16 November 2015

Mango leather jacket (similar), ZARA jumper (similar), Primark culotte, Forever21 heels, Stradivarius bag

It felt completely wrong to write a blog post or post anything fashion related on my other social media after the terrible events that took place last week. These events have left me with a heavy heart so, I decided to not post anything on my social media and blog out of respect for everyone affected by the horrible tragedies that took place. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by these horrible tragedies. 

It's weird writing a blog post about your outfit just a few days after these tragedies, but hopefully blog posts from bloggers can be a little escape for you from all the misery that's going on in the world. What I have learned from these tragedies is that it is very important to be as kind and compassionate to each other as we possibly can. 


  1. That culotte pants is amazing! You look gorgeous :)



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