17 June 2016

Thirdlove and I teamed up to create a little post that ensures that you take great care of your wardrobe essentials. Since I've been posting lots of essential posts lately, check out my five wadrobe essentials post here and my spring/summer wardrobe essentials post here, it only felt right to post a guide about how to save your wardrobe staples.

We've all been there before, one of your favourite t-shirts got out of the washing machine and it's got a hole in it. A bag that has this weird deformation because you haven't really been taking care of. Or a lace bra that you've ruined in the wash and isn't a lace bra anymore. 

The guide that has been posted below is a little guide with some tips on how to save you wardrobe essentials. Since I am all up for investing in certain essentials, I also had to share a little tip with you that isn't in this guide. 

- One of the things my mum always used to tell me was that I had to put my bra in a washing bag. A little washing bag for your lingerie is a staple in every women's household to ensure the wear of those items. 

The tip that I found most useful one about using baby wipes on your bag, if you want to clean the outside of the leather bags. I never really came up with this idea, as it kinda just scares me to put anything on an expensive leather bag. But since I've worked in a shoe shop in my past, I've come to the realization that leather is like human skin and you have to feed that too with oils and lotions!

Thirdlove also have sent me a coupon code to use if you're looking for new bras to buy. Just use the code STAPLES and you'll get 15% off of your entire order.

*Please note that even though this post was in collaboration with Thirdlove
 I created all the written content myself. Courtesy of the
#SAVEYOURSTAPLES guide goes to Thirdlove

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