1 May 2016

I got invited to the Sarenza press days in Amsterdam last week. The whole press day was based around 5 trends: Dark Muse, which I am all for, it was all about black shoes and accessoires. Experimental Classics which was kinda like boy meets girl. An androgynous style of shoe, which I personally adore, Sarenza described it as London meets Berlin, which I totally can relate to. Another trend was Origins which basically consisted of gorgeous browns and really pretty animal printed shoes. Another trend that I also liked was the trend Techno Harmony, which consists of bright coloured trainers and the athleisure look I am all for! The last trend was Folk Sharp, it has that boho-y kinda vibe to it and I immediately painted a picture with these shoes of a girl in the desert wearing snake-printed boots with some cut off denim shorts and a big fedora. I am normally not really a fan of the boho-y vibe, but I really was into this trend

There was lots and lots of yummy food, which I always seem to enjoy during press days. Besides the food I also managed to create an endlessly long shoe wishlist for the fall/winter season. My favourites are all pictured above. On top of my wishlist are either these grey and black patched Senso booties or those Senso black slippers. Besides those I am also over the moon with those black suede shoes with the leopard print on top!

All of these gorgeous shoes will be available from August 2016 on Sarenza.nl, I can't wait to get my hands on some of the gorgeous items that I have seen at the Sarenza Press day!

Happy May!


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