infused iced teas and other watermelon drinks, so it was about time that I started making my own. Scavenging the internet for some inspiration, I ended up creating this drink. It's super easy and only consists of two ingredients.

For this recipe all you need is:
1/2 lemon
1/8 watermelon

All you need to do is cut up the watermelon into little "cubes" and remove the little seeds that are in the watermelon. Once you're done cutting up the watermelon and removing your seeds, you put all of the watermelon in a blender. I used my Nutribullet for this. 

Then juice your lemon. I wasn't sure how to juice my lemon, so I just grabbed my old skool orange juicer s and juiced it like that. Add the lemon juice into your blender. Put the lid on and blend until it has a drinkable consistency. I added a shit load of ice cubes to make it really yummy and cold.

It was so refreshing and it has been my go-to summer drink during the heatwave two weeks ago and on the warmer days. I absolutely love drinking this juice.


18 July 2015

ZARA blazer (similar) and t-shirt, ASOS jeans, Sacha shoes*

I wore this outfit the other day when I went and hung out with one of my bestest/oldest friends. We hopped onto his scooter and just drove around town and kinda did some sightseeing! Normally I would wear a leather jacket with this outfit but it was a bit too humid for a leather jacket, so I opted for the blazer instead. To give my outfit a bit more of a twist I decided to add these really lovely shoes from Sacha. They aren't really shoes I would normally go for and I don't have shoes that look like these, so when I decided to pick these I absolutely fell in love with them. I already have a few ideas of how I could style these babies I'm sure they will make a reappearance soon! 


17 July 2015

MANGO jacket (similar), Forever21 dress (similar), ZARA boots, Monki bag

And the award for wildest hair in the universe goes to me! It looks like I ran through the woods and got stuck in a few branches. Ooops! I absolutely adore this dress that I completely forgot about. I bought it on sale last year in Antwerp and it didn't get enough use last year, so I am hoping to reach towards it a little bit more often now! It's the perfect amount of "girly" for me. So whenever I feel like I look a bit to "girly", I throw on a leather jacket for an instant toughness. 


16 July 2015

ZARA crop top (similar), Noisy May skirt, Forever21 heels, Stradivarius bag

I bought this skirt absolutely ages ago and completely forgot about it. A skirt is never really something I feel confident in, especially flowy, shorter skirts. However, while having a little wardrobe clear out yesterday, I came across this skirt and could picture it with this crop top and these heels. It's a perfect holiday outfit. Imagine being in a warm country and going on holiday. Yes, I can imagine it and I want to be on holiday right about now... This skirt gives me a very holiday-ish vibe, so I'm definitely adding this to the little pile of things I need to bring with me. 


14 July 2015

ZARA shirt (similar), H&M denim shorts (similar), Converse All Stars trainers

Sometimes when I'm out of inspiration for the summer weather I just rummage through my closet and then discover shirts I got like this one. I completely forgot about this one and rediscovered it while having this rummage through my closet. I saw the shirt and immediately created an outfit to go with this shirt. This is another outfit I wore last week when the weather was a little bit better. I am excusing myself for the plaster on my leg if that's the first thing you notice in these photos. If you follow me on twitter you might have seen that I got stitches in my leg on Thursday evening, hence the plaster on my leg. I'm stuck with plasters on and stitches in my leg until next Monday, so sadly enough you probably will see the plaster coming back this week.