8 July 2015

ZARA tee, MANGO shorts (on sale!!), Birkenstock Arizona sliders

Fun fact, I was planning on wearing these shorts tomorrow, so I ironed them just over an hour ago. The iron was too hot and I burned a hole into my new shorts... So obviously I have to get myself a new pair, as these are absolutely gorgeous and only €9,99 at Mango. They give me this safari-like feel. I want to go on a safari with these shorts now.  I wore this outfit last week, when it was lovely and warm. Today kind of feels like autumn. We've had rain. We've had wind. Please summer, come back to me as soon as possible.


  1. Mooie outfit! ik vind alle lichte kleuren zo leuk :)

  2. I always love your outfits, so inspiring always :) the weather where I am has gone all autumn like too, fingers crossed the summer comes back for us both soon! x

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