2 May 2016

I am such a big fan of Instagram. I love expressing my love for photography and interior on there. It's safe to say that I am addicted to Instagram. So here's what I posted on instagram in April.

Current favourite corner of my room | Chocolate for breakfast anyone? Happy Saturday!! | Leather jacket weather | Today on S&S | Caffeine levels have been going through the roof for the past two weeks

Playing around with some makeup bits and bops today | I got these sunglasses as a graduation gift nearly two years ago and I still love and wear them to death | Avocado on toast kinda girl | New post up on S&S! All about my March favourites (link) | Happy Saturday! Love fresh lillies

Shot my S/S 2016 wardrobe essentials just now! (link) | New outfit post up on S&S (link) | Home away from home. Can't wait to be back | Gym check, Opticians check, Uni work check. Such a productive day today! | Makeup bag essentials

New outfit post up on S&S! #Latergram from when I wore this outfit (link) | New spring additions | Sunday down time with @aesopskincare and @portermagazine | So over today, can't wait to get in bed later this evening | Spring feeling

Avocado on rye bread for breakfast | These were todays favourites | Happy Friday! Pretty flowers for spring | The one where I actually smile (link to this outfit post) | Sundaze. Spending my Sunday in bed because I'm not feeling that well 

Today's details | Loving all the shoes at the @sarenza press day! Especially loving these @senso slippers | #throwback to pretty London | Here's a flatlay from last week. Happy Friday, happy weekend! | This outfit post is now up on S&S (link

So that's my bunch of photos that I took during the month of April. My username on instagram is @styleandsushi, but I also use the hashtag #styleandsushi if you ever want to just scroll through all of my photos. 

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