18 January 2017

It has been so cold this week! I think we're only just now finally getting into the winter season, and I am literally freezing as soon as I go out. So for the first time in what feels like forever, I needed to wear a hat to actually keep myself warm and not just for fashion purposes.

Whenever it's cold I somehow just tend to wear even less colour than I normally do, so of course I wore an all black outfit. I paired my black hat with this oversized leather jacket from Forever 21, my Weekday shirt, a simple pair of black jeans and these biker boots. I love how everything looks on and I really liked how my beanie looks with this outfit! It has been such a while since I last wore my beanie, but I think I might start wearing it a lot more -and not just because it feels like we're currently living in a polar vortex.

What I'm wearing
jacket (similar)
Weekday shirt
ASOS jeans
Lancaster bag
CĂ©line sunglasses
Primark beanie


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