31 December 2015

How is it the last day of the year already? I can't believe how fast this year went by, but it's probably because I spent most of my days of the year filled with love and laughter! 

I've been doing this post for the last three years, and I always think it's fun to see what I wore back in January. It's fun to look back on a year in outfits, which is a fun new way of seeing if you're style has changed during a year. So here are my favourite outfits of 2015.

As of tomorrow, Style and Sushi will have a completely new lay-out. I've been working on a new lay-out for a little while now, and finally got it ready to go. So from 1 January 2016, Style and Sushi will not look like this anymore! I am so excited and a bit anxious to share the new lay-out with you, as Style and Sushi has had the exact same lay-out for as long as I can remember! 

So then there's one more thing I would like to say: I hope you have an amazing 2016, filled with love, laughter and everything else that makes you happy! I appreciate you all dearly and see you next year! 

Happy New Year!


30 December 2015

It's nearly the last day of the year, which is scary. This year actually flew by faster than last year and I thought that it would be fun to make a little post of all of my favourite memories of 2015. And let me tell you, 2015 was quite a special year for me.

In 2015:
  • I finally met my two long lost blogger besties Ellie from Ellie (formerly known as Ellie's Favourite Things) and Islay from Islaay in London in January. 
  • I started at a new university, as I didn't like my old university. I am so happy I decided to change universities as I am much happier now than I was last year around this time of the year.
  • I turned 18!!
  • I got my drivers license!!
  • I went to see The Script live, and they were bloody amazing! That concert was one of my favourites I have ever been to!
  • I went to an exhibition by Anton Corbijn, which was my favourite exhibition ever! This exhibition made me appreciate museums and art a lot more!
  • I went on lots of relaxing walks near or on the beach, which was the best!
  • My family and I went on holiday together and my cousin flew in later. I think this was one of the loveliest holidays I have ever been on!
  • I got to spend lots of time with friends during my summer holiday. I went on picknicks with friends and just spent lots of sunny days in the park. 
  • I got to spend lots of time with my cousins in Amsterdam, as we had multiple girls nights filled with laughter and fun!
  • I had lots of lovely, memorable lunches with my family.
  • I repaired an old friendship, which I am really happy about.
  • I felt lots of love and happiness from all of my family.
  • I really felt the love from all of you lovely people out there! You're always here to show support and that means a lot to me!
In 2015, I most importantly felt the love from all of you lovely people out there who read my blog! You're always here to show support and that means a lot to me! 

So enough about me, tell me, what are your favourite memories of 2015? I would love to hear.


29 December 2015

So I am not really a jewellery kinda person, because I normally can't find jewellery that's affordable and that I like. I came across Jewel Rue about two months ago and absolutely loved their minimalistic jewellery, so I put some on my Christmas Wishlist.

Jewel Rue noticed my Christmas wishlist blog post and were kind enough to send me my two favourite bracelets on their website! Now I am hoping to get myself a Cluse watch and some more jewellery so I can finally pull of that minimal jewellery look that I like! So a huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Jewel Rue for starting my minimal jewellery collection! :)


28 December 2015

Primark trenchcoat, ZARA tee, H&M trousers (similar), Sacha shoes*, Mango bag

I am still recovering from all the Christmas festivities and my trip to London, so I started this Monday slow by running some errands first. I feel like I always need a day or two to recover from hectic family festivities. I decided to wear something really casual, which is this outfit. It's a go to outfit when I don't really know what to wear. I combined it with this bag from Mango, which is on sale right now, to give the outfit some what of a colour!


27 December 2015

Oh hello, it has been a while since my last post! I came back from London Wednesday evening and I feel like I dived straight into Christmas. I ran some errands and did some last minute Christmas shopping on Thursday, aka Christmas Eve, which I think is so bad, as I could have gotten all the gifts earlier on, but leaving this until the last minute is a bad habit of mine!

So when I got home I quickly got ready for the Christmas Eve dinner with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, then on Christmas Day I spent the day in my Christmas pyjama's watching Christmas movies with my parents and ended up eating lots of yummy Christmassy food. Then in Holland we also have '2nd Christmas Day', instead of boxing day, which was yesterday and my whoooole family and I, i.e. my parents, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles and the extended family ended up having a Christmas lunch at such a lovely restaurant.

It is safe to say that I am pretty exhausted from this exciting and hectic week. I'll share some of my London photos soon in a London photo diary blog post, so keep your eyes peeled for that next Sunday!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas full of love and laughter!



21 December 2015

ZARA coat, Pull & Bear jumper (similar), ASOS jeans, Adidas Stan Smith trainers

Being comfortable is something I am so up for, especially on Mondays. So when I go this jumper during the Black Friday sale I couldn't be happier. It's the softest, cosiest jumper I have gotten in a while and have been wearing this jumper constantly. I decided to wear the jumper with my favourite black jeans from ASOS and this cozy, bathrobe-like coat, which I also got on sale last year. Bathrobe-like coats are the perfect kind of coats when you're not feeling your Mondays, like I do most days. 


20 December 2015

I have been running around all day today, as I have so many things to do before I leave for London tomorrow morning. I planned on getting lots done and I did most of my to do list, so I will be having a Sunday evening relax session.

When I'm in London I plan on taking lots and lots and lots of photos with my friends. If you want to stay up to date with my life you could always follow me on instagram, which is @styleandsushi. I created this hashtag #styleandsushigoestolondon and you could follow me on snapchat if you're interested. My username on there is lauragroenewoud. See you soon!


19 December 2015

ZARA coat, ZARA tee, ASOS jeans, Sacha biker boots, Mango bag (similar)

I am leaving for London this Monday, but feel like I still have lots of things to take care of. So today I ran a few errands, getting my stuff together for London, so I don't have anything stressy to do tomorrow when I also have an endlessly long to do list of things I want to do before I leave. On top of my list is to clean my room, because there's a pile of clothes forming on my ground and it's really starting to bug me!


18 December 2015

ZARA coat, Primark jumper, Forever 21 Men khaki tee, ASOS jeans (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers

I've had such a busy Friday, so I wanted to be really comfortable. I chose to wear a really old Primark jumper, that somehow got a bit shorter than it used to be, with a khaki tee underneath it to keep myself warm. With that I decided to pair my ASOS jeans with the busted knees, that I tend to get out quite a lot when I want to be comfortable. I kinda like how I did not put that much effort into the outfit, but ended up getting compliments on how much they liked this combo! It's when you expect it least, right? ;)


17 December 2015

ZARA turtle neck jumper (similar), ASOS jeans, Mango bag, Adidas Stan Smith trainers

So I've been very festive lately, I am so excited for Christmas. Sadly enough I must have caught someone's flu or something, because I have been having the worst earache and fever since last night. I hate that I become ill just before Christmas and my trip to London, but I am hoping to be better as soon as possible so I can wear turtle neck jumpers like this one again, instead of being in ugly I love .... sweatshirts and my pyjama bottoms.


14 December 2015

LOF Boutique coat (similar), ZARA camel jumper (similar), H&M trousers (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers, BooHoo hat

One of my favourite outfits of the weekend. I love this camel and black combination, especially with the hat. It gives this whole outfit a bit more of an oompf. This outfit pretty much contains all of the comfortable items you would need during the weekend: a hat, a pair of comfy trousers, a big comfy coat and a fluffy jumper. It's an outfit that I definitely want to wear more often and I think I have to start incorporating this hat into more of my outfit posts. 


12 December 2015

Primark coat, Mango old jumper, ASOS jeans, Stradivarius boots, ZARA bag

I've been so out of blogging these past two days due to busy days at uni. Luckily it's the weekend now, and I can be even more comfortably dressed than I normally am. I decided to wear this throw together outfit on Thursday, when I had lots of work to do, but also had to run a few errands. I went for a grey coat, my really old, navy Mango jumper and my favourite pair of ASOS jeans, the Ridley jeans.


9 December 2015

H&M turtle neck jumper, ASOS jeans, Sacha shoes

It's been sooo cold lately! I feel like wearing cosy jumper is the only way to survive the cold nowadays. I am in love with this particular turtle neck jumper that I stole from my mum! It's so cozy and it's from H&M! I love how this turtle neck jumper isn't a full turtle neck jumper. I personally don't have a long neck and I love that these are actually 'half turtle neck jumpers'!


8 December 2015

Primark Snow Drops scented candle, Origins clear improvement face mask, COLAB Monaco dry shampoo, H&M Beauty Caribbean Crush hand cream, Aesop Parsley Seed face mask

I cannot comprehend that we are already at the last month of 2015. November literally flew by. I feel like I blinked once and the month was over. So when a month ends, I usually round up a few of my favourite items of that month and those are the following items:

The Primark Snow Drops scented candle is my first favourite of November. Once the first of October crosses my path I am back into all of the Christmassy scented candles. I have been burning this Primark candle for the past two months now and I just can't get enough of these candles. I think I already went back to Primark around 4 times to get myself a 'refill' of this particular candle.

Next item that is on my five favourite list of November is the Origins Clear Improvement face mask. I've been particularly spotty this past month and this is one of the masks I've been slathering this mask onto my face. It's such a lovely mask that actually tends to get rid of some of my spots, which is what you're after if you're dealing with lots of spots.

I am always on the hunt for a new dry shampoo so when I came across the Colab Monaco extra volume dry shampoo on Feelunique, I just had to put it into my shopping basket. I've been using it lots ever since I received it and I really like it!

At the beginning of November a new H&M flagship store opened in my hometown, so it felt obligatory to pop in and have a little browse at their new beauty range. I decided to pick up two hand creams and the one I've been using lots this month is the H&M Beauty Caribbean Crush hand cream. I really like the smell and it moisturizes my hands, which I needed it for. 

The last thing I have been loving during November is yet another face mask. The Aesop Parsley seed face mask has been saving my face from all the bulky spots I've been having lately. Like I said, my face is acting up so I tend to use this particular mask as a 'spot treatment' to target big pimples on my face, which sounds disgusting, but is the honest truth. 

Is there anything you've been loving during November? Or are there any products that help clear up your skin when you're suffering from pimples?


7 December 2015

We're well into December already so I really quickly wanted to catch you up on my November instagram activity, before I get too much into Christmas and just completely forget that I still have to post this!

A coat that feels and looks like a bathrobe definitely makes Monday's better | Today's necessities | Had the worst tummy ache this morning so I spent my morning in bed with a face mask and vogue | My outfit for today, quickly hopping into town and then have to go to work | I felt that it was obligatory to buy some things from the new H&M Beauty department | Back from my little 2-day break from blogging. I was a bitt ill, but am feeling better already!

These were today's beauty essentials | New funky shoes | Don't forget to look up! | Today's bag essentials | Had guac for lunch today | Yesterday's belated outfit

Making Monday less Monday with Gigi and a face mask | The best kind of boxes | Today's perfect morning situation with my new glasses from Fendi, thank you @eyewishopticiens | I am in love with all the pretty soaps | Fun way to learn new words from all around the world | Making Monday less Monday with pizza for dinner

If you feel like you want to catch up on more of my life then you could always follow me on instagram @styleandsushi. I will be going to London just before Christmas, so keep an eye out for the following hashtags on Instagram if you're excited to see Christmassy and London photos! #styleandsushi #styleandsushigoestolondon 


5 December 2015

I am rather late with all of my Christmas shopping this year, so for all of you who are late like me, here's a little Christmas gift guide with lots of gifts that are under €50. It can be hard buying gifts last minute, my mind usually just goes blank, so here is my Christmas gift guide.

Coffee table books

Something I usually ask for during Christmas is fashion books or other interesting coffee table books. I loooove flipping through books like these and they look good on your coffee table. I picked the following books:
Elements of Style, Humans of New York, Destinations of a Lifetime, Love Style Life


If you're a big lover of tea or coffee like me, mugs are always fun to give or receive. I love aesthetically pleasing mugs and these all do the job for me. I like giving either mugs with initials on it, to make it more personal, or I like giving funny mugs like the one from Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie sell the best mugs!

Phone case

A phone case is one of those things that I personally don't like to spend money on. So giving or asking for one for Christmas is perfect! Especially if you ask for one that's a bit more expensive. I really love the cases I picked above. These are all from the Urban Outfitters website.


Asking for jewellery for Christmas is something I definitely would do if I am out of gift ideas. I am not really a jewellery person, but lately have been getting into silver hardware. I discovered two webshops called Circus Fling and Jewel Rue that sell the perfect, aesthetically pleasing - which seems to be rather important in my life -, jewellery.

Makeup brushes set

A set of makeup brushes is a good gift to give to someone who is just getting into makeup, or to give to someone who just really likes makeup. I love how high quality makeup brushes aren't that expensive. I personally love and own most of the Real Techniques brushes, but had to include this Vintage Cosmetic makeup brushes set, because they look soooo cute!

I like makeup. I like lipsticks. I feel like a red lipstick is the perfect Christmas present to give to your friend or your sister. MAC Cosmetics lipsticks are cheaper than most of these, so if the person you're buying gifts for is more into MAC, I'd say go for that instead!

I hope this helped if you felt a bit uninspired for your Christmas shopping or your Christmas wishlist. Is there anything specific that you're asking for for Christmas?