31 August 2015

ZARA dress (similar), Mango bag, Adidas Superstar trainers, Céline sunnies

I am so sorry for the little blog hiatus I had going on last week. I came back from my holiday in Marbella and only had one week of summer left before going back to uni. Therefore I wanted to enjoy summer as much as I could while it lasted. But uni started today and that means I need to get some kind of structure again. So here I am, with a brand new outfit blog post from my summer holiday in Marbella.

Summer 2015 will always include my love for this dress. I had to bring it with me on holiday to Marbella, as it's such an easy item to wear. I just threw this on when I didn't know what to wear for dinner, popped my Adidas underneath and was pretty much sorted. I literally got dressed and walked out the door without bothering to put make-up on, which pretty much is a "summer holiday perk" in my book.


26 August 2015

ZARA striped tee, Topshop leather shorts (similar), MANGO  bag, Sacha espadrilles, Céline sunnies

I am back from my holiday in Marbella, and managed to shoot some outfits in between all of the tanning and shopping I've done. This is the first outfit I shot in Marbella. It was a casual outfit dressed up with some leather-look shorts. Not really one of the best ideas I have had, since I was boiling in leather, but I liked the outfit. 

It's all back to normal now. I am going back to uni next week and can't believe that summer's nearly over. Although I love summer, I tend to enjoy autumn just as much. I can't wait to start wearing knits, greys and blacks again! 


25 August 2015

ASOS tee, ZARA shorts (similar), Mango bag, H&M sliders (similar)

This outfit is such a comfortable outfit. I rediscovered this tee that I got at asos back in March. Sometimes I just tend to loose clothes for a few months and then stumble across them again. This tee being one of them. 

It has been a few days since I got my hair cut, but I still have not washed it, hence why it's still not like my "normal" hair do. I like having the straight hair, but it feels weird. It doesn't feel like me. So I am planning on washing my hair as soon as possible, so I can style it how I like, aka make it really messy and spray lots of texturising spray in it. 


24 August 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), Primark striped tee, ASOS jeans, ZARA boots

Every now and again I stumble upon an item in Primark that I absolutely adore. This tee is one of those things. My friend was wearing it and it looked soo good on her, so when I asked her where it was from, thinking it was H&M, I was quite surprised when she responded that it's from Primark. We ended up going into town together and that trip into town ended up with me and her buying way too much clothing because we tend to encourage each other into buying stuff. 


23 August 2015

I've really been getting into photography this last year and have been wanting to do a post like this for absolutely ages. I rounded up my friend to start this black and white series. We took an entire day to shoot this and I know my photography skills are far from perfect but I am still learning. I like to think that I am proud of these photos and I am so proud of my friend for being brave to be in front of the camera for once instead of behind the camera. How gorgeous is my model for the day, Rebecca though.

I am hoping that this will be one of the many editorials with friends and hopefully models in the future. I had so much fun shooting and can't wait to come up with a brand new idea. Please be nice about my friend modeling these photos. She probably will be reading all of your comments too!


22 August 2015

ZARA shirt, MANGO shorts, H&M sliders, Monki bag

Ok, so I actually feel like I am off to go on a safari. It's the shorts, in combination with that shirt and let's not forget the sliders. But mostly the shorts. I always wanted to go on a safari and I bet you that if I went on a safari, this probably is what I would wear on a safari. 

As you can see I got my hair cut and it's quite a lot shorter than it used to be. I always have mixed feelings about this particular height, but my hairdresser and I always agree on cutting off a little more than is necessary, as I don't feel like going to the hairdresser every month. I usually go every three months to get it trimmed. 


21 August 2015

Primark coat (similar), ZARA top (similar), Mango shorts, Boohoo shoes (similar), Stradivarius bag

Another all black outfit. This is probably the most comfortable all black outfit I wore this summer. It's because all of the materials, besides being black, are very lightweight and airy.

I wore this outfit when I went into town a while ago, combining this top with these shorts makes it look somewhat sporty. The heels make it a bit more feminine and the coat was a necessity due to me being on the scooter. I tend to dress way too cold on the scooter and paid the price for that. I think I might have a sinusitis in bloody summer! So from now on I will always wear a coat on the scooter. I definitely learned my lesson.


20 August 2015

Primark jacket (similar), Forever21 dress, Mango bag, Sacha ankle boots

And we're back to dresses once again. I can't get over this dress. It just too cute to not wear with a gazillion different coats. So today I decided to style it with my Primark duster coat. I was pleasantly surprised when I put this coat on. I thought that this coat might be cute with this dress, but I think my brain was wrong. I really like this outfit! It's casual chic, perfect for summer!


19 August 2015

Mango shirt (similar), ZARA shorts (similar), Converse All Stars trainers, Monki bag

I got these shorts on a whim at Zara back in May. I had not worn these until last month. They somehow did not look nice on me at when I bought them. I absolutely adore these now though! They're the perfect pair of shorts to put on when I don't know what to wear and these shorts remind me of a pair of shorts my mum used to wear when she was younger. I think it might have been a trend to wear bermuda shorts with a slightly oversized tee. I totally dig that look right now. Who would have thought that my mum's outfit from when she was younger could give me the inspiration to kinda recreate her look?! 


17 August 2015

 Primark coat (similar), All Saints tee (similar), H&M Studio shorts, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, ZARA bag

These shorts are pretty much an statement piece of clothing when it comes to me. They're stripey shorts, not something I normally would go for. But I love these shorts so much due to the fact that they're not something I would wear. They're perfect, they're comfortable, they feel like pyjamas and they may or may not also look like pyjamas, but I don't care at all. They're comfortable and I'm pretty sure that they look quite alright on me. So go H&M Amsterdam for putting that last pair of H&M Studio shorts on sale for €20 in June. I'm in love.


16 August 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), H&M cami top, Mango trousers, ZARA boots

I haven't posted an outfit on Sunday for absolutely ages! I normally would post Sunday Post's on the blog, but I am just going to be brutally honest with you all. My life lately, hasn't really been that exciting! Therefore I thought it would be fun to post an outfit post instead. I am obsessed with these white trousers! I bought them on sale in June and I can't get over how comfy they are. They're made from linen, so that would explain why they are pretty comfortable! The only down thing about these trousers is that I somehow am unable to roll up these trousers and make them look pretty, but I can deal with and can get over that! 


15 August 2015

I absolutely love cooking. The joy of cooking is something I discovered over the last two years. I always like trying out new foods and when I ate my first ever (!) rice paper rolls this summer, I decided that I wanted to make these myself. So here are my vegetarian rice paper rolls.

The ingredients:
- Rice paper rolls
- Bok Choy/Pak Choi
- Tofu (fried)
- Cucumber
- Coriander
- Carrots
- Mint

For the dip sauce:
- Hoisin Sauce
- Cayenne pepper