17 July 2015

MANGO jacket (similar), Forever21 dress (similar), ZARA boots, Monki bag

And the award for wildest hair in the universe goes to me! It looks like I ran through the woods and got stuck in a few branches. Ooops! I absolutely adore this dress that I completely forgot about. I bought it on sale last year in Antwerp and it didn't get enough use last year, so I am hoping to reach towards it a little bit more often now! It's the perfect amount of "girly" for me. So whenever I feel like I look a bit to "girly", I throw on a leather jacket for an instant toughness. 


  1. Heel erg leuk jurkje! Leren jasjes zijn inderdaad perfect voor als je je outfit iets te meisjes achtig vindt haha :)

  2. Love this look, your dress is gorgeous.



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