30 November 2015

Primark coat, ZARA jumper (similar), ASOS leggings (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers

If you've been seeing my past couple of wishlists, you probably will have noticed some kind of pattern. In every wishlist post I posted on my blog I included a grey coat for the autumn/winter season. So when I hopped into Primark the other day and saw this cute grey coat, I just had to pick it up to satisfy my "grey" needs. However I do think that I might just have to get myself another grey coat, because I am obsessed with everything grey at the moment. 


27 November 2015

Asos is that kinda shop that I personally shouldn't spend too much time on, as all of the things that are in my shopping bag usually add up to a ridiculous amount I can't even spend. But when I do go and have an extensive browse at Asos, I usually end up with an endlessly long wishlist like this. 


26 November 2015

LOF Boutique coat (similar), Monki shirt (similar), Forever21 leather look leggings, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Mango bag

Ahh, the return of this coat. I can't remember the last time when I wore this coat, but I sure know that it has been a while. Now that it's getting colder again, I thought that it was about time that I got this coat out again. It somehow makes every outfit look even more chic than usual. I combined this coat with a navy shirt that I got from Monki in London at the beginning of this year and wore some leather look leggings.


25 November 2015

Primark trenchcoat, Weekday shirt (similar), H&M trousers (similar), Sacha shoes

How good is Justin Bieber's new album? I listened to it in the tram this morning. I was never a fan of Bieber before, but I have to admit that his new album is pretty darn good. Am I turning into a belieber?! I am always on the hunt for some new music, so if you have any music suggestions, leave them down below! 


24 November 2015

SheIn jacket, Zara white tee, ASOS jeans, ASOS boots (similar)

I love khaki so I went a bit khaki mad in this outfit. I wore this SheIn jacket that I received in May or April as a cardigan, as it's too cold to wear as a jacket outside nowadays. Underneath I decided to go simple with a plain white tee, some black skinny jeans and my ASOS khaki, croco suede boots. I got these around this time last year, but never really got enough wear out of them. So I decided to get them out once more this year.


23 November 2015

Forever21 leather jacket, Primark jumper, ASOS jeans, Sacha boots, Monki bag

I love combining leather and knits. It's such a good and nicely textured combo. For today's outfit I decided to wear this half roll-neck jumper from Primark with my Forever 21 leather jacket and a pair of jeans. I styled this outfit with my Sacha boots, that are perfect for this weather, because these boots keep my ankles warm. It's been really cold this past weekend, so I also wore a black scarf from H&M when I wore this outfit, but completely forgot to show you the scarf in these photos. 


22 November 2015

So for today's Sunday post I am writing about a few of the things I look forward to until the end of the year. It sounds quite lame, but December probably is my favourite month of the year so I wanted to list all the things I probably will be doing in December that I look forward to.

  • Sightseeing in London
  • Discovering new places in London
  • Finally meeting up with Ellie again! 
  • Doing my Christmas shopping
  • Giving my Christmas presents to everyone
  • My Christmas break
  • Christmas!!!
  • Going to the cinema with friends to watch The Hunger Games
  • Seeing lots of my family and friends in December
  • The Christmas food
  • Getting my polaroid camera out during December
  • Getting a new diary for 2016
  • Grabbing a Hot Chocolate when it's freezing outside
  • Wear beanies because my ears will freeze off
Is there anything you are looking forward to until the end of the year? Are you going away soon or is there anything else that is happening that you've been looking forward to?


21 November 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA tee (similar), ASOS jeans, Converse All Star trainers, Forever21 backpack

I have been running around like crazy lately, juggling uni work, work and my blog, which can be quite stressful from time to time. So when I went to work the other day, I decided to go for a really simple outfit; The tee and black jeans kinda combo, which I seem to live in when I'm a bit stressed. I wanted to be extra comfortable so I decided on pair it with my Converse and my backpack so I didn't have to carry a heavy bag on just one arm. 


20 November 2015

Primark trenchcoat, ZARA tee, ASOS jeans, Sacha shoes, Mango bag

I decided to wear something really comfortable for today's outfit. Fridays still bring back the TGIF moments, and because I am happy that it is Friday, I usually want to wear something comfortable. So I went for a pair of jeans paired with a khaki tee from Zara. I also wanted to get some wear out of my new trenchcoat that I got from Primark the other week, so I did. I love this trenchcoat but I am so gutted that I only got it last week, as it's a bit too cold to wear it out now. So you probably will be seeing this beauty in Spring, when it's a bit warmer outside.


19 November 2015

ZARA coat, ASOS jeans, Sacha boots, Mango bag

I am so annoyed by my hair. I am in desperate need of a haircut and my hair just won't cooperate with me these days. This is the outfit I wore into town the other day, it's my go to outfit whenever I am out and about; an all black outfit, that's all about comfort. The jeans are so comfortable and let's not start about this coat. I am living in this coat, as it looks like a bathrobe and is as comfortable as a bathrobe. 


17 November 2015

Forever21 old coat (similar), Zara roll-neck jumper (similar), New Look leather leggings (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Mango bag

Is that me wearing colour? I know, miracle. I got this camel coat last year at Forever21 and it was such a bargain. I think it was around €30, which is a bargain compared to my Zara and H&M coats. I got so much wear out of it last year, I wanted to keep it hanging in my closet for another year. I decided to pair this camel coat with my chunky roll neck from Zara and a pair of leather look leggings. The perfect combination for a rainy autumn day, like today, or a long day at uni and perfect if you're not really into wearing colours like me!


16 November 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA jumper (similar), Primark culotte, Forever21 heels, Stradivarius bag

It felt completely wrong to write a blog post or post anything fashion related on my other social media after the terrible events that took place last week. These events have left me with a heavy heart so, I decided to not post anything on my social media and blog out of respect for everyone affected by the horrible tragedies that took place. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by these horrible tragedies. 

It's weird writing a blog post about your outfit just a few days after these tragedies, but hopefully blog posts from bloggers can be a little escape for you from all the misery that's going on in the world. What I have learned from these tragedies is that it is very important to be as kind and compassionate to each other as we possibly can. 


12 November 2015

H&M coat (similar), Primark roll-neck jumper, ASOS leather look leggings, ZARA boots and Mango bag

After seeing a jumper similar to this one on this instagram photo, I decided to go on a little hunt in my local Primark. I came across that jumper and really liked this one too. So after getting lost in Primark for a good 45 minutes and nearly giving up hope, I looked up and finally found the jumper. I decided to combine this jumper with a pair of leather look leggings and my amazing boots from ZARA that I bought on sale last year. The perfect autumn outfit for the current weather we've been having!