16 December 2016

Every now and again I change up my makeup routine. Since the last time that I posted about makeup, some base products have changed again. I had to deal with a major breakout, so I had to change up my 'base' once again to see if the BB cream that I had been using was the product that was breaking me out. So here I am once again, with a makeup routine that's kind of different from all of the other ones that I posted, but pretty much the same too.

After I have cleansed my skin with the Kiehls Centella cleanser and moisturized my face with the La Roche Posay Toleriane, which I posted about in my favourite acne clearing products post, I go and move on to my base layer of makeup. I used to use a primer, but I find that the primers I have used in the past may have also been one of the reason that I broke out in the first place, so I am still looking for a good primer to put on as a barrier between my skin and my makeup.

The base
So I am constantly playing around with my base makeup products. I have noticed that certain products tend to break out my skin a bit more than other products. In the past I had been using a lot of BB creams, but I decided to go back to my favourite high school product, which is the Laura Mercier Mineral Loose Powder in the shade Real Sand. I use this on its own at the moment, as I feel like it has the perfect amount of coverage for me, I don't want to clog my pores as much as I used to, so a powder does the trick for me for now.

Once I have put on my powder, I move on to the next product in line, which is a bronzer. I always use bronzer to warm up my face a bit more. At the moment I'm using this Soap and Glory Solarpowder bronzer, which I tend to always go back to every few months, because it has the perfect mix of the two tan colours. I somehow always use other products in my makeup routine, but this Soap and Glory bronzer has been restocked to times already because I love it so much!

The Eyes
Then I move on to my eyebrows, which I feel like is one of those products that I also like to switch up every now and again. At the moment I am loving the Kiko Eyebrow sculpt, which is a really nice cheap dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. I brush through my eyebrows, put this Kiko eyebrow sculpt on, brush through them again and set them with a clear brow gel.

After I have done my eyebrows I move on to the actual eye-area. The first thing I do is I curl my lashes. I am currently using the eyelash curler from Shisheido Eyelash Curler, which is the best eyelash curler I have tried in a long while! I then move onto my eyeliner. At the moment I am using the MAC Cosmetics Liquidlast liner, which is such a good eyeliner and stays on all day. This eyeliner seriously doesn't smudge one bit during the day!

I let my eyeliner dry for about thirty seconds and that's when I move onto my mascara. At the moment I am using two mascaras, which is kind of mad when you think about it. But I found that these two mascaras combined give me the amount of lashes that I really like. So I first use the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara in extra black and I use one coat of that on my upper lashes. Then I move on to the second mascara, which is another L'Oreal one. It's the L'Oreal False Lash Flutter mascara in black. Again, I put one coat of mascara on my upper lashes and when I'm finished with my upper lashes I put the remains on my bottom lashes.

The Lips
I am someone that likes to keep it very simple when it comes to lips. I am usually the type to put on some lip balm. At the moment I am really suffering from chapped lips, so I love using the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm for this. It's a really soft and moisturizing lip balm!

And that's it! That's my current makeup routine. As you can see this routine doesn't cover up all of the scars that I got from my acne breakouts, but I am completely okay with that as it's a healing proces. It's a very minimal routine, but I find that whenever I put mineral makeup on it will help prevent my skin from breaking out a lot.

So as much as I love makeup and I really love buying makeup brushes, that I don't end up using because my routine has become so minimal, I actually like this a lot more.


  1. I loved reading this, such an in depth routine - I feel like I have to up my make-up game.

  2. You are so gorge, babe. Honestly your skin is glowing!
    xo| Cindy


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