12 August 2016

This outfit was a bit of an experiment. Sometimes I plan outfits in my head that aren't specifically in my comfort zone. I usually end up feeling way to conscious to even wear the outfit or it just ends up looking horrible on me, but I feel like this particular outfit kinda worked out. I decided to pair this flared sleeve COS sweater with an old Noisy May skater skirt that I had lying around. I also wanted to bring out these Chucks again as I have had them for over a year, but haven't really worn them that often. So instead of letting them get dusty somewhere in the back of my closet, I decided to just pair them with this outfit instead. I like how these All Stars look with the outfit, as the all black look toughens it up a bit, which I am a big fan of!

What I'm wearing:
COS sweater (similar)
Noisy May skirt (similar)
Converse All Star trainers


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