28 September 2016

Looking back at these holiday outfits is kind of making me miss summer, just a little bit. As much as I have been mentioning how excited I am for autumn, autumn weather and autumn dressing, I just really like summer as it's the season of just being chilled. I just notice that being back at uni just gives me so much more stress again, whereas in the summer, time seems to just pass by a little slower. And whenever I start to notice that things are getting more and more hectic, I start to notice that I appreciate summer for me being able to do just breathe and take some time for me in those three months off of uni. So as of right now, when I am stressed with a few deadlines, I feel homesick to summer, and I feel homesick to my holidays.

What I'm wearing:
Mango shirt (similar)
ZARA shorts (similar)
Birkenstock Arizona sliders
Ray-Ban Clubmaster

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