10 October 2016

It has been ages since I last did a five favourites post. My last five favourites post is from July, which you can find here. But ever since I came back from holiday, I just kind of forgot what I had been loving during the month of August, and now we're in October. So because I basically just didn't really know what I had been loving, I decided to combine my August and September favourites together in this post!

Stradivarius bag
The first thing I have been loving is this Stradivarius bag. I bought it while I was away on holiday and it was such a bargain! Only thirteen euros. In the beginning I wasn't really sure if I would wear this bag often, as I mostly carry my Rebecca Minkoff bag with me, but somehow I managed to forget about my Rebecca Minkoff bag for a month and this was pretty much the only bag that I carried around with me for a month.  

The Marc Jacobs Omega bronzer is yet another purchase from while I was away on holiday. I was strolling around Sephora in Spain and then stumbled upon the Marc Jacobs stand in Sephora. I decided to pick it up, as it was my first Marc Jacobs purchase and I just got sucked into buying it. I absolutely love this bronzer as it has gives me that perfect bronzed look even though I have lost my tan completely and look ghostly pale.

NARS lipstick in Banned Red
Next is this NARS lipstick in the colour Banned Red. I remember when NARS contacted me on instagram saying that they wanted to send me some products in May. I would have never thought that I would love this lipstick colour as much as I do now. I have worn it so much when we went on days/nights out during my holiday to make up for the fact that I barely put on any other makeup. This is such a gorgeous red-brownish colour and I now got my mum hooked on this lipstick too!

Chloe Love Story L'eau de Toilette
This is yet another purchase from when I was away on holiday. I feel like that's what most of these products are. You know how you're at the airport, strolling through duty free and looking at some new fragrances. Well I sniffed this at the airport, decided not to buy it, and ended up buying it for €30 in a Spanish drugstore. I am so happy that I ended up getting this fragrance in the end. It's such a lovely, kind of flowery scent, which isn't what I would normally go for, but am loving right now!

ZARA star shirt
My last favourite is, of course, something I had bought in Marbella as well. I remember trying this shirt on and leaving it because I wasn't really sure that I liked it. But the next time I popped into ZARA (which I did quite often) I just couldn't leave the store without this shirt. I had to get it and I did get it. And I literally have zero regrets at all as I have been wearing this shirt so many times in the past two months already!

So those are the five things I have been loving most during the months of August and September. I would love to know what you've been loving during the past (few) month(s), as I am always willing to try new things! 


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