30 September 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), H&M tee, ASOS jeans, ZARA boots, Forever21 backpack

This is one of those casual outfits I usually wear during the weekend. I usually would wear outfits like this with trainers, but when I was sitting on my bed, looking at all my shoes my eyes skipped to these boots. I bought them in the Zara sale in December of last year and I absolutely adores these back then. Still adore them now. I decided to pair it with my backpack as it's the easiest way to carry stuff around whenever I am hanging out with friends during the weekend.


28 September 2015

H&M coat (similar), Mango shirt (similar), ASOS jeans, Sacha biker boots, ZARA bag

I feel silly admitting this, but I feel so badass when I am wearing these boots. They have this effect on me and I can't help but feel like I am off to ride a motorcycle or something. In reality I drive a Vespa but hey, you get the idea right? I decided to style these boots with a really casual outfit, as the boots are pretty out there with all the buckles. I wore this coat from H&M that I was obsessed with during Spring and am wearing my favourite oversized shirt (see better photo's here). 


27 September 2015

For this Sunday's post I decided to post a few of my A/W collection favourites of Sacha. Seventies are really big right now and we are seeing that in shoes. As you can see in the cognacs and browns are back. I am a big fan of the chunky seventies heel as you can see. Those snake skin boots remind me of some sort of Charlie's Angle meets Totally Spies in a very trendy seventies way and I love it. It's such a good piece that will incorporate a bit of edge into your wardrobe!

I teamed up with Sacha like I said in this post! You will be able to win a pair of shoes of your choice  from Sacha. All you have to do is enter the giveaway here. A little plus is that you also get a 15% discount when you enter the giveaway. So that's a little bonus for when you want to get a pair anyway. You can check out all of their shoes on their website here and you can enter the giveaway I am holding with Sacha here. You're able to enter the giveaway until 7 october.


26 September 2015

H&M coat (similar), Primark shirt (similar),  ZARA trousers, H&M shoes, Mango bag

Every now and again I like to go for an all black outfit. Today's one of those days. Whenever I do wear all black outfit, I tend to also wear this coat. It's one of those go to items whenever I wear a black outfit, because it's easy to style. I bought this coat last year and was so unsure of it, but I feel like this has been one of my best sale buys ever, as I've worn it quite a lot. 


25 September 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA jumper (similar), H&M jeans, Forever21 backpack, Adidas Superstar trainers

I wore this outfit yesterday, when the weather was a whole lot different than today. In my opinion today's the perfect autumn day with clear blue skies and a bright sun. Yesterday was wet, cold and very rainy. I got soaked while driving home from uni. I decided to go for this camel jumper for this dreary day. I bought this jumper around this time last year, but I haven't really worn it because it's so itchy. Wool makes me itch, very much! So I usually wear a tee underneath it to stop myself from dying of itchiness. Also, how pretty is my new backpack? It's from Forever21 and a total Stella McCartney Falabella backpack look-alike, but I love it!


24 September 2015

Weekday coat, Weekday top, Topshop trousers
Acne Studios scarf, Vans Old Skool trainers, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Autumn officially started somewhere this week and with that comes the autumn dressing. Therefore I decided to make a wishlist. This wishlist is a little different than my usual wishlist posts as this actually is a complete outfit instead of a few items of clothing. Are there any things you'd love to buy for autumn/winter or are some of the items on this wishlist on your wishlist too?


23 September 2015

ZARA blazer, Mango tee, ASOS boyfriend jeans (similar), Monki bag, Sacha boots

I went for this really comfortable outfit during the weekend. I like wearing something that's comfortable during weekends as you just want to hang out and chill. To dress it up a bit more I decided to also wear this Zara blazer and these Sacha boots. Such comfortable items that instantly dress up an outfit. Speaking of Sacha boots, you can still enter in my giveaway with Sacha here. Or enter via the direct link that can be found here. You have until the 30th to enter!


21 September 2015

Weekday shirt (similar), Mango trousers (similar), H&M shoes, Stradivarius bag, Daniel Wellington watch

Dreary weather tends to influence my mood and I was just done with it. So I decided to go all out and wear an all white outfit to make influence a bright and some kind of sunshine into my day. I completely forgot that I own these trousers from Mango. I got them on sale about two months ago  at Mango and never really wore them because I was scared of getting them dirty and because I would end up looking like a ghost. Now that I am a bit more tan I decided that this white colour would bring the tan, or what is left, out even more. So I decided to just wear them out, because clothes are meant to be worn. I am so happy I did because this instantly lifted my mood! It's like this dreary weather weight was being lifted off of my shoulders. Isn't it weird how clothes and weather can influence your mood so much? Or am I the only one suffering from those two problems?


20 September 2015

Food festivals seem to be around a lot during this time of the year. I've been to two already and I still have one food festival planned. Last week I went to TREK, a food festival near my house. I went with my cousin and I don't think we ever ate this much food. We always split our food so we can have more food so we had paella, burgers, hotdogs and tortilla's. Just thinking about it makes me all full again.

If you're ever aware of a food festival happening around you, I'd say go!! It's so much fun to taste all these different foods and just hang around people. We went home when it started raining, but luckily enough we got to see a little bit of sunset with all the fun little lights. It gives such a fun and yet relaxed atmosphere that I just absolutely love, but that might just be because I love food so much. Maybe being around this much food has that effect on me.

Have you ever been to a food (truck) festival before?


19 September 2015

COS tee, Primark culottes (similar), Forever21 heels, Mango bag

It's that time of the year. It's time for Fashion Weeks all around the world. Going to London Fashion Week has been a dream of mine for so long. So I started thinking, what if I was able to go to London Fashion Week, what would I wear? I started rummaging around in my closet and came to the conclusion that something like this probably would be one of the first outfits. A pair of culottes combined with a simple tee and some chunky heels. So while London Fashion Week is in full swing, I try to catch up on all the shows via livestreams while still dreaming to be there one day. 


18 September 2015

Primark coat (similar), ZARA old tee (similar), ASOS jeans, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Mango bag

For this Friday I decided to go for a really easy to combine outfit. Just some black jeans with an old tee I found lying around in my closet somewhere. I remember buying this tee around this time last year and it brings back so many memories. I bought it with one of my best friends who really cheered me up after going through a bit of a hard time. It's so funny how certain items of clothing bring back a certain memory! 


17 September 2015

Topshop bomber jacket, H&M dress, ZARA boots (similar), Mango bag

I haven't worn this dress, this bomber jacket and these boots in such a long time. Now that it's starting to get autumn, I feel like I get to go back into my closet and find old gems. I absolutely loved these boots during winter last year so I am so excited to start wearing them during the season. I look forward to styling these boots with knits and lots of other autumnal items. I am spending most of my time on the internet trying to hunt down some good and most of all affordable chunky knits as I am still kinda stuck in a "I don't think I have anything to wear in Autumn" state of mind. Anyone with me? 


16 September 2015

All shoes are from Sacha

I have a really fun giveaway planned for today. Since I am absolutely in love with Sacha shoes, I teamed up with Sacha for a giveaway. We're giving away a pair of shoes of your choice! You can have a little look at their website here. All you have to do is click on this link and fill in the information that's needed on this page that was especially made for Style and Sushi. That's it! You have until 7 October to enter this giveaway! 

Good luck! Let me know if you've participated in the giveaway! :)


15 September 2015

August went by in a blink and we're halfway through September already. I don't know where this year's going but it is going by fast! Before I just completely forget about my August favourites at all I decided to quickly write up this post! I was away on holiday most of August, so I only had limited stuff with me while I was away, so these might have been shown in previous five favourites posts already.

The first thing I've been loving in August and am in fact still loving is the L'oreal extraordinary oil. This kinda is a serum for your face and I absolutely love this. I used this while I was away on holiday and really noticed how dry my skin was feeling because of the flight. So when I used this I started seeing a difference the next morning. I love how it gives me some extra moisture without making it too oily which can lead to breakouts.

Next is my Canon 50 MM F1.8 lens. I don't know why I did not buy this lens before, but man I am in love. I love the quality of the photos I took with this lens.

I had to bring my next favourite with me on holiday. This book called Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll. This book has been in favourites before, but I usually read just one chapter of this book. During my holiday I finally read the whole book and I felt so inspired to take all these photographs while I was way on holiday.

This next favourite is something I bought while I was away on holiday. I completely forgot to bring any lipsticks with me so I went out and had a little browse in a beauty store. I stumbled upon this Bourjous Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in colour 7 Nude-ish. I love this colour as it's kinda the perfect nude for me, but it's matte! Pretty perfect if you ask me!

My last favourite are these leather espadrilles from Sacha. I have worn them non-stop when I was away on holiday and didn't feel like wearing my Birkenstocks. They are so comfortable due to their rubber sole and I was after a pair of leather espadrilles ever since the beginning of this year. So when I stumbled upon these I knew I would wear them pretty much all summer.

So that's what I have been loving during August. I would love to know if you have any recommendations I should check out and what you have been loving during August.