7 December 2015

We're well into December already so I really quickly wanted to catch you up on my November instagram activity, before I get too much into Christmas and just completely forget that I still have to post this!

A coat that feels and looks like a bathrobe definitely makes Monday's better | Today's necessities | Had the worst tummy ache this morning so I spent my morning in bed with a face mask and vogue | My outfit for today, quickly hopping into town and then have to go to work | I felt that it was obligatory to buy some things from the new H&M Beauty department | Back from my little 2-day break from blogging. I was a bitt ill, but am feeling better already!

These were today's beauty essentials | New funky shoes | Don't forget to look up! | Today's bag essentials | Had guac for lunch today | Yesterday's belated outfit

Making Monday less Monday with Gigi and a face mask | The best kind of boxes | Today's perfect morning situation with my new glasses from Fendi, thank you @eyewishopticiens | I am in love with all the pretty soaps | Fun way to learn new words from all around the world | Making Monday less Monday with pizza for dinner

If you feel like you want to catch up on more of my life then you could always follow me on instagram @styleandsushi. I will be going to London just before Christmas, so keep an eye out for the following hashtags on Instagram if you're excited to see Christmassy and London photos! #styleandsushi #styleandsushigoestolondon 


  1. je foto's zijn zo mooi altijd! alvast veel plezier in Londen :)


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