31 January 2016

Last Wednesday I got invited to a Benefit event in Rotterdam. The invite already gave it away a bit, Benefit is releasing two new products after the succes of their Hoola bronzer. The two products that they will be launching are Hoola Zero Tanlines and Dew The Hoola. I am pretty sure that I will be posting more about these products soon, 'cause I am excited for these products! 

The event itself was really well organised! I arrived a bit late, as my train was delayed, which is a common Dutch train system problem. So I was a bit all over the place and I kind of forgot to take more photos. We were welcomed by the lovely ladies of Benefit at Aloha, a restaurant in Rotterdam. At the event we got to play around with makeup and I catched up on bloggers whom I hadn't seen in such a long time!

I had such a lovely time at this event and I can't wait to test these products and write reviews on them!


  1. The event sounds so nice, and so do the products! I'm constantly pale (or looking like a tomato after 5 minutes in the sun) so I'll be on the lookout for these products :) x Alona


  2. SO excited for the reviews on these products. I've been meaning to get my hands on 'Hoola' for such a long time!Xx


  3. This looks like such a cool event! Everything looks so cute and well put together!

    Grace xxx



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